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This year my second baby is hitting the double digits! This is the second time I will have a 10 year old and both have such a different personalities. Does this sound familiar? I’ve tried to create the ultimate 10 year old birthday gift idea boy, to help other moms out there with ideas about what to get for their kids, especially adding all the many toys my kids love.

Here are my 10 year old birthday gift ideas for boys. I put together my favorite presents for these two different kinds of boys. If you have a birthday coming up or any holiday this will be useful for it. 10 year olds are so much fun, they love building kit sets, board games, Star Wars lego sets, and more. Here Is one very complete list of gift ideas for any taste!

Gift for 10 year old boy who likes sports:

We all have one of them in the family. Check out these 10 year old boy birthday gift idea boy:

Baseball Tee:

This is a great present for an active boy. My baseball player loves to use it in the backyard. This has very easy height adjustments, with an adjustable height of 26″ – 43″. Tanner tee is the original pro style batting tee, with the original rolled rubber top fro those baseball lovers like one of mine.

Basketball Hoop:

I love having this on the patio and it is portable with Height Adjustable 6ft 7in-10ft with 44 Inch Backboard and wheels. Kids can keep using it until get older. I like that is a durable material and rust proof shaft. Setting up the basketball system takes approximately 30 minutes. Pour sand (176lbs) or water (220lbs) into the bottom to further stabilize the basketball goal. A great 10 year old birthday gift ideas boy.

Mountain Bike

By 10 your kid like mine probably outgrow his bike. One if the best 10 year old birthday gift ideas for a boy is this. A new bike their size is a great present. My boys prefer mountain bikes at this age. I like to update bikes on birthdays and this age is perfect for it. It is much fun to go family bike rides. This is a hardtail mountain bike with lightweight aluminum frame; perfect for exploring mountain trails.

Skate Board

A skateboard is a super fun present whether they are into skateboarding or not yet. If they are into it, your kids would love this skateboard brand because it is one of the best in the world. Check it out here!

Hover Board

To keep going with this 10 year old boy birthday gift idea boy, I introduce you to the hover Board. These are balancing scooters and you wouldn’t believe how easy and fast kids get used to riding it. I always make my kids wear a helmet when they use it. It is the new way of transportation!

This one comes with LED and Bluetooth and built in wireless speakers!

Punching Bag Set For kids

This cool punching bag set comes with training gloves and an adjustable height stand. It is a great gift for active boys, but I recommend always supervising them. Some people may thing that this 10 year old birthday gift ideas for a boy is too much but everyone is different.Here is the link for it.

Portable Big Flick and Kick:

This is a terrific wooden multi tabletop indoor portable board game for kids and family. I love that is eco-friendly and portable. This is really a gift for the kids to get them engaged with mutual play and away from their screens!

Tiny Pong Solo Table Tennis Kids

This is a fun and unique game for kids with great eye coordination. It is tons of fun and can keep them super busy.

Razor Scooter

What kid doesn’t appreciate an exacter? The Razor A6 Kick Scooter has extra large 10″ wheels, a longer deck and it’s foldable! Remember, big wheels make for big fun!

Pop at shot basketball

If you have the space, this is a super fun indoor or outdoor game for a 10 year olds and older. It is adjustable height. I like that it is foldable and providse hours of entertainment that gets kids off the couch and their bodies moving!

Gift for 10 year old boy who likes science

MEL Science subscription

This is one of my favorite presents for my 10 year old that love science! MEL provides hours of learning opportunities with parents supervision. Chemistry is presented in a fun way while learning for kids ages 10 to 16! It always need to be supervised but it is just an amazing gift. This is my top on this 10 year old boy birthday gift idea boy.

STEM Structure Construction

This game brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists with clear instructions. It is helpful for kids to understand all forces that buildings are made out.

Educational Code Robotic Kit

Give them a Robotic kit and let them be entertained per hours. This is a great present for any little that love science, robots and coding or a great excuse to introduce coding to the kids in a fun way. It is robot Tank and Racing car in one. kids can learn coding while trying t play with it. Check out more here. Get the Deal: Here $10 OFF for First ORDER or get a discount in the entire store using the promo: NewORDER10

Personalized Coding Classes

Why not? The kids will thank you. My kids are starting getting deep into coding at 10. they will thanks later some get into it so fast because is fun. Get the membership here

Ruko Robot

There are many types out there but this is a Ruko , a RC Robot with Control Voice Command, Touch Response and Bluetooth Speaker. It can play stories and music. Also can dance and walk and record messages. Kinda a fun companion!

Nextmaker Monthly Subscription STEM Box

Another subscription to learn coding is this set instead of having a tutor the kids just follow the STEM project and learn coding though online course and building the Hands on project. It should be in any 10 year old boy birthday gift idea boy. Check it here

Gravi track

This is a challenging construction activity to feed the kids creativity with 9 ready-to-go track choices


Most Boys L O V E Legos at this age specially the ones that provide them with more challenge like Harry Potter sets or Star Wars. They can be a bit pricie but sure provide them entertainment and help their brain to get to work. I always love to give them a good Lego set and see them working hard per days to finsih of course it is painful when they break it apart, but that is the point of legos! It is something they just don’t forget here and Amazon Store to see my favorite set for a 10 year old boy.

I think this is the best for Star Wars love
Or Harry Potter Set here

Snap Circuit:

This is a present that keeps my kids busy per hours. It has 175 STEM projects.



If you have a kid that love taking pictures. Here is a non to expensive option that I got for my kids. It is a HD and WATERPOOF kids Camera with up to 5.0 mega pixels and 32 GB. Good enough for kids right? that can take 28 Frans and has 6 cute filters to make it more fun. The camera can be attached to any flat surface (skateboards, helmets) and bikes.

Ninntendo Switch

My kids love this tablet because it is portable as well as you can connected to TV and Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer.

SanRock Drone

This Drone with 1080P HD Camera is good also for Kids, has a WiFi Live Video and remote control. One key backward for easy maneuver and quadcopter for the “One Key Start/Landing” button, the drone will take-off or landing automatically.

Only 2 speed switch, low speed drone suitable for kids ; high speed drone suitable for adults and profession operation. If the battery of the transmitter or drone is low, the transmitter will sound an alarm. Also when the drone exceeds the distance of 100 meters, the transmitter will sound an alarm, you need to press the return home button.

Board Game:

kids are never too old for this any classic game of card game or memory game. This is my kids latest favorite.

IT is always good to take a break of devices and enjoy a traditional board game together. However kids think some of the are bored. This one makes you move and interact and work as team!

Classic Monopoly update here

Harry Potter Books

Now for the first time ever, J.K. Rowling’s seven bestselling Harry Potter books are available in a stunning paperback boxed set! The Harry Potter series has been hailed as “one for the ages” by Stephen King and “a spellbinding saga’ by USA Today. And most recently, The New York Times called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the “fastest selling book in history.” This is the ultimate Harry Potter collection for Harry Potter fans of all ages!

Eco Pot

Kids at this age like to listen to their music. Eco is a smart speaker with Alexa. My kids like to ask Alexa for jokes and answer questions.

It comes in some kids models but not to appealing for a 10 year old.

Nerf guns

Well, by 10 my first son was so much into nerf guns and he had a theme party. My second one is not much into ur. If you have a kid that loves them this a great choice. This is the One Motorized Blaster but make sure to tell him. He will pick up all the darts!

Laser tag

If you don’t want to pick up darts everywhere the Laser Tag Guns Set is a great choice include 4 guns 4 vests to have a fun play time.

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