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Gift for the Eco Warrior

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Are you looking for a gifts that have a lasting impact? Finding the perfect sustainable gift for eco warrior is not an easy task check out this sustainable gift guide that gives you fun ideas for different kind of eco friendly personalities. Don’t worry you stop in the right place with eco friendly gift and for different budgets. There is always love ones that appreciate so much more a good zero waste present or a present made of recycle materials or organic cotton, right? Whether from fair trader small business, these gift are the most carbon footprint friendly and eco friendly.

So, whether you need a gift for a friend or family during the holiday season, birthday or mothers days, check this fabulous sustainable gift guide for the gift for eco warrior in your life. It is full of ethical made treasures, fair trade goodies, sustainable style, affordable gift ideas that give back and are social responsible gift. Also there a re good ideas for stocking stuffer or as the most amazing birthday gift. Disclosure: This gift guide contains various affiliate links. That means I may earn a small commission on any purchases, at no extra cost to you!. As An Amazing Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and I appreciate your support and it will help me to keep bringing awareness about conscious products and help our beloved earth.

This list is full of eco friendly gift for all budgets because buying a sustainable and environmentally friendly gift ideas shouldn’t be so expensive.

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1 Environmentalist Gift

Before we got in the details of the sustainable gift guide and with the festivities around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts about sustainable minded gifting! So, if you don’t find what you looking for you can keep in mind this basic ideas that will help yip rethink in how to buy a present:

Environmentalist Gift

Yes, gifting can be very unsustainable because let’s be honest it can fill us with more stuff that sometimes don’t get much use and eventually ended in the landfill faster than their lifetime. If you think about your experience receiving gift you will probably easily remember the gift that you never got to use much and during spring cleaning you decide to let it go right?

However, we cant stop gifting because if a sign of love and caring, and it is okay. We can still gifting but keeping the environment in mind this gift can have less impact in the environment. So, the first step is to put really some thought about the in the person personality and interest and his/hers needs. So we can make gifting more sustainable.

Unique Eco Friendly Gift for the Eco warrior:

keeping in mind person interests and personality make easier t find a unique eco friendly gift. Sometimes you can personalize it with your own gift wrapping. Finding a handmade gift or a present made out of repurpose material.

To narrow the search you can even ask if they have a wish list and sometimes it is easier as research in amazon and you can go from there!

Reusable Gift That Are Eco Friendly and Support Circularity

This is an important part of your research for a gift. Keep in mind that now there are great quality gift made out of reusable and eco friendly material and that support circularity. That means less stuff at the landfill. That is right! What you find when you buy presents made out of products that are reuse as cotton, cashmere and the list of what can be recycle goes on, you are supporting that material not ended up in the landfill yet and reduce that carbon footprint impact. A great gift for eco warrior is one that keep this principles in mind.

You can find great luxury and well made product, I love give my love ones things that they would’t buy for themselves and they won’t even think are 100% recycled! you will find them on this sustainable gift guide!

With this has been said, here is my sustainable gift guide that I hope is useful in detail by the type of person you are gifting. I will keep adding to this! I hope it can be helpful.


Active Leggings

This is a perfect gift for someone that is active and care about the environment. It is made with recycled materials and seamless knitting. Check here

picture Cortesy Organicbasics

Active 3/4 Leggings

How does need a 3/4 legging that is eco friendly. This could be one of the best eco-friendly gift you can give to someone or to yourself! It kinda feel that you are taking care of yourself and also of the environment!

It is breathable, it has pockets and made with recycled material! check Here

Picture courtesy

Active Crop Top

I know not everyone has the shape for this crop top you may think but you will be surprised for how many people can pull this up and look great and feel great. this is a breathable crop top made out of recycled materials too. Check it out here.

Picture courtesy

Active Bike Shorts

Active short are so popular right now. This is the active short for the person who loves eco friendly gift. Made out of recycled material and comfortable. Check here

Picture courtesy


There are great stuff for the sustainable gift for the fashionista out there. Finding ethical presents for the eco friendly fashionista shouldn’t be so hard. We all now at least one person that show great all the time and here are some great ideas to celebrate in style with purpose in any season.

Lip Balm

A basic one that it can also be stocking stuffers. 6 organic lip balm made with natural ingredients

Cosmetics All Natura Multi-stick

The Han skincare cosmetic has all natural multi-stick for cheeks, lips and eyes made with natural ingredients. I love this for travel and it can fit in a stocking stuffer as well. Good for the skin and environment! Organics butter, organics again oil. And without all the bad ingredients (petrochemicals and paragon)and cruelty free. Check out this one that come in Rose Breey color here

Bambo Makeup Brush Set

I love this material for this brushes and it is perfect for fashionistas and travelers!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

This reusable makeup remover are made out of organic cotton and super soft. On this package you find 16 of then and can be gentle wash to be reused!No more wasting. So fashionista and environment can be a good match

Recycled Wool Beanie

This adorable beanie is a perfect present for the holiday season, when the weather gets cold and is 100% recycled merino and made from pre-consumer textile! you avoid material to go to the landfill.

Picture courtesy

Recycled Cashmere Scarf

This is a good quality gift. not only is gorgeous (more colors in the page) also eco friendly because it is made from worn cashmere garment that of course still in good shape but otherwise will ended up at landfill. This is for those that like quality and also care!

Picture courtesy

Recycled Cashmere Gloves

The same concept goes to this adorable gloves!

Organic Cotton Rib-Flex Tank Top

This ribbed texture tank top is a great complement any legging or any kind of pants. It is made out of pure organic cotton. I love this color but there are more color options. Check here!

Picture courtesy

Recycled Wool Rib Scarf

This gorgeous scarf is a perfect gift during cold weather. I personally love Merino wool because it is much finer and softer than regular wool, cottons or synthetic materials. This Merino is made with 100% recycle merino! again the pre consumer textile don’t go waste and is gorgeous!

Polarized Biodegradable sunglasses

How cool is this! Revo has create polarized lens sunglasses that are eco friendly because they are bio acetate (means made ou of Bio acetate is produced using bio-based plasticizers — made from renewable sources — instead of oil-based ones) and 100% biodegradable making it friendly for the planet.

Paper Backpack

This is such an amazing gift! yes a paper backpack that doesn’t look like paper at all. beautiful look and sustainable. The IWRACK Kraft a unique, clean and durable backpack. And on top of that it is washable! so blow up your friend mind away with this unique present.

Back To School Essential, The Weight Free Backpack! Only at


Polarized Men sunglasses with Eco-Friendly Rectangle Frame

This is the revolution sunglass for men and it is also bio acetate frame that made it eco friendly. I love that made can b in style and eco conscious!!

Organic Cotton Stretch Tee

There are eco friendly gift for man who cares about environment as well. check this basic tire made with organic cotton. It is fit and a bit stretching. Come in more colors check here.

Picture courtesy

Organic Cotton Rib-Flex Tee

Another good option for men is this ribbed texture tee. It is made with organic cotton! It looks quality and you can check all the colors it come here

Picture courtesy


Eco Mattress

If you have a bigger budget Terra Hybrid Latex has a great mattress not only is handcrafted in USA it has no chemicals, no polyurethane and no toxins!  It is GOTS and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. Check out more about it here.

picture courtesy of eco terra hybrid

Natural Latex Topper

Nothing better than comfort together with no synthetic, no chemicals and no filter at bed time. That is why I am sharing in this list the 100% natural latex topper. check it out here.

picture courtesy of eco terra hybrid

Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set

There are so many options for the bed and if you want to pamper someone you love why not surprise her/him with something so useful as Bamboo Sateen Sheets. This are made from bamboo fabric! a silky soft super smooth for the skin, organic and made without harsh chemical. I wish we all can use product with less chemicals. This is a set with two pillow cases. Check it here! 

Bamboo Duvet Cover

Who doesn’t like a good duvet right so to complete the set and protect pour comforter or duvet here is this and it makes a great present. It is super soft that gives you a luxurious feeling. A unique eco friendly present Luxuriously soft and comfortable. Because is made out of bamboo, it is non toxic and is organic without harsh chemicals. find more information here

Bamboo Pillowcase Set

I love a good pillow and a good pillowcase make it more comfortable. Specially one without chemicals is sooo important. It is where we lay our head everyday and clean material is super important. I bet you love one will appreciate this thoughtful present because fabric is soft and gentle making a more restful bed time. you can get it here


Rambler 10 oz

Who doesn’t love a quality coffee mug? My favorite is this one from Yeti that holds 10oz. I really like this color that is what I have! believe me it is good for ay season and helps to get rid of plastic containers! Your eco friendly friend will apprecite this so much! For either keeping a drink warm or keep it cold. Camping or for your daily coffee and comes with a lid to avoid spills. Find more colors here

Rambler 30 oz Travel Mug

If you think the 10 oz is not big enough here is the 30 oz. So useful to bring in long road trips or backcountry roads. I know that the adventurous and travelers in my life would appreciate this. How about yours? nice and convenient. With a great lid against spills.

Rambler 12 oz Colster Can Insulator

This is a different option to keep your can cold. Perfect for those trips in warm weather and for the person you love that likes to keep their drinks cold. Help to use less energy to keep this drink cold. Just put it here and it does the work.

Wooden Bank

How cute is this? this is just perfect for any adventurers.


Kids Face Mask

This is an useful present and can be stocking stuffer as well or a present for any occasion. These Facemask are made out of organic cotton, reusable and with adjustable straps. Plus with super cute colors.

Drinking Cup for Kids

These are great set make out of bamboo. Set of 4 Eco Friendly for little kids.


Washing Bag

Who doesn’t need a washing bag right? This is made out recycled materials. So the care for your synthetic clothes garments can help stop the micro plastic from entering waterways. This are disposable. If you want to find more about micro plastic problem in the world check here. Help the world avoiding more of this problem.

Picture courtesy

Travel Towel

A towel is always useful so if you are looking for a useful present keeping in mind how to find a eco friendly preset as this sustainable guide says. Here is this Microfiber Beach Towel made out of eco friendly material and is multi purpose. Find more here

Soft Pots to Grow Plants

It is great that the plant lover can grow his/her plants in This 5 Gallon plat pot. Fabric pots made from hemp and recycle water bottles! thicker material with Sewn handles to make moving it easily. Best Fabric Pots and Grow Bags from Maui Mike’s. I love this so much and I am sure is a great present for natural lover.

Hot Yoga Towel

Here is a great one for the Yogi! eco friendly and This multi-purpose towel checks off every box. Each towel is made from recycled fabric in GRS certified factories. They dry quit and very absovent.

Sand Free Fouta Stripe Beach Towel

This is a set of 4 towels machine washable and 100% cotton. the original sand free towel with just cotton

Portable Air Purifier + Smart Air Quality Sensor

This is a Wynd made to remove dust, allergens and smoke and any pollution. Its portablitilyty and size is convenient because it is vert small you can take it to the car or small rooms. It has a medical grade filter and removes particles. A great present to have and use per year!

Maintain Solid Shampoo

I am loving this new options for shampoos so I have to share. I am sure your eco friendly friend or love one will appreciate this thoughtful present. Hibar has some solid shampoo that you should check it out with no harsh addictive or sulfates and ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.

Hydrating Bar Soap

A plastic free soap is also a good option as a present for eco conscious people. I always prefer soaps that moisturizing and hydrates skin, leaving skin clean, soft, and silky. A natural soap is good to have so no sulfates, paragons, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances.

Exfoliating Bar Soap

This is another option for plastic free personal products for the skin. With raspberry scent. One bar equal 3 bottles!

Bamboo Waffle Towel Set

A soft spa like towels are perfect for pampering and luxury feeling while still sustainable. made out of clam bamboo.

Towel Set includes one bath towel, one hand towel and one washcloth. Certified organic and non toxic.

Sustainable Super Strength Deodorant

Nothing better to pamper the body than an all natural deodorant free of aluminum, paragons and all the negative stuff for the body. Made out of natural butter, waxes and oil thoughtfully crated by the fathers of a cancer surviver! Check this out as a present!

Sublime Spray Deodorantl

Another choice for deodorant is a spray and it can even fit on stocking stuffer. It come with scent of sage, geranium, sandalwood and lemon. It is great for the on the go.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Set – Volumizing

More choices in shampoo because everyone has different hair type and going eco friendly doesn’t have to affect your hair. Personally my hair is very sensitive so think carefully of what type of hair is the person you want to gift of and check all the options in eco friendly shampoos. I am not a hairstyle expert so I am not giving recommendations here just different options.

Alpine Shampoo

This shampoo is made out out signature essential oil and aromatherapy blend with natural fragrances.

Gift for the Eco-friendly kitchen

These gift ideas are perfect to help implement a sustainable kitchen. The kitchen is the place that unfortunately we use the more plastic. So let’s fix that and help to host and more environmental friendly kitchen.

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Get many of this as you can. It is a must have in a kitchen and they are super useful!

Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Check out this Artisan Hand Blown Recycled Glass. Eco friendly and beautiful!

Compost Bin Kitchen

You may thing everyone has a compost bin. Nothing far from true. Help your love one to reach an eco friendly goal of composing daily! This is a 1.0 gallon Countertop Compost Bin with Lid and easy to clean. Not to big you should check this out.

Stasher Stand-Up

Perfect for the extra food that come in containers that you can seal or close completely. It is 100% Silicone, to make a Reusable Food Storage Bag.

Foldable Reusable Grocery Bags

Who dissent need a foldable grocery bag right? this come in a pack of 5 and you can keep it on your purse. Made to of eco friendly nylon waterproof and machine washable.

Reusable beeswax food wrap

This is a different alternative package for food wraps. In a smaller package and desings!

European Dish Cloths

Reusable dish clothes provide a eco-friendly alternative to paper towels and sponges. It is made of cotton and biodegradable and also Machine washable!

Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags

This bags are not useful for grocery shopping also for anything you need in a bag at home, either toys or stuff! It is a set of 9 and in different sizes and made out of eco friendly material biodegradable.

Vitamin FoodCycler

This is an awesome gift for the garden from your home. This foodcycler made by vitamin fertilize food from scraps In hours. Cut food waste in an odorless compact. perfect size to store everywhere. The Vitamix 068051 Food cycler is something to think about.

And that is! I hope this list can help you!


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