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10 best road trip destinations in California

Are you planning a road trip to California? Do you need some enthralling California travel guide to make sure you have a blast during the trip? and you are wonder what are the best road trip destinations in California? Read this blog to learn about the top 10 places that make your road trips to California full of entertainment.

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We all love California, don’t we? This state is impossible to beat when it comes to road trips. The land of fine weather seems to have the carefree, top-down road trip experience to California. Great for everyone. Why? because it is great weather and beautiful natural scene as well as fascinating cities.

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Places to visit on a road trip to California

Now, let us look at the following list of top-notch must-visit sites in California:

1.    Stop in California: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city like none other! It is a town famous for its formidable metropolis, ethnic diversity, and Hollywood entertainment. It is one of the best cities in California, and it has some fantastic offerings that one should visit.

Visiting Hollywood sign during road trips California

The Hollywood Sign is one of the global landmarks of Los Angeles. It is one of the best hikes that one should do at least once in a lifetime. Make sure to take pictures when you see the enormous yet enchanting Hollywood sign.

You must visit Universal Studios theme park, one of the coolest theme parks, which has rides based on blockbuster movies, like Jurassic World, Transformer, and Harry Potter. When done with this, you can visit Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Park is what most people expect when they see Disneyland with rides and attractions in thoroughly created subject sets.

The resort provides a complete range of features and facilities to a full holiday apart from rides and Disney characters walking the road.

The next thing to do during your stay in Los Angeles is to visit the world-famous Venice Beach. With its soft sand and mesmerizing view, it surely would lighten your mood up.

The sunset in the damp and mild atmosphere, blooming in its celestial bouquets of blue and pink, would help you reconnect with your life. It makes the road trips California even more fun.

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2.     Malibu

Malibu Lagoon State Beach continues to attract surfers. There are several hiking trails to enjoy, and history is on view at Adamson House.

Before going north, stop at Malibu Seafood for some fish ‘n’ chips and to soak in the splendor of the Pacific Ocean. Despite an abundance of celebrity apartments, this seaside neighborhood has held to its origins.

Malibu Island stay during California road trip

Malibu dazzles with its oceanfront location, breathtaking views, and abundance of leisure opportunities. If the beach and sea aren’t enough to entice you, it even has one of the most beautiful pools in California, as well as a stunning golf course.

You cannot resist parking for a while and walking on the fine sands of Zuma Beach as you drive down the Eastern Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu.

The vast strip of golden sand is ideal for swimming, create sandcastles, volley play, surf, and even fishing.

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3.     Santa Monica

Santa Monica has sand beaches and a laid-back feel that is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles. While you’re there, check out Muscle Beach and indulge in the touristy fun by taking the world-famous Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier.

Pacific park in Santa Monica

Pacific Park is a place for you to travel with kids or to look for an adrenalin rush. This theme park on the Santa Monica pier is filled with arcade games and exciting rides.

Pacific Park offers a range of classical sports, including Whac-A-Mole, ring jack, and water races, including carnivals and fairs held every year worldwide.

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4.     Riverside County and the hot air balloon ride

Best California trips

The following to-do thing we have on our list is going on a balloon ride. The balloon ride that you will take is located in Riverside County.

The ride would surely make your life feel like an episode of the sci-fi Tv show Rick and Morty. So, let all of your worries slip away as you go on this thrilling ride. Observing the land from far above would make you praise the city’s brilliant design.

Moreover, being on a balloon is an excellent way to see the sunset, and it is unquestionably one of the most spectacular locations in California to take such a ride.

Furthermore, you can visit March Field Air Museum, Van Buren Drive-in theater, and Fairmount Park to reward yourself even more.

5.     The Old town, San Diego

The next stop on your California adventure is San Diego. It is an ancient city known for its exhilarating and animating parks, beaches, and warm weather. It’s one of the most Mexican-influenced towns in America. There is no Road trip California without the San Diego, so make sure to visit the old town.

The food quality of San Diego is top-notch. If you are craving the taste of Latin America, you should pay a visit to Puesto.

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Delicious food during California trips

You must try the cuisine delights at Herb and Wood, an indoor/outdoor restaurant with a priority on design and farm-to-table produce, for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Click here to read some of the best things you can do during your stay in San Diego.

And oh, do make sure to grab some waffles from La Jolla. The quality will leave you stuffed!

6.     Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is in the southern part of Sierra Nevada. This park is full of gorgeous Sequoias. In addition to its huge namesake trees, the Parc National offers plenty of magnificent views and walking opportunities.

You can do plenty of fun activities in Sequoia National Park, whether you like to reach the trails or simply go for a picturesque drive down.

Hiking spot in Sequoia National park

You can visit Giant Sherman Tree, which is literally the biggest tree in the world. It’s almost 275 feet tall and offers a great view spot.

Crescent Meadow Road offers a gentle hike for kids and adults. The path has a range of landscapes, an interior tree, and an additional one that has become a home.

Touring Crystal Cave is another must-do activity during your stay at Sequoia National Park. Make sure to Grab tickets online!

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7.     The Death Valley

Death Valley, located in the east of California, literally lives up to its reputation, especially considering that it is one of the hottest locations on the planet.

car trips to California

Make sure to pack loads of water and fluid materials, and remember to behave carefully in this harsh environment. You can’t beat the heat at the Death Valley.

Interestingly, a very supernatural and strange phenomenon is quite often observed there. If you listen closely, the sand sings a beautiful melody. The exact reason for this is still unknown. However, some say it’s due to the friction between the sand grains.

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8.     Hiking in Yosemite

Yosemite is perhaps one of the most famous National Parks in the United States, and it is one of the best locations to explore in California when traveling through the state. It is one of my favorite National Park

California road trip ideas

Yosemite National Park has plenty for everybody, whether you are an avid outdoor lover, a peaceful wildlife observer, or a family camper.

Those who do not perceive themselves as “outdoors people” will find plenty to admire in the freshwater cascades, granite domes, and verdant Yosemite Valley. Check here to find out the best things to do in Yosemite!

If you want to know where to stay in Yosemite you must check this post about where to choose where to stay in Yosemite. It takes in consideration accommodations inside and outside the park and for any budget.

So, plug in your headphones put on some Twenty One Pilots music, and get ready to hike!

9.     Big Sur

Few sites in the world will compete with Big Sur in terms of visual appeal. It draws notoriety with its rocky hills, dense mist, and tall trees.

As you would imagine, outdoor adventure is abundant. So, if you enjoy leisurely walks, intensive treks, or peaceful strolls through 500-year-old redwoods, it’s all here.

california coast road trip

Big Sur is truly phenomenal, with lavish accommodations, scenery that would make you forget that there is a world outside Big Sur.

Pfeiffer Beach has unique purple sand, which makes it one of the greatest places to visit. If you feel a bit hungry, you must check out Nepenthe Restaurant.

If you are planning to visit Big Sur with kids, check out this post!

10. San Francisco-the perfect end of a road trip to California

San Francisco is an ideal spot to finish your road trip to California! To start, there is the Golden Gate Bridge. Cable cars and candy-colored Victorian houses (dubbed the Painted Ladies) are also prominent features. The Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of the city.

Bridge of San Francisco

Whether it is Dwayne Johnson’s action-filled movie or new addition in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series, the bridge always seems to make it into the world of cinemas.

The Embarcadero and authentic Mission-style burritos can appeal to foodies. The notorious former prison, Alcatraz, is also a must-see location. Click here to read 8 places you can visit with your family in San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, and San Francisco Museum are some of the popular spots in San Francisco.

Well, that pretty much sums up your travel guide.

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Everybody needs a break from the daily touches of the melancholy of life. Going on Road trips is the best way of seeking mental peace. Daylight can provide glimpses of comfort in a perpetual storm of confusion.

Road trips make one feel in possession of an extra slice of existence. You only live once, so instead of wasting a road trip by blindly walking into one, we suggest reading up some travel guidance first.

Happy road-tripping to California!

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