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Cool Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

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Cool Gifts for 12 year old boys and Outdoor fun and Adventures

Do you have a 12 year old and you are wondering what are the best gifts for that age? Are you worried about what would be a cool gift for 12 year old boys? Don’t look any further, because here is the best list…the ONLY list you will need when shopping for a gift for a 12 year old.

Spikeball 3-Ball Combo Set

This is a present your kids will appreciate so much when you guys visit the beach or park. It’s such a fun game for the outdoors and we are love bringing this when we go out to recreate, or just for home play in the backyard.

This game is is a combination of 4-square and volleyball. It is meant to be played in groups; players throw the ball down onto the net so it ricochets up at your opponents. The goal is to control the ball when bounces back off the net. It is pretty fun, even addictive!

Skateboard make a cool gift for 12 year old boys

Kids these age love skateboarding, all my kid’s friends are skateboarding and skate parks are popping up everywhere. This is perfect for boys who are new to skating – for example try size 31”x 8” with PU flashing wheels (they light up when in use) with a wide non-slip dull polish wooden deck for more stability. It holds up to 224 pounds!

Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

If your 12 year old already has good balance, the Caroma 36″ could be a sweet surprise. This e-skateboard is equipped with a 350W x 2 dual brushless hub motor…which allows this skateboard to accelerate up to 20 MPH with a smooth and quiet ride. You’ll have to get this with a good helmet! Also it can be ridden just like a regular board if you turn the motor off. Exciting right?

The perfect bike for a 12 year old is a Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber is a great mountain bike for kids this age. Perfect to burn energy and build the independence they crave riding around the neighborhood. It is definitely a Cool Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys. This bike has aluminum and steel frame options, with 7-21 speed gearing options! It comes in a range of wheels, 24-29-Inch, and offers different colors too.


Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard

12 years old is a great age to start learning to surf and the Sunburst Graphic 8′ surfboard is perfect for it. An 8′ surfboard is the ideal size for 12 years old beginners.  At least, that’s what my 12 year old boy and his friends all tell me. It is a made from soft foam and Includes removable fins, ankle leash and traction pad.

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Hover Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Another favorite of any 12 years old is a hoverboard. It is scary to see them ride this but it is amazing how fast kids can learn to ride this adroitly!

This one has lights and of course never forget the helmet when kids and adults ride it for safety. And to make it more fun you can add this accessory:

Hover-1 Buggy Attachment for Transforming Hoverboard Scooter into Go-Kart

This is a great accessory for the hoverboard. It is hand-operated so it gives you full control of your riding experience with adjustable straps to securely attach the buggy to the electric scooter.

Cool Gifts for 12 year old boys – for the Stylish One

Vans Unisex-Child Classic Slip-On

These are my kid’s favorite and if you really want to stoke out the kid you’re shopping for, this is the shoe to get. The Vans slip on shoe is the most popular slip on shoe in the world, and with good reason. They’re affordable, high quality, and look terrific.

Vans Kid’s Classic Slip On Shoe – Pattern Camo Black

Here is another option of Vans for kids. The same style and different color. Vans are double-stitched vamp and durable. You can find different design and color but all of them are very stylish.

Vans Backpack Old school

Finally kids can go back to school in person and they are a bit more aware of the style they like. The Realm Black Backpack by Vans is perfect for those kids that look for style. It is a basic canvas bag with an interior laptop sleeve, zippered main compartment, and padded shoulder straps. How cool right? It also has a front zipper pocket with organizer.

Vans Backpack Old Skool

This one is a more simple option but cute as the other one. The Old Skool backpack from Vans is a small and simple, with a large main compartment and a front zipper pocket with organizer.

Stylish trucker Hat

Oh yes! my boys love hats. How about yours? this are few of the favorites and mine because the quality: The Quiksilver Hip Tech Trucker hat has air mesh rear panels, for breathability. One size fits most.

Quiksilver Chompers Snapback Hat – Greener Pastures

Here is another color option but without mesh. It is embroidery, flat brim, and adjustable snapback. It’s made from 100% cotton. One size fits most!

Vans Hat

This Vans hats are adorable and quality hats as well, it has the logo embroidered on the front and the “Off the Wall” logo on the back.

Vans Wallet

This wallet is made of canvas and velcro. It is stylish and durable. At this age kids like to carry their money.

Tame Shirt – Boys

Ok not many boys dress up but they always need at least one nice shirt and I love O’Neil ones. This color is perfect for any young kid and it looks sporty enough for them not to put up a big battle about wearing it. Believe me I have a picky one but he loves the O’Neil designs. This easy-to-wear button-up shirt is crafted in quality cotton and goes great with shorts, jeans or even sweatpants.

Columbia Boys’ Watertight Jacket

This Boys’ Watertight Jacket is so stylish and it offers the perfect solution for adventures when the boy needs extra layers. It is waterproof and breathable, and it protects the clothes underneath it during adventures in a rainstorm. The watertight jacket is a must-have for any young explorer, because fun in the sun isn’t the only way to go!


My 12 year old didn’t wear sunglasses until he was 11 but now he is loves wearing them. Get this for your 12 year old, because I’m sure he will appreciate it. Also if they bring this to the pool or beach and they forget to take them off, there’s no worries because they float! These are sport style and come in different colors and plus they are polarized.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Oh yes the Hydro Flask is popular water bottle for any 12 year old. They appreciate this as a cool present because even kids know that single use plastic bottles are bad! I love Hydro Flask products because they are durable, stainless and BPA free, and their powder coating finish prevents it from slipping easily out of the hand. I can take it on any adventure!

Hydrascape Stickers Flat irons & Longs Peak Infinity Sticker

Kids these love to personalized putting stickers on their water bottle. Kids love to customize them every which way to express their individuality.

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Cool Gifts for 12 year old boys – For the Gamers

Microsoft Xbox One S Console

Yes, every kid has their own preference and some kids at 12 are more interested in gaming and being online than doing real-life activities. It is in top of the list as Cool Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys. Like so much of life, I find that a good balance between real world fun and screen time is best. If your kid really wants a gaming device this list will bring a huge smile to his face. This is the xbox One with Accessories with 500GB HDD and White.

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Elite Series 2 Controller Modded

My son tells me this is the best simple and easy to use remote you can find. What it means is that is not the average controller for gaming. This is a custom 7 Watt Pro rapid control for Xbox One Series X S and It is Wireless. Works in TV and PC. Compatible with mic headphones or headsets without special adapter!

A cool keyboard as The HyperX Alloy

This is a keyboard for Mechanical Gaming, has Software Controlled Light & you can customized it. HyperX Mechanical Switches Has an aircraft grade aluminum body that it make very light and has a portable cable. Soft and comfortable to use with fun lights.

Big Bean Bag Chair

This design it will be well received for any 12 years old. At this age they love a good hanging area. This is Designed and Filled in the USA in a Zero landfill Certified facilityFilled with Megan Beans. Available in multiple colors and double stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability.

Cool Gift for 12 years old boys For Indoor fun

LEGO Star Wars

If your 12 years old hasn’t done with his lego love. The Mandalorian The Razor Crest 75292 Exclusive Building Kit, with 1,023 Pieces it will be well received!

This is perfect for those kids that haven’t stopped enjoying legos and come with 4 LEGO minifigures: The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and the Child, plus an IG-11 LEGO figure.In addition has a dual LEGO minifigure cockpit, 2 spring-loaded shooters, cargo hold with opening sides/access ramps and carbonite bounty elements inside, sleeping area and detachable escape pod for creative play.

Ball Fortune telling Teller

Just a simple classic toy to bring hours of fun. Mattel 30188 Magic 8 Ball Fortune Telling Teller Original Game New is for the kids the love a good laugh. Just ask random question will pop up an answer and entertain everyone.

Kids Against Maturity

This card Game is for Kids and Families, Super Fun Hilarious and great Family Party Game Night. It comes with a Combo Pack. We love playing this at camping, good also for sleepovers. Kids Against Maturity combines the tried and tested fill-in-the-blank game-play.

Not Parent Approved:

This is another Fun Card Game for Kids, Tweens, Teens, and off course Families. Makes a fun gift for kids and teens ages 12 years old that appreciate a good laugh with family, bu everyone likes to play. Cards contain gratuitous bathroom humor that kids will find hilarious while distracted from their screens. This is a game that make all of us laugh when we play.

I hope this helps you!


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