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The Essential Guide of Unforgettable Things To do in Sayulita

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sayulita flags things to do in sayulita
Beautiful flags displayed in Sayulita

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Over the winter break, we escaped to the Mexican beach town of Sayulita, on the famed Riviera Nayarit. It’s world renowned as a legendary surf spot. However, after visiting we can say that there is way more than just great surf in Sayulita. Truly, it’s good for any adventure traveler or for a family friendly escape. Playa Sayulita, despite of being a very touristy place, keeps the small-town vibe and we found so many fun and chill things to do while we were there. I thought I’d put together my list of unforgettable things to do in Sayulita for anyone planning to visit. 

Nowadays everyone is looking for more secluded places and this is a great option. I am sure this list will help either plan your trip or help on your decision to go. I found out, as we expected after my research, that Sayulita is a very special family friendly place.

Things to do in Sayulita – Playa Sayulita

Sayulita beach and things to do in sayulita
Playa Sayulita on the Riviera Nyarit

Playa Sayulita – also known as Sayulita beach – is an adorable fishing village in the Riviera Nayarit. The Riviera is dotted with beaches and hotels, but also features a perfect surf break that goes on and on. It’s good for beginners and advanced surfers alike. It’s also a perfect swimming spot.

Surf Break in Sayulita

The town has a  contagious boho and chill style vibe. It’s loaded with good restaurants and fun shops, cafes, bars, and more than few yoga retreats.

In Sayulita, you can expect cobblestone streets that go on and on that lend it that classic Colonial Mexican feeling. The streets weave together the colorful buildings, friendly street vendors, bohemian style restaurants and must-try tacos carts into an intoxicating and heady experience unique to Mexico. It all comes together in a vibrant and energetic way that makes this town earn its name as the “magic town of Sayulita” by Mexicans.

We decided to visit because our son it is getting into surfing and our youngest is averse to the cold water in northern California. We loved the beach, the warm water for swimming (although in January, the locals do consider it to be cold) and the relaxed vibe. Since surfing is one of the safest sports at the moment, we decided this trip will help them with their skills and give us a sense of connection to the things we love about the world and traveling.

Things to do in Sayulita:

1. Enjoy A Beach Day or Surf Lesson At Main Beach Sayulita

Sayulita is known for its golden sand bottom beach with fishing boat and surfers crossing each other on the waves. You can either take a surf lesson at one of the many surf schools there or spend the day playing in its cool clear water at the beach. The beach is around 2 miles long and our favorite surf schools in Sayulita were Wildmex and Lunazul.

surf lesson in sayulita things to do in sayulita
Enjoy a day taking a surf lesson…You have one of great break here

Wildmex is located at 150 Calle Pelicanos, right near the beach. The instructors were so professional and have so much knowledge. The surfboard rentals go for around $200 pesos per day (about US $10) and up to 3,500 pesos/week.

Tip: when you rent a surfoard for a week, check to see if they’ll let you rent use it for 7 days, or if it must be 7 days in a row. They may let you skip some days but still get the board in the water for a total of seven days.

At the main beach you’ll find hundreds of umbrellas and chairs laying around, ready for you to rent them. As you sit on the beach, you’ll find an amazing show put by the surfers of different levels. During the time we were there the current was strong, and lifeguards there were standing by the red flags and watching people closely.

I have never seen so many lifeguards so alert at a beach. On the other hand, the current wasn’t a problem for the surfers since the surfboards are their own floatation devices. 

things to do in sayulita beach day at main beach

Walking to the south area of the beach closer to the fishing boats is where you can find most of the surfing schools and beginner surfers practicing in the water. There is plenty of room for everyone, but when you’re frolicking in the waves you have to keep an eye on either the surfers or fishing boats coming your way. 

If you are for the challenge book your Surf lesson in Sayulita in advance

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More beaches around Sayulita:

There are numerous other nearby beaches less visited by tourists and worth discovering as well – with some cautions.

2. Admire the colorful street flags

Located in Calle los Delfines (“street of the dolphins”), it’s a popular spot for taking iconic pictures of Sayulita. The happy and vibrant colors of these flags exemplify the Sayulita spirit.  The flags are made out of cut plastic “paper” and is located in a very busy commercial street full of restaurants, bars, pizzerias and markets. 

If you want to take a picture in this lovely spot, I recommend that you to visit it in the morning when there’s much less traffic. That is the time when most restaurants won’t be open, but you will capture the beautiful flags with no crowds. However, if you don’t mind having people in your picture, any other time of the day is okay specially at night. I think any time of the day these flags look vibrant and it’s a fun street to take a stroll.

3. Hunt for the best Souvenir at Sayulita shops

Sayulita has so many shops from local artisans and even a whole “hippie market.” You probably won’t need to leave your beach chair because there are so many vendors at the beach. However, browsing around and shopping can be fun. If you want to find your own souvenir treasures you can stroll around town and find everything from traditional Mexican pieces to souvenir boho style. Boho is a sort of bohemian style that Sayulita is embracing and you can find pieces like that mix with Mexican style that make them very unique. You can find shops like this at Calle los Defines and in the adjoining streets. 

Another place you need to visit is the Hippie Market located along the river and on the side of the baseball stadium By River and Revolution Streets. It is  open every day from 9 a.m- 6p.m. There you can find local artisan jewelry, beautifully decorated baseball hats, colorful pillowcases, t-shirts, beach dresses and more.

The last market I will recommend you to check out is located at Avenida del Palmar. We noticed that vendors here speak in their local language, Nahuatl, and they also dress in their traditional clothing. We enjoyed supporting these vendors, they had colorful wares and it was right down the street from our hotel. When we travel, we think it is important to support the locals to help give back to the community. They even accept credit cards!

4. Get at drink in a swing with a stunning sunset view at La Isla beach club

La Isla Beach Club is right by the beach at Av. del Palmar #10. You can get there by walking down the street or you can reach it by waking up the beach.

La Isla Beach Club has a super fun Boho environment. They have swings by the bar and an interrupted ocean view (since the umbrellas and chair vendors don’t set up in this part of the beach). The first days we arrived this place was packed because it was a during the vacation period, but we were super curious about it, so we visited on the weekdays and we had the place to ourselves. It was a nice place to watch the sunset and get a drink and some snacks. Sitting on these swing chairs with an ocean view at sunset is so fun!

Although to be honest the food at La Isla was not memorable, and when we went the service was slow, it sure was a nice place to have some drinks. The view makes it totally worth it. It sure does make you feel that you’re in a tropical paradise, and I love that.

5. Get Delicious Tacos:  at The Real Fish Taco and Tacos Lunas

Since you’re in Mexico, you of course have to have some tacos. One great choice is The Real Fish Taco. It’s a low-key place with some superb fish tacos located In Calle Marlin. I always like to try local food when I travel because local food has a lot to do with what makes any place special. While we were sitting over a plate of tacos, a bunch of cowboys rode down on horses to have some drinks at the bar across the street. I imagine they come around often so if you’re lucky you could spot them as well. What a show!

Another delicious Taqueria is Tacos Luna located on the corner of Avenida Revolution and Calle Pelicans. The tacos and salsa were just so good, clean and not crowded at all.

6. Horse ride across the jungle, town and the beach

One popular thing to do in Sayulita is to go horse riding – we saw many horses for rent and people riding them around town. You can  find Rancho Manuel’s horses located at the corner of Calle Pelican and El Palmar. They take you through the city of Sayulita and toward the beach. We didn’t see horses on the beach while we were there, but they take you there. It costs around 1,000 pesos (about $50) per hour to ride around the town, jungle and beach. Here you can book your horseback riding in Sayulita through the jungle!

There are other options around town but this is the one we saw the most of while we were there. You can book your horse ride adventure in Sayulita in advance!

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7. Enjoy fusion kitchen at Don Pedro Restaurant

The service is on the slow side, but this is another great restaurant with a view and food is good. They serve Mediterranean style cuisine with Mexican Influence. If you made reservation you can get a perfect seat with an ocean view to enjoy the beach scene. Make sure to check the surf at sunset or close to sunset when there are fewer people and the colors of the sunset add a dash of magic. This restaurant has open air seating and is the perfect spot to watch the sun sink into the water.

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8. Enjoy Dinner on the Cliff at El Señor Restaurant

El Señor is a restaurant located on the North side of Sayulita main beach past the fishing boats. It’s situated on an ocean front terrace at the bottom of the Villa El Amor, on Calle Pescadores. It is one of the most unique restaurants in Sayulita. Again, here the service was slow, so we came to expect that in most restaurant in Sayulita. It was pricey but the ambiance was fabulous and has one of the best views in towns for sure.

9. Stop for Ice Cream at Buonissimo Heladeria

After taking your picture under the flags, don’t miss out on this ice cream. My kids think it is the best in town. We tried several it several times! They are located at the corner of Calle Delfines and Manuel N. Navarrete 55. As with many small restaurants in Sayulita, they only accept cash. One scoop was $39 pesos (about US $2) double $58 ($2.5) and triple $72 ($3.5) – not bad for top-notch ice cream!

10. Stroll around Sayulita Plaza

Don’t miss out on taking some pictures here. The rotonda and church are beautiful and it’s the place where the locals hang out. You can see town kids skating – they’re fearless and talented. Also, at the plaza you can see plenty of street performances. The balconies at the restaurants set around the plaza can be a great spot for people watching. We sat at El Pescador Poke Bar restaurant and got a Peruvian ceviche and chips, and we appreciated the performances on the street below from our high vantage point. Here we got a served a VIP view and were able to watch them performing without being around so many people.

11. Go Whale Watching

If you ask me what my favorite thing is to do in Sayulita, I would say hands down this is it. This is a seasonal activity. The winter months are the best for this activity from December to March around Bahia Banderas (Bay of Flags) because during this time the humpback whales migrate to that area and provide a spectacular show. They are so unbelivebly easy to spot.

It was the most magical thing to watch these giants in their habitat – the endless open ocean! You can find whale watching tours offered all around Sayulita – they can be pricey, but way cheaper than in the USA. Sometimes this service is expensive, and many of the boats are small for long rides so make sure to find a good tour operator. If you want to book a whale watching adventure in Sayulita check here

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Tip: During winter months and make sure to shop around since during the winter season there are always whale sightings. We were told by locals that by going on a tour to Islas Marietas or Yelapa you will see them too. However, if you specifically only want to see whales, just book a tour.  We took a tour boat to Yelapa and were saw tons of whales, it was incredible.

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12.Go fishing

At Sayulita beach there are plenty of fishing boats that offer these services because Riviera Nayarit is rich in fish. You can even find fish while swimming! There are plenty of fishing boat service offers online, but you can also just walk down to the south side of the beach right around the lifeguard towers, and hire a Boat. Just walk up the office and make your appointment to take one right away.

Tips: fishing is seasonal -between January and March you’ll find: Mahi Mahi, Crevalle Jack, Sailfish and Wahoo. From April to June look for: Amberjack, Grouper, Crevalle Jack, Snapper, yellowfin tuna, Mackerel and Sailfish. July – September: Mahi Mahi, Grouper, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Stripped Marlin, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Tuna and Wahoo. October – December: Mahi Mahi, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, black marlin, blue marlin, and striped marlin.

13. Get a massage listening to the waves 

One of the things that I enjoyed on my last day in Sayulita was getting a massage. There are plenty of massage tents set up around the beach. I can only recommend the one I took with Maria. You can find her setting up at the furthermost southern point of the main beach… it was great to relax listening to the waves. The masajistas charge around $25 for an hour or so. Honestly, after a day of surfing and swimming it was what my body needed! 

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14. Have a Day trip to Visit Yelapa 

Yelapa is such a cute small fishing village with beautiful beaches. It’s located southwest of Puerto Vallarta in Cabo Corrientes at Bahia Banderas. It is only accessible by boat or by an unpaved road through Sierras Madres. It is inhabited by a small number of long-time residents. Take the day cruise to this area, it’s totally worth it! It was the best boat ride I’ve ever had (by far!) and it was definitely my at the top of my list of favorite things to do in Sayulita.

You can book this adventure in a Mega Yacht All-Inclusive Yelapa to go to Waterfall & Snorkeling Adventure🛥💦

We took Chica Loca Tours on a wonderful boat ride. We took a van to the marina to catch the boat, which was about a 40 minute trip. It took about two hours on the water to reach Yelapa. We went during the winter which is the time the best time for whale watching and got to see them many times in the two hours it took to get to Yelapa. The tour included food, drinks, water toys (they brought kayaks and a floating chair they dragged behind the boat for passengers) and snorkeling, and was capped off by a short walk to a lovely waterfall. It was dreamy!

Once we arrived at Yelapa, we spent an hour or so visiting the town and walking to the 150-foot waterfall. The waterfall is about a half mile from the docks and takes just 10 minutes on foot. Yelapa is gorgeous with tropical weather. During the winter time it has an average temperature in the 80s.

A fun fact is that we found many water taxis, but they stop running around 5:00 pm. In this village there are a number of restaurants and street vendors, but they are pretty laid back and don’t get up in your grill. It’s all very mellow and laid back. An important detail to remember is that they only accept cash so make sure you bring a wad for when you get there, if you plan to eat or drink anything. 

There are so many things to do near Sayulita you can see it here

15. Hike the Mountain Jungle to visit Vista del Mono 

5The English translation is “monkey mountain” named for the totems depicting primates that were found and probably belong to the earliest tribe settled on this area. This is another fun hike to do in Sayulita and it is gaining in popularity. 

It is a mountain with 360-degree view of the entire bay (jungle and beaches) and takes approximately 40 minutes uphill hike so bringing plenty of water is a must and don’t forget the bug spray!

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16. Surf at Playa la Lancha. 

La Lancha means “the boat” and it isn’t a crowded surf spot. Although it isn’t in Sayulita, it’s easy to get to from there and I’d say it’s a must-do if you’re visiting Sayulita. It is famous for its consistent break, but with different waves for different skill levels. It is a cove formed by ocean water with a beautiful turquoise color and white sand. It’s located just around 20 minutes from Sayulita. To get there from the road you need to do 15-minute hike through the jungle along a dirt path which makes it secluded and more fun.

We were offered a surf class by Wildmex. They drove us from Sayulita to their shop at La Lancha and after a thorough lesson on land and practice we headed to the beach. Then we took our surf boards and crossed the street and hiked the dirt path to the sand. It was a fun mini adventure!

This is one of many great things to do when you visit Sayulita. The instructors were very patient, experienced, friendly and respectful. My son who already can surf was taken to the big waves and he learned to drop in correctly, and improve some mistakes with his feet position. My youngest is more of a beginner surfer got several rides right away and found his perfect spot with the help of the instructor. I am recovering from a broken ankle I got a few years ago during a surf lesson, and I was able to ride few waves. So, you can imagine how intimidated I was! However it was a fantastic day of all of us adventuring.

If you are looking to Book a surf lesson in Sayulita you can do it here

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17. Stroll down the beach to catch the sunset.

Sayulita sunsets are gorgeous and any day is a good day to stroll down thre beach during sunset. Ironically it’s also the time when people start leaving the beach and heading back home, so it’s quiet and mellow like a sunset should be.

There is nothing better than stroll for around 2 miles getting your exercise in and a mental bliss watching the sunset. I strongly recommend it!

18. Visit San Pancho 

San Pancho or San Francisco is another little sleepy beach town located 5 minutes from Sayulita by taxi or it’s a 4 mile hike. You can even check out this trail on alltrails. 

The beach it is not always swimmable and surf break is not as great as Sayulita, but it is less crowded. Its a community center called Tres amigos and it is a very well known place for tourists to visit, complete with a vegan caffe. San Pancho is known as a spot for good sunsets on the Riviera Nyarit.

19. Have a bite of famous Chocobanana

This is one of my kids favorites and the service was hands down the best in Sayulita – fast and friendly! Stop there and try the famous Chocobanana

The chocobanana is basically a banana covered with chocolate and your choice of toppings like granola or sprinkles. Even something so simple can be so delicious and almost healthy. 🙂

The popular Chocobanana restaurant is located right on the town square, across from the flag street at Calle los Delfines 14. It’s easy to spot and a very well known restaurant

20. Take a boat to Explore Marietas Island 

Marietas Island is another popular day trip you can do when you visit Sayulita.It is a Mexican National National Park located southwest of Punta Mita on Bahia Banderas and is only accessible by boat. 

This is a great place to visit either from Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta. It is closer to Puerto Vallarta, but if you visit from December to February you get the opportunity to watch the whales on your way there. The winter months between December and March are the perfect time for whale watching.

The island is a volcanic formation built up out of the water over thousands of years. It is rich in marine life and protected from fisherman and hunting. It is a gorgeous area with turquoise pristine water and white sand, surrounded by tropical beauty.

book and the All-Inclusive Full-Day All-Inclusive Full-Day Marietas Islands Boat TourMarietas Islands Boat Tour

Your boat will take you to the beach called Hidden beach and it is home of thousands of bird and sea creatures. Due to the number of visitors it has been closed several times to help its preservation and avoid further erosion due to human impact. The biggest attraction there is visiting the cenote. At the moment, it is open on a strict schedule and it is accessible by swimming through a cave. Officials limit the amount of time you can spend there to about 20 minutes.

Important facts: Kids younger than 9 are not allowed there and usually tour guides help you to get through the caves. It is very well cared for by the government and if you decide to go there you can’t have sunscreen since they are trying to conserve the marine life there. Also, unfortunately, they don’t allow cameras – crazy right? They have a zero plastic policy which is great but can can cramp the style of the tourists.

21. Take a day Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta it is a coastal city in the gorgeous Bahia de Banderas and is ringed by the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains. It’s just 60 minutes from Sayulita via highway 200, the same one where the airport is located. This city has plenty of tourist hotels but still has so much genuine Mexico to offer. You can visit it for a day from Sayulita. We visited Puerto Vallarta just for few days and here you can find everything we did in a 3 days trip. 

One thing you should expect to find in Puerto Vallarta is cobblestone streets that keeps the charming feeling of a small town, although it is not. One great thing in Puerto Vallarta is the street food. We love food and we try local food whenever we visit new places.

 When we visited, we did a half day food tour and it was totally worth it. We learned a lot about Puerto Vallarta history and its cuisine. Puerto Vallarta didn’t disappoint us! Here is my list of favorite things to do and where to eat at Puerto Vallarta.

Keep in mind that Puerto Vallarta has many historical areas to visit, some of them are: the Church of our Lady of Guadalupe (the boys got to pull the huge bell-what a experience), also the main square or plaza de Armas, the paved walkway along the Malecon, and the public market among others. And of course, there are many different beaches.

According to the locals, Puerto Vallarta became very well known thanks to director John Huston’s Oscar-winning film The Night of the Iguana. The film put Puerto Vallarta on the map – not least because of the scandalous affair between the star, Richard Burton, and Liz Taylor – who the paparazzi followed and photographed all around town.

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22. Enjoy artisan bread at cafe Panino

Panino’s Bakery has fresh baked and crusty European style bread and pastries. We really enjoyed it together with its delicious fruit salad and wonderful coffee. This place even has vegan options. We patronized two of its locations and loved them both.

In both places we found that bees were crazy about the food too. 😜 We thought It was a sign that the food is good although it was uncomfortable to eat in a bee swarm. The food was delicious, and the service was great. I strongly recommend you check this place out!

23. Turtle Release

Nayarit has a great population of Olive Ridley sea turtles and many Sayulita locals recommend us to check out the release of the turtles.  There is a turtle camp at Sayulita, which is a volunteer community project that help locals and visitors get educated about the importance of sea turtle life and preservation. Unfortunately, we got there late in the season and there were no more turtles to release. The last batch is released in November.

However, if you go there keep an eye on this amazing activity because by all accounts it is a fantastic thing to do. If they are available, you can adopt a turtle nest for $500 pesos and have the chance to release the little babies turtle when they hatch. We were told they are released around sunset at the north side of Sayulita.  Most of the restaurants on the beach don’t use plastic straws to protect them because they are aware of the impact on turtle life which is wonderful. If you can, this is a great project to support and make your trip sustainable.

24. Have fresh seafood at the beach

At Sayulita you can rent a beach chair and umbrella for just $200 pesos for the whole day. You rent these from restaurants, who can bring you endless drinks and food. There is plenty of American food options like hamburgers, French fries and sodas. However, one of the advantages of being in a Mexican beach town is all the fresh and inexpensive seafood!

When you visit you shouldn’t miss the chance to the mariscos, they’ll bring it right down to you at your beach chair. It was the best! During our visit to Sayulita we choose our spot on the quietest are of the beach and came back every day!

25. Get your fish Pedicure 

We are silly when we travel and like to try new stuff. We had not yet had the pleasure of this experiences, so when we saw this place in “downtown” Sayulita we decided to try it. It is the only $250 pesos for 20 minutes. It felt weird and it tickled, and I’m not sure it really did anything for our feet but it was fun nevertheless.

I was nervous but my husband enjoyed more the fish nibbling away the dry skin!!

26. Enjoying the Night life is one of fun things to do in Sayulita

Sayulita at night it is not a sleepy town. There are many bars and restaurants open until late at night. It is colorful, loud and busy especially on the weekends. Hanging out and partying until dawn is one of the favorite things for many people to do in Sayulita.

We came to expect things would be pretty lively around the main square where you find streets full of outdoor seating welcoming visitors for a taco or 3 tequilas! It is quite a scene and  while we walked back to our hotel after dinner, we saw a fire show on the middle of the cobblestone streets. The performer just stopped the traffic and put on a show!

You won’t have a problem to finding a god spot to party all night long. I would love to give you recommendation, but since we visited with kids we spent every night in our hotel with them and missed out on the nightlife.

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27. Enjoy the colorful walks and art

Also, if you stroll around Sayulita you will find several streets full of art. We appreciated the colorful murals and the artistic side of locals expressed in this way. All the art scattered along the cobblestone streets bring such charm and enchantment to this town called by locals “Magical town of Sayulita”. 

28. Hiking and Yoga Tour

Enjoy a day of hiking and yoga while taking in the sights and sounds of Sayulita. As a small group, you’ll take a hike through the woods to a deserted stretch of beach, where you’ll practice yoga among the swaying palms. You will return through a different, equally beautiful path, so there’ll be time to enjoy the beach afterward. You can book this amazing experience here

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29. Snorkling in Marietas Island

Is another wonderful option we didn’t have enough time to do it but highly record marietas island is a treasure! You can get on a boat from Sayulita and head to the clear waters of the Marietas Islands in Banderas Bay, where you can swim with manta rays, sea horses, and a plethora of tropical species. Maybe you’ll see a blue-footed booby, a seabird with brightly colored webbed feet. Check more about this experience here.

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30. Visit Playa de los Muertos Sayulita:

 This is a popular beach spot according to the locals, small and secluded with huge rocks and a cove.  In Spanish it means “beach of the dead” and carries this name because this beach is located right down the street from the cemetery.  I imagined it earned its name because many people died there, and I was relieved to learn it was just because of the cemetery. Logical, right?

This cemetery has the most colorful graves and I think it is a great cultural experience. You can find it if you walk to the south of well known hotel called Villa Amor and go through it to the graveyard. It can be quite a walk from Sayulita to get there.

Things to do in Sayulita – Where To Eat:

There are plenty of great places to eat in Sayulita, and I wrote about many of them above. Here though is a consolidated list:

Dinner with a view:

  • Don Pedro Restaurant
  • Si senor Restaurant


  • Fish Tacos at The Real Fish Taco
  • Tacos Lunas

Good Breakfast:

  • Chocobanana restaurant
  • Cafe Panino

Drinks with a view

  • La Isla Beach Club


  • Buonissimo Heladeria


  • Pizza Venezia Av. del Palmar 50, Sayulita, Nay., Mexico
  • Tierra Viva Calle Marlin 10, Col. Centro Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico

If you are into food as we are check this food tour you would love

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Other restaurants you could try:

  1. Taqueria El Barco: a casual eatery that serves traditional Mexican street food, including tacos, burritos, and quesadillas at very affordable prices.
  2. El Garito: with a wide variety of seafood dishes at reasonable prices.
  3. La Esquina: a small local restaurant that serves traditional Mexican food at a very affordable price.
  4. Taqueria Los Otates: tacos, burritos and quesadillas at very affordable prices.
  5. El Rey del Taco: a local taco stand with traditional Mexican street food, including tacos, burritos, and quesadillas at very affordable prices.
  6. El Nido: a casual beachside eatery that serves a variety of seafood dishes at reasonable prices.
  7. The Green Room: a casual vegan and vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of healthy options at affordable prices.
  8. El Costeño: also a budget friendly seafood restaurant.
  9. La Buena Vida: restaurants that has Mexican dishes at affordable prices.
  10. Taqueria El Rincón: Mexican restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Mexican dishes as well
  11. El Asadero: known for their delicious steak cuts and their friendly service.
  12. La Rustica: pasta and pizza dishes. They are known for their delicious homemade pasta.
  13. La Sirena Gorda: a seafood restaurant known for their delicious ceviche.
  14. El Pez: another seafood restaurant that serves a variety of fresh seafood dishes.
  15. La Buena Vida: a Mexican restaurant that serves a variety of traditional Mexican dishes. They are known for their delicious mole sauce and their friendly service.
  16. La Terazza: a casual Mediterranean restaurant that serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes. They are known for their delicious hummus .
  17. The Green Room: a casual vegan and vegetarian restaurant that serves a variety of healthy options. They are known for their delicious smoothies.

Sayulita Hotels or where to stay: 

Family type:

We stayed at the new hotel that open at Sayulita Azul Pitaya. We stayed there during the busiest time of the year and we felt that were tucked away in a secluded enclave. It has a big pool and gorgeous view of the beach closer to the northern end of Sayulita beach. We had a mini kitchen and microwave as well as fridge.

Our room also had a good sized balcony which was a great place to dry our swimming suits and towels! We found it to be a great place to stay with kids.

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Boutiques hotels

At Sayulita you can find many boutique hotels like the gorgeous Villa Amor, a beach front hotel in a secluded area of Sayulita and a each one is individually decorated with a chic style. It’s close to the restaurant El Señor. and has great location is just a beautiful hotel.

Book Villa amor here

Hotel Ysury sayulita is another great option. With uninterrupted ocean view in some rooms.

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Selina sayulita

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Xiobella Luxury boutique hotel

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Other hotel Options

  • Casa de la Luna: This vacation rental offers apartments with fully equipped kitchens, private bathrooms, and balconies. The property is located a short walk from the beach and the town center, it also offers a common terrace with a pool and a bar.
  • Hotel Casa Oasis: This hotel is located in the heart of Sayulita, just a short walk from the beach. The hotel offers simple, clean, and comfortable rooms with air conditioning, private bathrooms and balcony. They also have a common terrace with a small pool and a bar.
  • Hotel Casa Cielo: It is a small hotel with a total of 12 rooms, all with air conditioning, private bathrooms and balcony. They also have a common terrace with a small pool and a bar. The hotel is located a short walk from the beach and it offers a good value for money.


Sayulita is well known as a destination for backpackers, and it has many hostels to accommodate them. I didn’t really check out any of them, but I walked by a few and they looked like decent places to crash. However, you can find very budget friendly for just a few bucks per night.

Hostal Villas Sayulita: This hostel offers dormitory-style accommodation with shared bathrooms. The hostel is located a short walk from the beach, it offers a communal kitchen, free WiFi, and a terrace with a hammock and sea views.

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Is Sayulita worth going to?

This is a absolutely yes! Not just for her beaches and surfing also because it has a bohemian atmosphere.

Altgiugh depends on your personal preferences when travel if you are looking for a laid-back beach town with a relaxed vibe, Sayulita can be a great choice.

However, if you are looking for a more upscale or refined experience, Sayulita may not be the best choice. The town can be quite crowded during peak season, and some visitors find that the town’s popularity has led to overdevelopment and a loss of some of its authentic charm. Additionally, the town’s infrastructure may not be as modern or well-maintained as other tourist destinations. Like some people like personally I love that is more authentic and don’t mind lots of people.

Best Times to go to Sayulita

The best time to visit Sayulita according to locals is November to May when weather is milder. They say the heat of summer can be overwhelming even for them! However, during low season you can find great deals and fewer people, and you can always keep cool in the water.

The time of year you go depends what is the best for you: warmer temperatures but fewer people or enduring the crowds with cooler weather.

How to get to Sayulita

The closet airport is Puerto Vallarta Ordaz located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. To go from the airport to Sayulita there are these options:

Bus: it cost around $450 pesos and can take an hour and a half. 

There is Private transportation – taxis that cost around $80-$100 USD one way.

Renting a car, it is not recommended if you will be just in town since the streets are so tight and the town is pretty compact. Actually, people rent golf carts in town to cruise around on, if they’re not right in the center. However, you could rent a car if plan to go from Sayulita to other places.

How many days should I stay in Sayulita?

I will say 3-4 days is enough time to fully enjoy what Sayulita has to offer. However that depends if you are a surfer you will want to stay because the surf is so fun there and change every day. When we went it was a bit stormy so we needed to wait 1-2 days to surf and we explore the surrounding areas during tropical rain and while it was fun. We were glad that we didn’t plan a short period of time to stay.

Sayulita is located within easy reach of other popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and the Marietas Islands, all of which offer their own unique attractions and experiences.

Things to remember for your flight to Mexico

These days you want to have the essentials to avoid catching anything. These are the basic things to remember to bring:

  • A pencil to fill in the customs and immigration forms
  • Small-sized bottle of hand sanitizer to have it during the airplane flight. I love this brand. You can find it in stores for less than $2.
  • A face mask and face shield will help keep you safe!

If you want to get ready for your trip with some Spanish try the best program Pimsleur check it out here!

What to expect In Sayulita

After explaining the things to do in Sayulita here are few things that you should keep in mind when visiting.

Sayulita is a beach town, but it lives off of tourism so you should expect zillions of chairs and umbrellas waiting for you to rent from the local restaurants. The great thing is you can spend your whole entire day at the beach without needing to worry about drinks and food that will be plenty of people providing it for you AT YOUR CHAIR. However, be aware you could lose your beautiful view when someone pops up their umbrella right in front of you.

The best weather is during November to March. However, the ocean is too cold for locals that are used to over 70F water, but it was perfect for those of us that are used to water under 60F!

Sayulita main beach is a good spot for swimming but you need to pay attention to boats and surfers around.

Bring small change if you will want to make your trip sustainable and help the local kids that sell snacks and trinkets at the beach. There are some restaurants and stores at the beach that only accept cash.

Another thing to be aware of is that local people sometimes bring their music and speakers and can get loud from time to time.

Almost all the restaurants have their menus available by scanning a QR code with your phone.

Another fun fact is the we found so many bees at restaurants. The bee population is very healthy at Sayulita!

Also, the Internet is slow in all Sayulita. We found that changing our phone’s settings to use 3G made the network faster.

If you want buy groceries to save money on dining out there is a  Walmart and Sam’s Club for big grocery runs. They’re located about 20 minutes from Sayulita, so if you want to eat in, plan accordingly.

What to Pack for Sayulita?

The following are some things that you could find helpful to bring along on your vacation to Sayulita:



Water container that can be refilled.

Travel adapter (if traveling from a different country)

Swimwear: here are some of my favorites

Sunscreen I prefer the stick sunscreens because you can bring then in your check in bag. And for Sunscreen that are spray here are some of my favorite:

Great options for kids sunscreen that are reef friendly and practical to carry to a trip to Mexico:

Favorite Sunscreen for face:

Perhaps a cap or some shades? sunglasses is a must have:

Sport tops for trips are always a good idea here are some of my favorite

Dresses: Here are some options

Footwear that is both comfortable and suitable for walking and sightseeing

Mosquito repellant
Both cash and credit/debit cards are accepted.
First aid kitUse your camera or smartphone to take pictures.

These are the basic things if you want a full detail of what to pack for mexico

You may be interested on this and your ultimate packing list here including printable

I hope this information help you to have an exceptional trip to Sayulita!

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