Who Are we?

A  Multicultural family explore the world

Hello. I am Rocio and We are a multicultural family that explore the world every time we can.

Thanks for stopping by. I am the voice behind Real World Mami and  I am originally from Peru living in the beautiful sunny Northern California (Bay Area)  with my husband and two active boys that  I keep busy in many after-school activities (little league, swimming, soccer, you name it).

We are a multicultural family living in California excited about connecting a learning through exploring our state and the world.

I am here to connect with other parents raising multicultural children and with those who doesn’t because I am sharing not just beautiful places also my ideas to raise well-grounded kids.

Why explore the world?

As a  family raising multicultural kids exploring the world is a must. For the reason I feel that showing the world since earlier is important. Multicultural travel is important for learning and connection as a family and with the world. Since cultural travel experiences are very critical to bring awareness about the world.

Build your own family bucket list, dream explore discove!

Why we travel with kids?

My husband and I were travelers before we meet (together we traveller more than 26th countries) and after having a family, we couldn’t stop traveling!

First because we need to visit extended family overseas and for fun because we still have the travel bug. Traveling fill our souls and reenergize us. Our kids had their first international travel before they were 6 months old. So, we area a multicultural family that explore the world.

On this page I share our adventures around the globe and exploring the USA specially california. And gives our best advices about traveling with kids since infant, toddlers and any age.

We believe that travel with children as early as possible, and outdoor adventure in family is great for their curiosity, and goes beyond the classroom education. Learning about new cultures, food, lifestyles, colors world history, and most important people since young teach them valuable lesson of tolerance and compassion. We hope to inspire you in our journey!

We are an adventure travel family seeking for fun family outdoor time and to inspire parents to travel with kids. Encouraging family travel and provide information to make travelling with children as easy is possible. 

Why sharing our family Outdoor adventures?

As multicultural family that explore the world sharing our family outdoor adventures, is a way to inspire other families with our itineraries and favorite places we visit. family explorer   and having real world experiences.

I believe that enjoying simple things in life, is what makes life more meaningful

While not traveling around the world I enjoy the beach and I drag my kids there ALL the time. Besides sharing how I navigate motherhood in a multicultural family I’m passionate about exploring and obsess with showing my kids the nature and finding ways to unplug kids.

Traveling with kids is not an easy task and that is why we love sharing tips, tricks, and itineraries. However, we are aware travel is not the only way to teach kids to be global citizens and I believe it is possible for everyone and that is why I share my best resources to learn about the world and get global education from home.

I do struggle with their willingness of screen time, but I know there are out there more parents like me that are trying to create channels for their creativeness. Once they are out of the door and in nature, they have the best time every time. I love founding many different ways to unplug them or provide educational outlets when stay home. I’m motivated to share what I learn.

We can unplug no matter where we are, on the road or at home, so we can reconnect to what we really love

To other multicultural family that want to explore the world

As a mother, I know that traveling with kids can try your sanity. Traveling with family, especially with little kids is challenging but is possible.  I will share what I’ve learned to stay sane, and I hope you find it useful.  

Let’s win the battle of raising a unplug child while helping them pursue their dreams Unplugging from Chaos creating better memories!

I believe “Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling” ..

Miguel de Unamuno

We are here to encourage Travel with kids and inspiring everyday fun and adventure!


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