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Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boys

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As we approach the holiday season, you’re probably already starting to at least think about your shopping list to find the best gifts for the outdoorsy boys you know.

Nothing beats seeing someone you care about open a gift they enjoy. It is wonderful to know you gave them something they truly wanted or needed. This is especially true when shopping for children.

Best gift for outdoorsy Boys

Is there a special young man in your life who is obsessed with the outdoors?

Giving your son, or nephew a gift that he can use while pursuing his passion for nature is a wonderful feeling whether he is seven or seventeen. If you’re needing some ideas to help you choose the right gift, we have you covered.

We spent time researching what gifts are available for outdoorsy boys. Now you can be confident that you’re selecting the best gift for the boy in your life.

If you’re tired of buying toys that end up in the back of the closet, or video games that get played a few times and thrown on the shelf, getting them something they can use while spending time in the great outdoors is a wonderful option. Whether it’s a new sleeping bag or a travel journal, these ideas can point you in the right direction.

Sleeping Bags are great Gifts for outdoorsy boys

One of the best things that you can buy for a boy who loves to camp, and hike is a quality sleeping bag. There are countless options on the market, but based on our research, these are some of the best.

The North Face Eco Trail Youth Sleeping Bag

The North Face is one of the most trusted names in the world of camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. When you consider the quality of their merchandise, it’s certainly no wonder. One of the most important aspects of a child’s sleeping bag is durability, and this model certainly provides that.

The wraparound J-zipper gives this option a unique look and makes it a bit easier for your child to tuck himself into his sleeping bag and get out when he needs to.

The synthetic insulation guarantee you to keep your kid warm on those chilly nights under the stars. Most of all, at less than $120, this is one of the best values on the market.

Best Gifts for outdoorsy boys

You probably already own something from The North Face, so you know the kind of quality that you will be getting from this bag. One of the coolest features is the accessory pocket, which gives the outdoorsy boy in your life somewhere to keep his cellphone or other electronic device secure. If you’re looking for a high-quality sleeping bag that won’t break the bank, the North Face Eco Trail Youth Sleeping Bag is one of your best options.

Kelty Mistral Kids 20

This is one of the greatest gifts for outdoorsy boys. When you see the $54.95 price tag on the Kelty Mistral Kids 20, you may assume that it’s a cheap sleeping bag that won’t last. Nothing is further from the truth. One of the most appealing aspects of this option is that it has a 20-degree temperature rating, meaning it’s a great option, even if you are taking your child camping in some pretty cold temperatures.

sleeping bag - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

The synthetic insulation is high-quality, and the durable nature of this option means that it should last for a while. It’s much more likely that your kid will outgrow this sleeping bag before it wears out.

We looked at multiple sleeping bags before compiling this list, and this was the most affordable one of those that had a 20-degree temperature rating, so it’s obvious that Kelty figured out what they were doing.

Let’s be honest: kids’ interests change pretty regularly. So, if you’re concerned that the boy in your life won’t be obsessed with the outdoors in another two or three years, this $60 sleeping bag is a great investment.

Big Agnes 15-Degree Sleeping Bag for Kids

Depending on where you live, there may be no way to only camp in warmer temperatures, which means that you need to find a sleeping bag that can keep the child in your life warm and safe during a camping trip.

While the Kelty option was approved for 20-degree temperatures, you can spend a few extra dollars and pick up the Big Agnes 15-Degree Sleeping Bag for Kids.

If you don’t think the higher price is worth it for only a five-degree difference, there’s another reason you should really consider this bag.

It is adjustable in size! This makes it a great gift option. If you’ve ever bought clothes for a kid, you know how frustrating it can be when they’re growing so fast. Something that fits this Christmas may be too small by Easter.

You don’t have to worry about that with this sleeping bag, as the zipper system makes this sleeping bag completely adjustable. The size variance makes it possible for this sleeping bag to last from your outdoorsy boy’s years as a toddler until he is a teenager. If you’re looking for a quality sleeping bag (the synthetic insulation is wonderful) that can keep your outdoorsy boy warm in cold temps, and will last for years, you’ve found the right choice here.

Kelty Kids Big Dipper Sleeping Bag

Finally, we’re going to look at one more adjustable sleeping bag before we move onto some other gifts ideas for outdoorsy boys. While the bag is specifically designed for kids who are 5-feet-tall or shorter, the ability to modify the size makes it perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 12.

The double-layer, offset quilted construction lends itself to warmth. While this bag boasts a 30-degree temperature rating, some reviews indicate that it gets the job done in temperatures that are a little bit cooler than that.

sleeping bag - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

The mummy hood has an elastic band, which helps ensure that your outdoorsy boy doesn’t get tied up in an annoying drawstring while he’s tucked away in his sleeping bag. At only three pounds, it’ll be easy for your kid to carry when he’s enjoying nature.

Best Hiking Shoes as Gifts for outdoorsy boys

When the outdoorsy boy in your life is enjoying nature, there are few things more important than making sure he has access to quality hiking shoes. Not only can a good pair of shoes keep his feet warm and dry but having the right kind of grip can ensure that he doesn’t fall, roll an ankle, or suffer any other number of mishaps while he’s out on the trail.

Obviously, kids do outgrow shoes pretty quickly, so we looked for boots that were relatively affordable without sacrificing quality. Additionally, we focused on shoes in this category because a lot of younger kids simply don’t like the feel of a boot. The higher tops often cause some discomfort among younger campers and hikers.

KEEN Unisex Child Targhee Sport Hiking Shoe

We know that we referenced looking for boots that had a lower price tag, but don’t let the higher price of this one scare you off. KEEN is one of the most recognizable names in the world of hiking shoes and boots, and that’s primarily because their shoes and boots are built to stand the test of time. In most situations, when an older brother is into camping and hiking, younger siblings will follow suit.

keen shoes - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

The KEEN Unisex Targhee Hiking Shoe is built to last for generations, so when the older outdoorsy boy in your life outgrows his pair, there are still plenty of miles left on them for you to pass them on to a younger sibling. KEEN used the same technology and research that they use when creating their adult shoes on these, so you already know what you’re getting. 

Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Sneaker

At less than $50, the Merrell Trail Chaser Hiking Sneaker is one of the most affordable options on the market. Additionally, if you’re worried about the whole “you get what you pay for” mindset, this pair of shoes can put your mind at east.

Merrell understands that kids outgrow shoes multiple times a year, so they put a hiking shoe on the market that won’t break the bank if you need to go up a size multiple times in the same calendar year.

merrel shoes - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

One of the most appealing aspects of this shoe is the fact that its washable. That’s right, after your outdoorsy boy gets home from a day of mucking around in the mud, these shoes can be hosed off and thrown into your washer without damaging them. That makes these shoes a hit among parents.

The only drawback of these shoes is that they are not designed for cold weather camping and hiking. However, if you’re looking for something that your little one can wear during spring, summer, and into early fall, it’s hard to beat this option from KEEN.

KEEN Unisex-Child Targhee Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

As we already established, some kids simply don’t like the feeling of a boot that goes up higher on their legs or ankle, so this may be a better choice if you’re shopping for an outdoorsy boy who is a little bit older.

However, you shouldn’t write this boot off, even if you’re shopping for a younger child. The inner lining of these boots, which also makes them completely waterproof, creates a soft cushion around your child’s ankle.

keen shoes - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

If you and your outdoorsy boy plan on spending a lot of time in nature, these are hard boots to beat. Some of the reviews from longtime users report that their children wore the same pair of these for years before they wore out.

The sole has a deep lug system, ensuring that your little one never experiences a slip, while the breathable makeup of the boots help reduce the odor that can build up in an often-worn pair of boots. The cost of these boots varies by size, but you can get even the largest sizes for around $120, making them a great buy.

Other Outdoor Items as Gifts for outdoorsy boys

If the outdoorsy boy in your life already has a good sleeping bag, or you don’t want to spend money on a pair of shoes that he’s going to outgrow, there are some other options for you to look into. Here’s a quick look at three other outdoor items that you can gift to your outdoorsy boy.

REI Co-op Tarn 40 Pack-Kids

A quality backpack is a must when hiking or camping, so this option from REI is a great idea for a gift. The adjustable straps allow it to grow with your child, and the durable finish is among the best in the industry.

REI - Best Gifts for outdoorsy boys

When you look at the size, the number of compartments, and the ability to grow the pack with your outdoorsy boy, it’s hard to believe that you can grab this one for less than $100.

REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket-Kids

Lightweight warmth is the earmark of a good jacket, whether you’re shopping for a child or an adult. REI’s Co-op line manages to strike the balance perfectly. In fact, while you can grab this option for less than $60 for your child, we recommend grabbing one of the adult sizes for yourself. These are high-quality jackets that are also budget friendly. 

jacket - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multitool

Is your child old enough for his first multitool? If so, you’re probably already aware that Leatherman is the top name in the industry. In the name of encouraging kids to get outside and enjoy nature, Leatherman launched the Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multitool. While there are certainly useful tools packaged into this one, they did implement some safety measures to protect the outdoorsy boy that you buy it for.

Giving the outdoorsy boy on your shopping list something that he can enjoy while he’s camping and hiking is a great way to encourage his love of nature, and it can also help you create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Neck Warmer

I good to have this for cold exploration days


This are warm, comfy, and perfect for stocking stuffers! These socks are our go-to for keeping our family safe and warm outside.

Black Diamond headlamps

A headlamp is always a good idea and useful for everyone and for every kid of adventure!


beanie - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys


Water bottle

Hydroflask - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Binoculars with Clear Low Light Vision

binoculars - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Walkie Talkies

walkie talkies - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys


skateboard - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Electric bike radio flyer

Best Family e bike! Flyer™ eBikes  All my family is enjoying having this electric bike at home. Radio Flyer has been at our home forever, we still have the red wagon, and still strong and as new almost a decade after! 

Going to farmer markers on Saturday with the Flyer L885 has been so much fun and easy (since is a climbing road ) instead of driving I can just ride the bike and carry the products with no much effort and enjoy the good weather the fall bring.

eBikes - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys


Hammack - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Backpacks that last almost forever from Osprey!

best backpack - Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

Garmin watches for kids

Garmin as Best Gift for outdoorsy boys

I know your outdoorsy kids would love any one of these!


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