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Ultimate Family Beach Packing List

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The beach days are busiest time of the year and you want to be prepared with the ultimate family beach trip packing list I am sharing with you. I can tell you we can’t wait for summer and to spend lots of time at the beach with the family because we are beach lovers. Being prepared is essential. The kids have been doing junior guards programs since they were little. However, spending lot of time at the beach can be painful with littles if you doubt you have the right gear.

Here is the list of my favorite beach essentials you will need for whether doing a family vacation on a tropical beach or to a local beach because you want to lay down in the sand without worrying about you what you didn’t bring. Here is your must check list anf make beach day easier with kids.

Family Beach packing list essential:

Beach chair: this is essential right? Get a good one, the one you can carry anywhere. You have to be comfortable and it has to be easy to carry.

Our favorite are these because they have many pros. They are comfortable, reliable, and very portable, as you can carry it like a backpack. Click here to get yours

This is also a great option because is light and easy to carry for adults and kids. Check it here

Beach Mat:

A sand free life is great if you don’t like sand to stick to your stuff. In addition, it is great not only for beach days also for for stretching, exercising, and doing yoga outdoors, along with many other outdoor activities. I always like to get things that are multipurpose and this is one of them.

This mat has a engineered system is polyester that lets the sand and dirt to fall through the fabric like magic. Also is so convenient and easy so you won’t bring tons of sand to your car or house.

In addition to this, I like this brand specially because it durable. The CGEAR technology was originally developed for the military, made to withstand a lifetime of rugged use. Just perfect for everything outdoors including camping. And you can easily fold it and carry, no sand gets attached. I truly love it! Check it here!

Beach Bag

This Canvas Tote is compact, and also I can use for picnics, or everyday carry. Also, it have also the sand-free technology. I love that has reinforced seams for the heavy weight you need to carry.

Comes with 1 open sand-free pocket, and comfortable nylon shoulder straps. One of my favorites. Check it here!



This is my favorite because it is sand-Free, I spend lit of time at the beach and getting products that are going to help you not to collect sand is a time saver. So, I am a big advocate for this product. On top of that these towels are soft, and absorbent. Check for yourself here.


Wagons make everything easier. You can carry your stuff in it, let your kids ride along in it, and roll it around on any surface. In addition, They aren’t only for the beach though, as they can be used on walks and some hikes. I think this is one of the best things to bring.

I personally like those that have wide wheels but they are pricier but a great tool to have. Check this options and click on the imagine. My favorite is the beach carrier, but for littles kids the wagons is always fun



It is always convenient to bring food and drinks to the beach instead of breaking the wallet on expensive restaurants. Having a great cooler is essential If you bring drinks or food. Without it, your drinks would go cold, food would mush, and go bad. Coolers are definitely a necessity and can also be a struggle to lug to the beach and back, so you need to get a portable cooler like this:


If you are more into backpacks than bags when it comes to backpack to the beach this is the one I recommend. This from a Transitional Backpack, to a sand free mat. And it has enough space to carry clothes and extras.

Isn’t it perfect for when you don’t bring much more than a water bottle and a book or something easy to carry?


When you think of the beach, you always think of umbrellas. They protect you from the harsh sun, give you cool shade, and are pleasing to the eye. Some umbrellas are more portable than others, coming in bags, but some that don’t are still great and very reliable. Here is my favorite

There’s nothing like a day at the beach—but nothing can ruin a perfect day like too much sun. Besides, having a cool, dry space is more than important; if you have children, it’s essential. This is a nearly 8 foot canopy, and has UV light protection and is large enough and collapses quickly. A very important feature when I choose one.


Always a good pair of sunglasses is great. I personally can’t go to the beach without them. My eyes are very sensitive to light. They are a must have. My favorite are here

Lip balm

Like the rest of your body, your lips can get burned too. Always, Lip balm protects you from the sun, but make sure to get SPF 30+ for best results. And if your lips are already burned, lip balm is the perfect soother too.


Get a great one good for the skin, not toxic and good for the kids too. I prefer the ones with zinc. For kids I like mineral sunscreen sticks easy to apply on the face like this They protect the best and less complain about applying it. And zinc one that can be colorful and fun like this

For the kids

For the family

Eco friendly sand Toys for kids

My kids love to play in the sand and the water. That is why we recommend no bringing sand toys so they can let their imagination run free. Believe me, you would hate to see when people leave sand toys at the beach is bad. Bring reusable metal plastic from home and they will be happy or a metal shovel or spoons. I know this is not your typical post but I hate to see so much plastic at the beach if you bring less sand toys less plastic will ended up at the beach.

Boggie Boards

This are my favorite and more durable ones, boogie boards for them to have fun in the water, and balls for them to kick and throw around

My favorite brand is this They last longer and create less garbage in the planet. You can find this at Costco during sales in Spring. It is a great deal.


Canopies are perfect for having parties, letting you stand under them and house large objects, such as tables and chairs under them.

They are more sturdy than umbrellas, as they can handle more wind because of their 4 legs. If you have a big party bringing to the beach here is my favorite easy to build in minutes

I hope this is helpful! Happy Summer!


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