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Ancon is one of Lima’s Beach Resort located in the North part of Lima. An hour by car (about 43 km) from Lima and very popular for local people because of its calm water.

This area was an important pre-colonial town. It was a fishing town and a burying area on the pre-Inca era. Ancon has an archeological museum with an exhibition of all the rest founds in this area. Later in 1930, it was transformed into an upscaled Beach resort.

On these times, it is not a very touristic place but if you like some real experience visiting a foreign country, this can be a great experience for the whole family. We do recommend if you do this trip to hire professional transportation or doing through an official local tourist agency.

Ancon has a beautiful path walk build among the building and the beach.  At the beach, there are row boats, paddle boat, and kayaks that you can rent or you can pay to be ride per around $2.5 per person. The rides can take you to the cave house of many birds, sea lions, and even penguin if you lucky enough.


Ancon Lima
Kids Playing at the beach path
Visiting Ancon with kids
The kids decided to play soccer while walking at the path
Visiting Lima with family
Buildings built by the beach path


Ancon beach is a calm beach and full of seaweed and it makes a great house for beautiful sea creatures. It has abundant sardines and our kids were fascinating watching them, swimming with them and trying to catch them.


Lima with kids Ancon
The fishes are by the shore. A great amount of phytoplankton makes this happen
Lima with kids
The kids were very entertained with the fishes on the water and trying to catch them
We got lucky. The day was perfect

The good news is you can rent there chairs and umbrellas, boat, paddle boats or kayak. Its peaceful water will let you enjoy these type of rides.

Lima for family
Pedal boat for rent


Lima with kids
The only restaurant located at the end of the path had one of the best Ceviches in Lima
This restaurant has an amazing view

I hope you enjoy your visit to Ancon.


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