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Peru for kids: How to Do Nazca Lines with family


Seeing the Nazca Lines from the air with kids is no joke. If you are afraid of taking your kids in a little airplane to fly around thousand-year-old geoglyphs, this is not for you. Despite the anxiety that I have of flying in little airplanes, I did it with my family, and I have no regrets. My kids couldn’t believe what they were seeing!  It was really a blast seeing the wonder on their little faces – and the best part is they didn’t puke!  Here is how we did it and how much it cost.



Nazca is one of Peru’s many treasures. It is a small town, the home of an amazing thousand-year-old civilization, very well known for the giant lines drawn on the sand. They were created approximately between 500 BCE and 500 CE.

These geoglyphs expand in an area of around 75,358.47 ha. Every Individual figurative geoglyph designs measure between 0.4 and 1.1 km that means about.2 and .7 mile across! It is amazing just to think about it.

The whole length of all the lines is over 1,300 km that means 808 miles. Some people think they can see them by land. There are few spotting sights on a road, but I’m telling you don’t set your expectations high if you do. You can’t see the whole enchilada, believe me, I tried once!

Peru with family: Nazca Lines
Nazca dessert. This one of the picture we took from the air


We went to Nazca by bus and it took us 6 and a half hours to get there from Lima. There are many bus lines you can take, but we chose Cruz del Sur. We chose their Cruise Suite Service that cost $40 per person. Seats were comfortable which is important for traveling with kids. It includes food, however, the food wasn’t the best.

You will think seven hours is a way to long ride for two littles. My kids are used to long rides. But in Peru, the buses come with a bonus of electronic board entertainment. They look forward to it.


Nazca is a little town and there is not much exciting to see but we wanted to grab the first flight the next day so we stayed there for a day.

We chose the Hotel  Casa Hacienda Oasis. It cost around $100 per night, of course, you can find cheaper places. We stayed here because the pool and hotel were pretty. Although you probably won’t spend much time on there, to be honest. The restaurant was pricey, and the pool was full of bugs during the night. No swimming at night.

After our flight, we used the pool. It’s early summer in January so the weather was perfect for us. It was a perfect day.


We got our tickets to fly through Nazca Flights from its good reviews on Trip Advisor.  The cost was of $102 per person with an additional $10 per person airport tax.

Travel with kids: Nazca Lines
Ticket to fly Nazca

They picked us up from our hotel around 7:30 am and took us to the airport. At the airport, we got weighed and our documentation was checked (everyone had to have a passport or DNI, the Peruvian ID card).  After all that was done, we waited 20 minutes to pass through a simple security check. Then waited about 10 minutes for our airplane.

We were greeted by a friendly co-pilot that gave us the safety information. The kids couldn’t have been more excited to ride the small airplane. We took some pictures, and the co-pilot was nice to take pictures of us and provided us with maps and an explanation of what we will see and when we will see them. The little map with the route of what we will see was very helpful when in the air.  They sat us according to our weight to balance the plane, and everyone had a window seat.

Family fun: Nazca Lines with kids
All of us, ready to go

Peru with kids: Flying Nazca Lines with kids

The tribulation, using a map, explained to the kids and us what we were about to see. The order of the lines

Nazca Lines
Here is the map!

Once in the air we were able to see for the first time the whale draw on the sand. I had flew the Nazca lines before, but is the first time I saw the whale. Finally! and  pretty amazing. Check the pictures of the fly:


The astronaut geoglyph was one of the most impressive. This figure is located on a mountain it was hard to spot. Although we flew in circles several times, my husband and 7 years old kid couldn’t see it. It was right there! I took pictures for them.

After a while, by the time we spotted most of the lines,  my 7-year-old was feeling the altitude of the flight. He started resting his head and keeping it straight to stop the dizziness.  It was great that the crew kept an eye on everyone constantly, so that was helpful. Luckily he didn’t puke and we were able to land without any incident, but in case your kid does there are bags for it 😉

How did the Nazca people create these amazing geoglyphs? I still have no clue. There are many theories out there of how and why, but the only thing I know is that they are spectacular!  After landing, we hydrated getting some food from the little store on the mini airport and got some souvenirs at a good price ( t-shirt for $4 and little 3-key chains for $1, an example). Then, we were able to use the pool at the hotel and the weather was perfect at 10 AM when we returned. Next our next stop Dunas of la Huacachina!

Trip ItemCost
AdultsKidsecond Adult
Bus Lima to Nasca on Cruise Suite Service *$40$40
Hotel one night for a family of 4 **$100
Nasca Flight$102$102
Airport tax$10$10
total cost  per family of 4$708
* you could get other services for $20 but they do stops and seats are different
** but this for one of the more expensive end this included taxi from bus station to the hotel

Finally, I hope you find this information helpful when planning your trip!




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