Who Are we?

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Thanks for stopping by My name is Rocio and behind Real World Mami. I am originally from Peru living in the beautiful sunny Northern California with my husband and two active boys that  I keep busy in many after-school activities (little league, swimming, soccer, you name it).

Me and my husband were travelers before we meet and after having a family, we couldn’t stop traveling first because we need to visit extended family overseas and then just for fun because we still have the travel bug. Traveling fill our souls and reenergize us.

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Our kids had their first international travel before they were 6 months old.

On this page I share our best advice about travel with kids and travel as a family. We love to explore the worldand family adventures to make the best memories. Also, we believe that travel with children as early as possible, and outdoor adventure in family is great for children, learning about new cultures, and exposing them since young to world history, teach them valuable lesson of tolerance and compassion. 

We are an adventure travel family seeking for fun family outdoor time and to inspire parents to travel with kids. Encouraging family travel and provide information to make travelling with children as easy is possible. 

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While not traveling around the world I enjoy the beach and I drag my kids there ALL the time. Besides sharing how I navigate motherhood in a multicultural family I’m passionate about exploring and obsess with showing my kids the nature and raised unplug kids.

I do struggle with their willingness of screen time, but I know there are out there more parents like me that are trying to create channels for their creativeness. Once they are out of the door and in nature, they have the best time every time. I love founding many different ways to unplug them or provide educational outlets when stay home. I’m motivated to share what I learn.

We can unplug no matter where we are, on the road or at home, so we can reconnect to what we really love

As a mother, I know that traveling with kids can try your sanity. Traveling with family, especially with little kids is challenging but is possible.  I will share what I’ve learned to stay sane, and I hope you find it useful.  

Let’s win the battle of raising a unplug child while helping them pursue their dreams Unplugging from Chaos creating better memories!

I believe “Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling” ..

Miguel de Unamuno

Our Story

Our Story

I started this blog on 2018 after I broke my ankle -learning to surf-yes, it happens. I had enough time to look throw my pictures and memories why don’t share to other parents that need help. I used to run and be very active, I tried to stay active although running is not the same. Breaking my ankle was a life-changing experience for sure. I would love to inspire people to go outside enjoy the moment with your family.

It took 12 weeks to heal

Growing up in Peru my family couldn’t afford traveling, I grew up during the terrorism (the shining path) time and economy collapsed. My family couldn’t afford traveling, even few hours in a bus was a luxury. I barely knew a park and going to the countryside (1 hour from home) was a huge deal and the best time ever – we did it once a year. There I could see green areas, where I live was a dessert green area was hard to see.

After becoming a lawyer, and the Peruvian economy getting better I was able to afford traveling and felt in love with it. I had the great opportunity to travel a lot around Peru and the world. No even many Peruvians do that! I always have the travel bug, I couldn’t stay in one place I need to see more, I started with Peru Coast, Jungle and Highlands. Peru is such a culturally diverse country. It is fascinating and since I know its history visiting places made it so much fun. After I visited 80% of Peru, I visit Europe and love it.

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Later in life, I meet Sebastian an expert world traveler – he is better and I we got our traveling and exploring together until we got a family. However, I didn’t want my kids grow up without family travel memories and there is so much to see in the world in a lifetime. Why not start since young?

Traveling with family, especially with little kids is challenging but is possible. Ironically, I have anxiety about traveling with kids and somehow, I found out traveling with kids less stressful overtime. I felt more confident even travel with just two of them under the age of eight by myself. I would like to share what I learn doing it to inspired other families. My kids now love traveling and look forward to it.

Don’t get me wrong, traveling it is not cheap or easy, but we work hard to make that possible keeping home base and provide a lifetime experience we believe is necessary. We are not full travel family, but we have full time family fun every time. Because Traveling with kids doesn’t necessarily always have to be about crossing boards or packing bags.

This is about unplugging time and the best for family fun and I hope you enjoy our journey.

-The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure – Jean Wallace