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Thanks for stopping by to find out more about us. My name is Rocio and I’m from Peru living in the United States. I have a typical middle-class family and two very active boys that I take to many after-school activities (little league, swimming, soccer, you name it) and I drive a minivan where you can find disgusting stuff under the seat.

Before getting married and moving to the USA I was a lawyer and I had the great opportunity to travel a lot around Peru. No even many Peruvians do that! I always have the travel bug, I couldn’t stay in one place, so being a lawyer was difficult. However, somehow I manage to got to visit many amazing places in Peru and in the world. I travel and now I can show them to my kids. And I can’t believe little by little I’m doing it and now the sky is the limit, and I would like to take you on this journey. And if is possible inspired you to do the same.

I have an extended family in Peru that I love to visit. At the beginning I have not a choice, I was extremely homesick and I traveled with my 4-month-old baby. Traveling with family, especially with little kids is challenging but is possible. I have anxiety about traveling with kids so if you do to you want to hear my tips.

Somehow I started doing it because the need for spending time with my family and I found out traveling with kids is less stressful overtime and I would like to share what I learn doing it. To inspired other families. My kids now love traveling and look forward to it. It is not cheap or easy but it can be manageable.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Jean Wallace


I believe “Fascism is cured by reading and racism is cured by traveling” ..


Miguel de Unamuno


Let’s help to cure that disease and build a great generation



In real life, while not traveling,  my kids would love to watch and play video games all day long, and I struggle with that daily. I found many different ways to unplug them. I’m motivated to share what I learn about it and if I can build a community.

Let’s win the battle of raising a unplug child while helping them pursue their dreams Unplugging from Chaos creating better memories!

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