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Where To Stay In Paris With Kids: Best Hotels, Neighborhoods, & Resorts 

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Are you wondering where to stay in Paris with kids? I have all the answers for you. Paris is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, but it is also full of activities perfect for children, teenagers, and tweens. For curious young minds, a plethora of culture, art, and gastronomic enjoyable experiences create a fun exploration journey.

I took a trip with my two kids, ages 11 and 14, and I’ve compiled a guide for families looking to find the perfect place to stay in Paris. My research covers every aspect of the city and its neighborhoods, including their pros and cons. With this guide, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you and your family.

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4 Places To Stay In Paris With family: Other neighborhoods

Quick Guide: Where to Stay in Paris with kids

Paris is divided into different neighborhoods called Arrondissement. There are 20 of them, and the numbers go up as you move further away from the city center. They are arranged in a swirl pattern starting north of the Seine and going clockwise.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris, it’s important to think about which Arrondissement to stay in. Depending on your budget, what you want to see, and the length of your trip, the best place to stay could be different. It’s important to pick a place close to the attractions you want to visit. You can use the metro system, but during rush hour it can be crowded, so try to avoid it if you’re traveling with young children.

📍Best Spot For Families in Paris 

Paris has long been a favorite destination for families, and if you ask me, I think Paris is perfect for kids. There are plenty of places to explore and delight in. Seeking to experience all its world-renowned attractions, exquisite cuisine, and historical culture, the decision of where to go can be daunting. However, you must take into consideration the kids’ age and personalities. Herein you will find the best spots that can be a huge highlight of your trip.

One of the most popular stops for families is the Jardin des Tuileries. This beautifully landscaped garden is located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde. It’s the perfect place to go for a walk, have a picnic, or take a nap in the sunshine. Plus, it’s right in the heart of Paris, so you can take advantage of the nearby attractions after visiting the garden. 

Also, check the beauty of the Luxembourg Gardens a classic Parisian Park with a vintage carousel where you can rent mini boats for kids to play on. It’s located in the 6th arrondissement in the St. St-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. In addition to the beautiful garden it has one of the best playgrounds in Paris. They even have ziplining for just 4 euros. 

Small-Group Luxembourg Gardens Walking Tour in Paris

For those seeking a unique adventure, a trip to the Catacombs of Paris is a must. This two-hundred year-old underground graveyard is an exciting way to learn about the city’s history and take a break from the busy streets above. Kids will delight in the sights and sounds of this eerie place, while adults will be captivated by the stories of human remains and underground catacombs. Even though it may seem intimidating, the Catacombs is a safe and fascinating place to explore. 

Paris Catacombs Access Reserved Tour

For a dose of culture and entertainment, the Palais Garnier is a great choice. Not only is it the home of the Paris Opera, but it’s also considered one of the most iconic cultural buildings in the world. We loved it, my kids were so impressed. It’s also considered one of the best places to watch a ballet or opera performance in the world.

If you’re looking for culture, take the kids to the Louvre Museum in the 1st arrondissement. It’s a great museum with jaw-dropping exhibitions that my kids actually appreciated. It’s close to Palais Royale, a popular spot for locals. To make the trip easier, try to get tickets so you can skip the line. If you can’t get those, go early in the morning at 9am and enter at the Carrousel entrance. That way, you won’t have to deal with crowds!

Get your Kids and Families skip the ticket line Private Louvre Tour Paris

Louvre Museum Skip the Line Access Guided Toure Line Access Guided Tour

For those kids with an interest in engineering, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is a great choice. It’s a really cool science museum with fun and interactive exhibits. Also, pay a visit to the wonderful world of Astronomy at Observatoire de Paris. 

Paris: City of Science and Industry Museum Entry Ticket

Hop around the Seine for a new view of the city! Bring a picnic and relax by the banks. You can also take a cruise on the Bateaus Parisians (we took it and loved it) – it’s a great way to explore and fun for kids! Plus, it will help you get your bearings in the city.

Paris Seine River Sightseeing Cruise with Commentary by Bateaux Parisiens

The enchanting Latin Quarter and Le Marias are great places for kids, with shops, cobblestone streets, and thrift shops for teenagers.  You can have an amazing food tour or an exciting adventure hunting for art and curiosities.

The Sweet Pastry With Locals PRIVATE Tour of Paris in Le Marais District

For a fun day out, explore Montmartre, its Carousel and visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. You can take a ride on the funicular, which takes you right up to the basilica. Kids can climb the steps to the top for panoramic views or explore the inside. They will be amazed at the grandeur of the building. 

You can also watch artists creating portraits and caricatures. Stroll around to discover hidden corners and interesting street art, unique shops, and architectural features.

Montmartre can be great fun for kids, but remember it has hilly areas, so you may need some walking stamina or stay close to the funicular which costs two euros each way.

Montmartre Walking Tour: Paris’ Best Art, Culture and Food

Of course, your trip won’t be complete without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower located in the 8th arrondissement. You can enjoy a family picnic or ride the carrousel around. When you get close to Eiffel tower it can get crowded with vendors but also can be entertaining.

Paris Eiffel Tower Guided Tour with Access via Lift

Finally, a day (or several) in the majestic Palace of Versailles can be the ultimate family experience.

Of course, for those Disney fans the best place to see might be Disneyland Paris. A popular destination among families! However, it’s not in the city center and is a trip unto itself.

Versaille in where to stay in paris with kids

Disneyland Paris Entrance Ticket

From charming cafes to upscale restaurants, there’s no shortage of places to eat, shop and take in the sights. 

📍Best Spot in Paris with family Without A Car

Paris has one of the best metro systems in the world. Some neighborhoods are a bit far from each other. If you don’t want long metro rides or costly taxis, it’s best to stay close to the place you want to visit.

The best places without a car are near the center of the Seine River. Here’s a list of attractions in each neighborhood:

Luxembourg Garden and Saint Germain are in the 6th arrondissement.

Palais Royal, Le Halles and the Louvre Museum are in the 1st arrondissement.

The 7th arrondissement has Dorsey, Invalids and the neighborhoods Quartier du Gros Caillou, Quartier de l’École Militaire, Quartier des Invalides and Quartier Saint Thomas d’Aquin near the Eiffel Tower.

The 16th arrondissement has the Jardin de’ Acclimatation Porte de la Muette.

In the 4th arrondissement, the Marais is near the Pompidou Centre.

To get to Disneyland Paris, take a direct train from the 12th arrondissement. It’s about an hour away.

Disneyland® Paris Entrance Ticket

Where to stay In Paris with kids: basic things to keep in mind

Arrondissements are the neighborhoods in Paris. The way the arrondissements are laid out is like a snail shell. On the map, you’ll find the right bank (north of the Seine River) and the left bank (south of the Seine River). The lower the district number, the more expensive the hotels will usually be. But the main attractions are there too. If you are on a budget, pick a arrondissement with a higher number, but make sure it’s close to a train station. That way, it will be easier to get around, especially if you have kids.

Where to stay in Paris with kids and booking Rooms

In Paris, the rooms are smaller than in other places. You can only have up to three people in one room. A few hotels offer “family rooms,” but usually you’ll need to rent two rooms for a family of four.


Taxis are available but in the center of the city is not always easy to get them you can easily get canceled last minute. It is better to stay within a short walk of a metro station. If you do, then getting around the city will be easy.

Take the metro! Trains are reliable and every station has a display that shows when the next train will arrive. You can plan your trip with a phone app. My kid learnt to navigate easily, and we use apple map.  When getting tickets, look at the length of your trip and pick the best one for you. Look into a Nabisco pass if you’re staying for more than two days. Try to choose a place to stay that’s close enough to walk to wherever you’re going. Walking is a great way to start your trip!

Weather: It’s best to visit between April and October, but we went in the summer and got caught in a thunderstorm. Don’t be caught off guard. Bring layers and an umbrella or poncho from a street vendor, just in case. I prefer to travel light.


Riding the metro costs €1.90. You can buy tickets from machines outside the station and Kids under 10 get half price. You can also buy a book of 10 tickets for a discount. Depending in what you buy you can use the tickets for buses, trams, the Montmartre funicular, and RER trains within the city. 

Unfortunately, the paper tickets can demagnetize, which can be a hassle. You can also get a Navigo card for 30 euros per a week which lets you use the metro in five areas including the airport, Disneyland, the Fontainebleau, and Versailles, but you must buy it before Thursday.

Fines: Be aware that there are policies in train stations that may stop you and check your tickets randomly. Don’t take the risk as you can get fined up to 140 euros.

What attractions you must book in advance in Paris:

Plan ahead and book popular attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Versailles early – especially if you’re traveling during high season. Try to visit in the morning major attractions and at 9 am to skip the crowds. To save money, book an ‘aparthotel’ like Citadines or Adagio chain locations – and book early if you know your travel dates. 

Be aware that many people have reported Airbnb hosts canceling their reservations right before a trip, so it may be a risk not worth taking. I experience that myself in Italy and it was very stressful, specially traveling with kids outside the country just a day before! that is why I am very careful in recommending this.

Learn the basic language in advance :

We tried to speak French everywhere, it was appreciated.

Program you can use are:



Must pack when travel to Paris with kids:


  1. Sunscreen Stick. I love a good sunscreen stick that I can carry on my bag and pass through security and last forever! Here is the ATTITUDE one 3 ounces and SPF 30
  2. Zinc Sunscreen (Sunscreen, Zinc Sunscreen) Travel size get it here


Bring Your most comfortable, already broken in trainers! The boys used Nike, adidas and under armour shoes. I use my Vans, Hoka and Merrel sandals they look cute and super comfortable.


Under Armour Unisex-Child Grade School Assert

Nike Men’s Sport Trail Running Shoe 


Vans Women’s Low-Top Trainers Sneaker

HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Running Shoes

Merrel sandal: Mine are discontinued but there are very similar. I used mine per almost 8 years they had gone to the beach, mountains and now Europe. I love my Merrel sandals.

Merrell Terran Women Sandals

Merrell Women’s Sandspur Sandal


A good bag that you can carry in front and with enough space for phone, charger, wallet, sunscreen and hand sanitizer is essential. This bag was brilliant to carry on around metro and we have no problems with pick pockets and I use it!

Camera Crossbody Bags

More options: 

Sling Bag Anti-Theft

Sling Bag Crossbody

Travelon Anti-Theft Active

Sling Bag Shoulder Bag Crossbody Backpack Lightweight

Planning beforehand worked for us as a family with young kids, but we also enjoyed time just wandering and taking it all in.

Now, Let’s dive into each area or the arrondissement.

Where To Stay In Paris With Kids: Best Neighborhoods

As I said Paris has attraction spread around the city center and you can reach them easily by metro. However, if you are too far could take you 30 to 45 minutes to reach in metro with kids. 

Best places where to stay in Paris with kids

That is why the best areas or neighborhoods to stay for families for me are:

  •  Louvre (where I stay 1st arrondissement)
  •  Latin Quarter(5th)
  • Montparnasse (8th and 16th)
  • On the right bank the 3rd and 4th arrondissement La Marais and on the left Bank the 6th arrondissement St-Germain neighborhood. 

Now, let share more detail about our favorite neighborhoods:

Where to stay in Paris with kids To stay close to Louvre: 1st Arrondissement , Halles and Palais Royal

This is a small arrondisement but it is close to the Louvre and it has one of the most center metro stations. Here is located Palais Royal, Jardin de Tuileries and Louvre, Saint Chapel, place de la Concorde among other and for teenager it is close to Les Halles shopping mall. And great playground for kids in the Tuileries gardens.

It is the epicenter of Paris with beautiful architecture, but it is pricy because the easy access to the most popular attractions. Rooms in this area are small.

The great thing about this arrondissement is that has some streets that are just pedestrians to give room to kids to explore. Musée de l’Illusion and Musée de la Magie will keep the little ones entertained with optical illusions and magical feats.

Paris Museum of Illusions Entry Ticket

Hotels Where To Stay in Paris with kids in 1st arrondissement

📍Budget Option 

Apartments WS Louvre – Richelieu

📍Mid Range Option

Citadines Les Halles Paris

Hotel Novotel Paris les Halles

Golden Tulip Washington Opera

📍Luxury Option 

Hotel Regina Louvre

Offers family suites located opposite Tuileries Gardens. The hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Tuileries Metro Station, which provides direct access to the Opera Garnier and the Champs-Elysees. Children from 6 until 12 years old can enjoy the buffet breakfast at a reduced cost. Family Suite with adjoining rooms

 Hotel Ritz Paris

Best places Where to stay in Paris with family close to the Marais: 3rd arrondissement, Quartier du Temple

The north part of Le Marais is a great place for kids who enjoy art. At Picasso Museum, Square du Temple, Square Georges Cain, Carnavalet Museum, and Marche des Enfants Rouges, there’s plenty to see and do. Don’t forget to grab a bite at one of the restaurants too.

Best hotels where To Stay In Paris with family in 3rd arrondissement

📍Budget Option

Hotel Americain

📍Mid Range Option

Les patios du Marais

📍Luxury Option –

 Le Pavilion de la Reine

Where to stay in Paris with kids in a chic area 4th arrondissement Le Marais

This district famous is a great place to explore if you’re in Paris. It has a mix of shops, historic sites, restaurants, and cafes. It’s located along the right bank of the Seine River and is part of the Marais area. 

The popular Center Pompidou is nearby, and the Louvre is close by – perfect for a family outing. You can find all sorts of unique shops, like Paris’s department store BHV, and thrift stores like Kilo, Free Street, and more. This district also covers two islands on the Seine River – Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint Louis – including Notre Dame. It is filled with hidden fountains, traditional bistros, and LGBT galleries. Plus, it’s close to the Place des Vosges and you can walk to the Louvre or Notre Dame in 30 minutes.

Hotels Where To Stay In Paris in the 4th arrondissement

📍Budget Option

The People – Paris Marais

📍Mid Range Option

Roi de Sicile – Rivoli – It is a Luxury apartment hotel and has deluxe family room for family of 4. The area felt very safe, central, and walkable to many lovely restaurants, shops, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company, The Louvre, and many more. The hotel had a fully stocked kitchenette with nepresso machine, refrigerator, oven and many more. When traveling with kids, a kitchenette is a must, you could stock up on cereal, snacks and bring home all leftovers to save a little money. 

There was a grocery across the street which I cannot remember the name of but it had any and all things we needed for a couple of days. 

📍Luxury Option –

Cour des Vosges

Best places to stay in Paris with family that can fit a budget 5th arrondissement, The Latin Quarter

This arrondissement is the oldest part of Paris. It’s located on the left side of the Seine River and has lots of historical places, like the Pantheon and Jardin de Plantes. It’s the perfect place for families, as there is a zoo and botanical garden. Plus, there are lots of schools and universities with lots of bookshops and student activities. Its streets are cobblestone and narrow, but not the best for strollers. The National Museum of Natural History is close too, and they offer a special tour for families with Dinosaurs!

Hotels Where To Stay In Paris with kids in 5th arrondissement  

📍Budget Option

Hotel Oratio has Comfortable double rooms

Hotel Left Bank Saint Germain

📍Mid Range Option

Hotel Residence Henri IV Apartment with kitchenet

📍Luxury Option –

Hôtel Les Dames du Panthéon: Family room comfortable

Where To Stay In Paris with kids in a family friendly area 6th arrondissement,  Saint Germain des Prés

There is lots of history – many famous painters and writers lived here in the past. This neighborhood is great for families. The Jardin de Luxembourg is in the center of the city and has 23 hectares of gardens, a Grand Basin with model sailboats, and a Medici fountain. There’s a playground for kids to get their energy out before sightseeing. 

It’s also known as Saint-Germain-des-Prés and is close to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Arc d Triomphe. It’s safe and has loads of independent stores and cafes, like Les Deux Magots, Café de Flore, le Procope, and the Brasserie Lipp.

Hotel Where To Stay In Paris with family in 6th arrondissement  

📍Budget Option

Royal Saint Germain

📍Mid Range Option

Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris. Just off rue du Buci about 2 blocks from the Pont Neuf

📍Luxury Option –

Relais Christine: Offer suite with terrace that fits 5 book it on time.

Hôtel de l’Abbaye hasJunior suite with views

Where To Stay In Paris with kids in a luxury area: 8th arrondissement, Champs Élysées 

This area of Siena is known as Champs-Elysées and Madeleine. It’s full of luxury hotels and shops, plus the famous Arc de Triomphe and Rue Cler. Families can enjoy Parc Monceau, with its elegant gardens and carousel. The city’s metro line runs through the center, making it easy to get around and the sidewalks are perfect for strollers. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. It’s a quieter area, so it’s easier to keep an eye on your kids when they’re running around. Plus, you can even leave your windows open at night without worrying about noise.

Hotels Where To Stay In Paris with family in 8th arrondissement 

📍Budget Option

Helzear Champs Elysées Suites

📍Mid Range Option

Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel

📍Luxury Option –

Hotel Marignan Champs Elysées has Family suites

Where To Stay In Paris with kids close to parks: 16th arrondissements, Quartier de Passy.

In this arrondissement of Paris, there’s lots of fun things for kids to explore. Passy, Auteuil and Trocadero are all great neighborhoods. The Jardin de’ Acclimatation is like a mini-Disneyland in the city – with roller coasters, paddle boats, gardens, wading pools, and animals. 

Also here you find The Bois de Boulogne is filled with 846 hectares of stunning gardens – once a royal hunting grounds – full of lakes to rowboat. Lastly, the Jardin Ranelagh has puppet shows on weekends and it’s close to Jardin du Trocadero.

Hotels Where To Stay In Paris with family in 16th arrondissement

📍Mid Range Option

Hôtel Botaniste

📍Luxury Option –

Canopy By Hilton Paris Trocadero

Where To Stay In Paris with kids in a budget and a Village experience: 18th  arrondissement, Montmartre

The beautiful Village of Montmartre, with charming cable stone streets Montmartre is a great place for an affordable holiday in Paris. It’s a village with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. And it is the home of the famous Sacré Coeur, with a stunning view of the city. Climb the steps and check out the view of Paris. Also, you can find in this neighborhood Je t’aime wall, decorated with love messages in different languages. To get up the hill, use the funicular. 

Kids can learn about the history of the village, like the house of famous artists like Picasso and Modigliani, at the Le Bateau-Lavoir and the Le Passe-Muraille Statue which has a man emerging from a wall. Also, kids can experience a carousel ride with decorated horses or other creatures at the Montmartre Carousel near the base of the hill. At the Place du Tertre, experience art by viewing paintings, drawing, or painting on small canvases, or just explore the area and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Remember although a budget friendly area It also takes 45 minutes by metro to get to major sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Latin Quarter, and the Arc de Triomphe. 

Where To Stay In Paris with kids  in 18th arrondissement

Hôtel Monsieur Aristide: offers Duplex suite

Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé – BW Pr: apartment with king bed

Hotel Prince Albert Montmartre: close to cafes, markets, shops, a cheese shop, 2 chocolate shops right next door. Close to metro line 12th.

Places To Stay In Paris With family: Other neighborhoods

Where to stay in Paris with kids to admire old arcades and enjoy food: 2nd arrondissement, Sentier, Montorgueil,and Bourse 

Explore this fun area with your family! Here you’ll find shopping centers and arcades. Kids will be entertained by the colorful stained-glass dome. There’s also the historic Grand Rex theater and the oldest arcade in Paris. Discover the beautiful alleyways and the coolest Starbucks in Paris with its neon Art Deco sign!

Best places to stay in Paris with family in 2nd arrondissement 

📍Budget Option

Best Western Gaillon Opera, offers quadruple room with four single beds.

📍Mid Range Option

Rays Vendome

📍Luxury Option

Edouard 7 Paris

Where to stay in Paris with kids close to Eiffel tower: 7th arrondissement Palais-Bourbon

This area is popular with families because it’s close to two of Paris’s top attractions – the Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars. You can find lots of famous museums here, like the Museum of Dorsey, Museum Rodin, and the Hotel Invalides where you can see Napoleon’s tomb. Even though the area is expensive, it can get quiet at night. There are also lots of embassies here.

Also is an area with many embassies. Finding a grocery or corner cafe, or place for the kids to run and play can be harder than other quartiers. All those neighborhoods are quite large and full of beautiful architecture. You’ll see lots of beautiful buildings when you explore this area.

Hotels in 7th arrondisement

📍Budget Option

Hotel Amelie

📍Mid Range Option

Les Jardins d’Eiffel

📍Luxury Option –

Hotel Juliana

Best Places to stay in Paris with family close to Opera and shops: 9th arrondissement, Chaussée-d’anti

Visit the Opera Garnier in this neighborhood. It’s busier than some, so it can be tricky for families with small children. But it also has the amazing Galleria Lafayette and its rooftop. Don’t forget to try the family macaroon cooking classes there! For parks, check out Square D’Estienne D’orves – it’s beautiful!

It has these squares where kids can run around:Square d estienne d-orves, Square Montholon, Square Hector Berlioz,Squre d Anvers spread around this arrondissement.


Best hotels to stay in Paris with family in 9 arrondissements:

Astotel – George

Hotel Pulitzer Paris 

Beautiful boutique hotel with amazing customer service. For families of 4 you can get 2 adjoining rooms kids had their own beds. In room nespresso machines, fresh baked cookies in room on arrival, walking distance to many great shops and restaurants.

Best places to stay in Paris with family for a local bohemian experience: 10th arrondissement, l’Entrepôt

The 10th district of Paris has lots to offer! Take a stroll by the picturesque canal Saint Martin or explore one of the few covered markets. Families can enjoy the Jardin Villemin. Train lovers can check out Les Petits Trains at 28 Bd de Bonne Nouvelle. And if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the Musée Gourmand du Chocolat. Plus, the Gare du Nord is one of the oldest stations in Paris and makes it easy to get around the city.

Best hotel to stay in Paris with family in 10th arrondissement.

Des Comédies Hotel

Where to stay in Paris with kids in a hip area: 11th arrondissement Popincourt

This area is a great spot for tourists. Families can visit the Bean-To-Bar Chocolate At Alain Ducasse to enjoy some delicious artisanal chocolate. Kids can run around at Square de la Roquette, and there are many great places to eat. 

Don’t forget to check out the Atelier de Lumieres too – it’s an amazing light show sure to dazzle kids and adults alike!

Best Hotel in 11th arrondissement to stay in Paris with family.

Moxy Paris Bastille 

Citadines Bastille Marais Paris

Best places to stay in Paris with family close to Parks and zoo: 12th arrondissement Quartier de Reuilly

You can find lots of fun things to do in this neighborhood. There’s an indoor sport arena and a concert hall at Bois de Vincennes. You can also eat at amazing restaurants like Le luetrain Cremieux and Promenade. If you’re with your family, check out the Rue Plante and the zoo. Bois de Vincenes has 995 hectares of trails and lakes and even a botanical garden! Plus, thanks to Gare De Lyon, it’s easy to get to this area with public transportation. 

Hotels to stay with family in 12th arrondissement

📍Mid Range Option

Hotel Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon

📍Luxury Option –

Courtyard by Marriott Paris Gare de Lyon

Where to stay in Paris with kids close to pool in 13th arrondissements.

This area has a city-like and industrial atmosphere. It may take longer to get to the main attractions from here. There is a swimming pool called Piscine Joséphine Baker that families can go to in the summertime to stay cool.

Best hotels to stay with family in 13th arrondissement.

Best Western Plus La Demeure

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center 

Best places to stay in Paris with family close to Catacombs in 14th arrondissements. 

The Montparnasse neighborhood in Paris has many fun places to explore. The Catacombs, Montparnasse Cemetery, and Montparnasse Tower are all popular spots. The Tower is especially tall and offers a great view of the whole city. Families can also spend time on the Gaston Monnerville esplanade and enjoy some time together.

Hotel for families in 14th arrondissement

Pullman Paris Montparnasse: It has Classic family suite with two double suites.

Best places to stay in Paris with family close to water park 15th arrondissement.

This neighborhood is near the famous Eiffel Tower and Beaugrenelle Paris, a huge shopping center. It’s a fun spot for the whole family – Aqua Boulevard water park has swimming pools, tennis, and squash courts, plus a fitness center. Plus, there are lots of eateries and a movie theater. It’s a great place to visit for the day!

Hotel for families in 15th arrondissements 

📍Mid Range Option

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

Novotel Paris Porte Versailles

Where to stay in Paris with kids in 17th arrondissements Quartier des Batignolles-Monceau

This is a residential area with the famous Arc de Triomphe. There’s also a great park called Martin Luther King Park with 25 acres of nature and greenery, perfect for families. The streets here aren’t too busy, but the metro can get really crowded during rush hour.

Hotels for families in 17th arrondissements 

📍Budget Option

Elysses Flaubert

📍Mid Range Option

Flanelles Paris

📍Luxury Option –

Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel

Where to stay in Paris with kids in a cultural hub the 19 arrondissements 

This area is a great spot for culture lovers. It has two big parks: Parc des Buttes Chaumont and Parc de la Villette. Both are surrounded by the Canal de l’Ourcq. Aspiring scientists should definitely visit the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. It’s one of the biggest science museums in Europe. It has lots of hands-on activities, exhibits, and an IMAX theater. For kids, there’s even an interactive section.

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

Paris: City of Science and Industry Museum Entry Ticket

Hotels in 19 arrondissements 

📍Mid Range Option

Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne

📍Luxury Option –

The remix hotel

Where to stay in Paris with kids in the 20th arrondissements 

This district is far from the center of the city. It’s mostly suburban and working-class. Since it’s far away, it takes longer to get there. It’s great if you want a local experience. You can also visit Père Lachaise Cemetery there. It’s famous for having tombstones of famous people like composer Frédéric Chopin, writer Oscar Wilde, and rock singer Jim Morrison.

Families should check out the Parc de Belleville. The view of the tower and Paris from the top of the park is amazing!

Hotels where to stay with kids in 20th arrondissement

📍Mid Range Option

Novotel Paris Porte Versailles with Superior family room

📍Luxury Option –

Hyatt Paris Madeleine

Where to Stay in Paris Without A Car:

Visiting Paris without a car is no problem. The Metro system is great and can take you almost anywhere. It’s easy to explore the city this way too. Visiting Paris without a car is not only easy but also incredibly rewarding. By choosing the right neighborhoods and staying near Metro stations, you can immerse yourself in the city’s unique charm. 

Take a stroll and savor authentic Parisian experiences on foot in family checking out the many famous landmarks and neighborhoods. Central Paris has lots of history, Montmartre and Le Marais have lots of art – each part offers something unique. So, bring your walking shoes and get ready to explore the City of Light!

Best Neighborhoods where to stay with family without a car:

The Allure of Central Paris: Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and the Latin Quarter:

When you visit Paris, especially with kids, it’s a great idea to stay close to the center of the city to really experience it. The Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and the Latin Quarter are the best areas for walking around. They are not just beautiful and full of history, but also close to the city’s top attractions.

The Marais is great for people who want to explore history and culture. You can take a walk-through Place des Vosges, the oldest public square in Paris, or try falafels at Rue des Rosiers, which is famous for its food.

Explore Paris on foot! In Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you can take a stroll on the Boulevard Saint-Germain and visit the famous café and bookstore, Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots. Here, famous artists like Hemingway and Picasso used to hang out in the 20th century. 

In the Latin Quarter, you can explore the narrow medieval streets. You can also visit the Panthéon, a famous building near Sorbonne University. People come here for its vibrant atmosphere. While In Montmartre, you can wander through its cobbled streets and find squares only locals know about. Be sure to visit the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica too, which offers a great view of the city. Montmartre has inspired many famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh!

Best places to stay in Paris with family without car chose a Metro-Friendly Hotel

When choosing a hotel in Paris, it’s worth looking for one close to a Metro station. The Metro is a great way to get around the city, connecting different neighborhoods and famous places. Hotels near the Metro can make it easy to reach spots like the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. This way, you can enjoy the city’s culture, food, and atmosphere.

Is it walkable in Paris?

Paris is a great city for walking! It’s small and compact with lots of cool attractions close together. You and your kids can easily explore the city on foot, maybe even taking around 25,000 steps a day as we did! But keep in mind that if your children are younger than 10, you can use public transportation to get around. Paris has lots of buses and metro lines to help you travel quickly and efficiently to all the places you want to explore.

In Paris, you can walk around to enjoy the city’s beauty. The historic Le Marais neighborhood is a great place to explore on foot, as are the Latin Quarter and parts of Montmartre. As you walk, you’ll spot lots of cafes, bistros, and shops, adding to the lively atmosphere and enjoy street foot (we love it!). Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can keep exploring without getting sore feet! You can even rack up a lot of steps – we counted 25,000 one day! With delicious pastries and crepes to enjoy along the way, walking around Paris is a great way to sightsee.

Unique Places to Stay in Paris

There are unique places to stay in Paris and here are some examples:

Houseboats on the Seine:

Experience Paris in a new way! Stay on a houseboat on the Seine River – these special homes float on the water and offer a calm and beautiful view of the city’s monuments.

Luxury Paris Houseboat

Boutique Hotels:

 Paris is known for its boutique hotels, which provide a more intimate and personalized experience. These hotels often feature stylish and unique designs, blending modern amenities with classic Parisian charm.

Chalgrin Boutique Hotel

Hôtel Palais de Chaillot it has Contemporary rooms with flat-screens & free Wi-Fi in a classic townhouse with a bright lounge.

Historic Châteaux: 

If you’re looking for a truly special experience, consider staying in a historic château on the outskirts of Paris. These grand estates offer luxurious accommodations, beautiful gardens, and a glimpse into France’s rich history.

Saint James Paris

Rooftop Suites: 

Enjoy panoramic views of Paris by staying in a rooftop suite. These accommodations often offer private terraces or balconies where you can relax and take in the breathtaking cityscape.

Maison FL

Places with view of Eiffel Tower

Remember to book your accommodations well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your preferred unique stay in Paris. Each option provides a distinct experience and adds an extra layer of charm and character to your visit to the City of Light.


Aparthotel Adagio Paris Centre Tour Eiffel

📍Mid Range Option

Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower Hotel

Hotel Eiffel Kensington

📍Luxury Option –

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel

Hotel La Comtesse

Where NOT To Stay In Paris

Where NOT To Stay in Paris: Don’t Stay Far from a Metro Stations

Staying near a Metro station is important if you’re visiting Paris with kids. It makes the trip much easier and more enjoyable for both children and parents. That’s because Paris has a big Metro system that goes to most of the city’s sights and neighborhoods. When we did our research in where to stay that was a not negotiable to ensure a smooth vacation you.

This means families can quickly and easily get around. It’s especially helpful when kids get tired after a day out exploring. They have a short Metro ride back to their accommodation, which is great for avoiding exhaustion from jet lag and feeling miserable. Staying close to a Metro station is key to having a successful and stress-free family trip. 

Being close to public transport can save you time and help you plan your activity or sightseeing route better. It’s especially helpful when traveling with children because they may need regular breaks to avoid meltdowns. And if the weather changes unexpectedly, you can easily adjust your plans. For example, if it’s raining, you can hop on the metro to get to a nearby attraction instead. We went in summer and one day rain the whole day that was the day we were planning to go to Luxemburg Garden and instead of feeling miserable under the rain we visited Galleria Lafayette. 

And if your kids are still jet lagged, having access to public transport makes napping or sleeping in much quicker. 

 Avoid staying with family in Paris beyond the peripheral areas

Staying in or near the center of Paris has many great advantages for families. You’ll be close to all the famous sights, like the museums, landmarks, and attractions. Firstly, the central areas of Paris are home to most of the city’s iconic attractions. That way, you can enjoy your time and make the most of your sight-seeing! Because when traveling with family time is precious!

Secondly, the central districts of Paris are well-connected with excellent public transportation, including the extensive Metro system and buses. It’ll be easy to get around on the Metro and buses. Plus, you’ll have more control over your activities each day.

❌ Is better Don’t stay with family in Paris’s in Double-Digit Districts

The double-digit districts are usually outside the main city, far from most tourist attractions. They usually don’t have many public transport options, so it can be difficult to get to. Traveling there with kids can be difficult as it takes a long time and can be expensive. It’s best to stay there if you don’t plan on visiting the main attractions. But these districts can still provide a good experience. They often have lots of restaurants and entertainment, so you can still make lasting memories of your time in Paris.

Where to stay with family in Paris for Day trips

If you want to spend time in Paris but only have a few days there, you might consider taking day trips to Versailles or Disneyland Paris. Staying overnight in these places might be better than going back and forth to Paris every day. Plus, it could save you some money and stress. Here are some suggested places to stay:

Versailles Palace – Where to Stay with kids


B&B HOTEL Paris Versailles


Novotel Chateau de Versailles


Waldorf Astoria Versailles – Trianon Palace

Disneyland Paris – Best Places to Stay with family

Residence Du Parc Val d’Europe

FAQs: Visiting Paris with kids and family

Lets dive into the most frequent question and answer them!

What area of Paris is best for family to stay?

After studying and looking closely Paris, the best places for families to stay are St. Germain in the 6th district, the Marais in the 3rd and 4th districts, the Louvre in the 1st district, and Montparnasse and the Latin Quarter in the 8th and 16th districts. These areas are great because they have lots of attractions to explore and are close enough to walk around.

What is the best way for a family to get around Paris?

Exploring Paris with your family is easy and fun! Here are some of the best ways to get around the city: 

Metro: Paris has a great metro system that takes you all over the city. Kids under 4 travel for free and you can save money by buying a pack or book which is a pack of 10 tickets. Also check the Navigo options that are better for you if you stay longer. Some metro stations might have stairs, so be prepared if you have a stroller or need extra help. Let the kids try out the metro – it can be an adventure! Line 14 is automated, so there’s no driver and it looks really cool. 

Bus: Paris has an extensive bus network that can be good for families. Kids under four travel for free. It’s best to check bus routes and schedules before you travel, and it can be busy. 

RER: The RER is a commuter train system that connects Paris with its suburbs. It’s more expensive than the metro, but it can be useful for getting to places like Disneyland Paris.

Walking: Paris is great for walking! It’s a fun way to explore the city and you can go at your own speed. You’ll see lots of amazing sights, and it’s especially great if you don’t have far to go between places.

Does Paris have Uber ?

Yes! Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are common in Paris. They are convenient for families with younger children or lots of luggage. You can get a taxi by hailing it on the street or at taxi stands. The downside of Uber is it can get canceled if there is a lot of traffic. For instance, there was a thunderstorm once and we couldn’t get a taxi.

But relying only on taxis would be a problem in Paris. It’s a good idea to take one when arriving or leaving, but it’s not the best way to get around during your stay. We took a Uber from the airport to our hotel but unfortunately our driver couldn’t speak English or Spanish it all went well and I was charge 48 Euros no cancelation.

The metro and buses are way more convenient. You can take the metro from airport and cost 11 Euros, but it is also included in Navico card if you get it for the whole length of your trip per 30 Euros. Check what is more convenient for you.

How many days to stay in Paris with kids?

It depends on the kind of trip you are planning. When planning a family trip, it’s important to allow enough time to cover major attractions. Generally, 3-4 days should do the trick. If you’re traveling far, consider adding an extra day or two to give yourself time to adjust to the jet lag and have some rest days. I always like to leave one day with no plans. I will say 6 days will give you a nice trip to Paris with kids.

Paris with kids Itinerary :

Here’s a suggested breakdown of how you could spend your days in Paris with kids:

Day 1: Eiffel tower and Cruise:

Arrive and try to sleep in airplane and go straight to activities until later during the day so you adjust to jet lag fast. Start with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro Gardens, and Champ de Mars. Consider taking a boat ride along the Seine River. On these you have plenty of space 

Visit nearby attractions such as the Rodin Museum and the Invalides, which houses Napoleon’s tomb.

Day 2: Explore Central Paris

Head to the Louvre Museum, where you can see famous artworks like the Mona Lisa and explore the museum’s family-friendly exhibits. There are tours specifically design for kids I recommend you do it. 

Visit the nearby Tuileries Garden and let the kids enjoy the playgrounds and carousel.

Take a leisurely stroll along the Champs-Élysées and end the day at the Arc de Triomphe.

Day 3: Discover Parisian Culture

Explore the picturesque neighborhood of Montmartre, including the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and the charming streets of Place du Tertre. Kids will enjoy taking the funicular. Consider a visit to the interactive science museum, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, located in Parc de la Villette.

Day 4: Zoo or amusement park

Spend the day at one of Paris’s family-oriented attractions, such as the Cité des Enfants at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie or the Jardin d’Acclimatation amusement park. Alternatively, you can visit the Paris Zoological Park (Zoo de Vincennes) or the Aquarium de Paris.

Of course, this is just a suggested itinerary, and you can adjust it based on your family’s interests and the pace at which you prefer to explore. If you have additional time, you can include visits to other museums, such as the Musée d’Orsay or the Centre Pompidou, or allocate more days for specific activities that interest your family.

Remember to factor in rest breaks and downtime for the kids, allowing them to relax and enjoy the city at their own pace. Paris offers a wonderful blend of cultural experiences, history, and family-friendly attractions that can make for a memorable trip for both children and adults alike.

What is the best month to visit Paris?

We visited Paris in the summer, and it rained and thundered. Last spring it had snowed, so which month is the best to visit depends on what you want to do and experience. Every season has its own special things. 

Springtime (April to June) is when Paris is most busy, and it’s known as high season. Usually the weather is nice, with lots of flowers and green stuff growing. April and May are less crowded than in summer months. You can usually enjoy good weather, but it might rain, or it might even snow. You can have fun wandering through gardens, visiting outside attractions, and sitting in cafes.

Paris is an exciting place to visit in the summer! From July to August, it’s the busiest time of year as many tourists flock to the city. The weather can be warm and sunny, with occasional heatwaves. There are lots of outdoor events and festivals that take place, and since it’s light later, you have even more time to explore. Remember, some shops and restaurants may close in August for vacation.

In the fall, September and October, the temperature cools down and there are fewer tourists. The weather can be mild and pleasant, and you can see the changing colors of the trees and plants. October may bring some rain, but it’s still a great time to visit museums and other indoor attractions.

In winter, Paris can be cold but it’s still very charming. From November to February, temperatures often drop below freezing, but you can still find lots of festive decorations, holiday markets, and ice-skating rinks. Visiting museums and snuggling up in cafes can be a great experience! 

The best time to go depends on what kind of weather and crowd levels you like, and if there is a special event or activity you want to do. For a good balance between nice weather and fewer crowds, try visiting in the spring or fall.

Does it snow in Paris?

Yes, Snow is not common in Paris, but it does happen occasionally during winter. The city’s temperate maritime climate, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, results in mild winters with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. When snow does fall, it tends to be light and often melts quickly due to the relatively moderate temperatures. Parisians and visitors are enchanted by the sight of snow on famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum.

In 2021, the city had a few centimeters of snow which caused some delays. But it doesn’t usually snow much in Paris. Even so, it’s a special sight when it does – it adds a magical touch to the already beautiful city. 

Is Paris a good city to visit with kids?

Paris is the perfect destination for families looking to explore and have fun. It has museums like the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay that have special activities made just for kids. At these museums, kids can learn about history, art, and culture in a fun way. For outdoor activities, Paris has lots of parks and gardens like Luxembourg Gardens and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont where kids can play and have picnics. Finally, Paris is full of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral that are sure to amaze and inspire children.

Paris is a great place to take the whole family! Delicious food like croissants, macaroons, and crepes will please even picky eaters. Many restaurants have kids’ menus and a cozy atmosphere. Kids will love exploring the city’s charming neighborhoods and seeing the street performers. Plus, Paris has such a long history and so much culture! Everyone in your family, young or old, is sure to have a magical and unforgettable time there.

What should I wear for a day in Paris?

When you’re in Paris, it’s important to wear something that is comfortable, stylish, and practical. opt for classic clothes that are easy to mix and match. Jeans and pant with a nice blouse or a classic Breton striped shirt look great. Layering is always a good idea too; in case it gets cold. Bring a light jacket, cardigan, or trench coat that you can put on and take off when needed. That way, you will look fashionable and be ready for whatever the day brings.

When you visit Paris, make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable for strolling the city’s beautiful streets and attractions. Flats or low-heeled boots are popular, so you can explore without getting sore feet. You can also add some Parisian style with a scarf, necklace, or hat. For practical items, bring a bag or a backpack with a map, water bottle, and camera. You’ll be ready to totally enjoy the City of Lights in comfort and style.

Can you drink tap water in Paris?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Paris. In Paris, you can safely drink the tap water. It’s clean and meets the standards set by the European Union. City officials look after the water infrastructure to make sure the water is safe and tested. So, if you’re in Paris, you won’t need to worry about getting sick and can avoid wasting plastic bottles by drinking tap water. It’s a great way to help the environment too!

If you’re eating in Paris, you can get delicious, refreshing tap water. Many restaurants and cafes give you “carafes d’eau” (cold water) or “eau gazeuse” (sparkling water). This way, you can quench your thirst without buying bottled water. This is good for the environment and makes Paris even greener.

Can I use a Uber in Paris?

Uber is an easy way to get around in Paris. You can use the Uber app to request a ride from where you are to where you want to go. Uber offers different kinds of rides such as UberX, UberPOOL and UberBlack, which all fit different budgets. It’s best to check if Uber is available in Paris before visiting. If not, you can use the public transportation system which has buses, trams and a metro network. This makes it easy to explore Paris.

Best Things To Do In Paris With Kids

Paris city full of exciting adventures for the whole family! There’s lots to do here, whether you’re strolling along the Seine River, exploring museums, or enjoying tasty treats at patisseries.  But here are the best things to do in Paris with kids that can help you in your Paris planning and create memories of a lifetime.

 Kids and Families skip the ticket line Private Louvre Tour Paris

 Skipping the line and doing the Louvre with family is the best option. It is always better to hire tour. 👉here are the option

 Learn to bake French Croissant with a Pastry Chef

This is a must do when visiting Paris with family for a fun family experience 👉here are the option

 Photographer in Paris

Becasuse There is not place like Paris for a photo shot. Hire a profesional you won’t regret it. 👉here are the option

 Skip-the-Line Versailles Palace Family 5-hour Discovery from Paris

Skipping the line is the best to avoid huge crowds. It is always better to hire tour. 👉here are the option

 Eiffel Tower Skip The Line Summit with Host

Yes again to Skipping the line and doing the Eiffel tower with a guide. You defenetily can get the most of it. 👉here are the option

 Disneyland Paris Entrance Ticket

For little ones there is alway this magical place in Paris. you should not miss it. 👉here are the option

Conclusion: Where To Stay In Paris With Kids

Paris is a beautiful destination for families with children. With its mix of culture, history, and fun attractions, both parents and kids alike will enjoy their time in this amazing city. From the kid-friendly accommodations of family-friendly hotels to the playgrounds and more, there’s something for everyone. 

To make sure your Paris vacation is the most memorable it can be, remember to research what’s important to you and your family, consider the budget and size of your group, and know the attractions near the area you’re staying. In the end, the best place to stay in Paris with kids is the one that best meets the needs of your family. Now, it’s time for you to plan your perfect Paris getaway – Bon voyage!

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