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What to Pack for Mexico Trip: Items Not to Forget

Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world. What to pack for Mexico is essential for a great vacation. I will make it easier for you.

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In addition to the breathtaking beaches, there are also plenty of historical sights, mountain ranges, and other options for visitors to see. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, there are some items that you should be sure to pack.

While some things are obvious, there are a few things that usually get left off packing lists. We want you to be prepared for your trip to Mexico, so we’ve put together a quick travel guide and packing list for your trip to one of the most beautiful countries on the globe. 

Dos and Don’ts for Your Mexico Trip

Before we get into the heart of what you need to pack for Mexico, we should probably discuss some dos and don’ts for your trip to Mexico. While some of this will involve items you need to pack, other portions of this will focus on some good travel tips.

Do: Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has always been a good idea, especially when traveling internationally. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made it even more important. Having a good travel insurance policy can help protect you in the event that you fall ill while traveling or if you need to return home unexpectedly. A good trip to Mexico certainly isn’t going to be cheap, so having some financial protection isn’t a bad idea.

Don’t: Try to Master Spanish Before You Go

It’s certainly a good idea to learn a few important words and phrases in Spanish, but don’t assume that you need to become fluent to enjoy your trip. Most of the vacation hotspots in Mexico have bilingual individuals, so your lack of Spanish probably isn’t going to be nearly as big a problem as you think.

Pimsleur is a great program for this purpose and has some free trials you should check it out here

Do: Make Sure That All Your Tickets Are In Order

It’s unfortunate, but lots of people travel internationally without taking the time to plan for their return to the states. Even though you’re going to a country that borders the US, it’s a good idea to have all your tickets in order to return to the US. Don’t wait until you’re in a foreign country to try to make your way back.

Don’t: Drink Tap Water

If you think that the whole “don’t drink the water” thing is just a played-out stereotype, it’s not. Drinking water straight from the tap in Mexico is actually dangerous. The country, while beautiful, simply doesn’t have access to the water filtration systems that you’re probably used to here in the United States. 

Do: Be Aware of Scams

Beach resorts around the globe are notorious for the presence of people trying to sell timeshares. Why wouldn’t they? When you arrive at a resort, it’s hard to think about leaving. However, most timeshares are scams, and this is even truer on an international level. While there’s nothing wrong with buying souvenirs, keep in mind that you’re not going on this trip to purchase real estate. 

Don’t: Overplan

While there is nothing wrong with having a travel itinerary of places you want to visit and sights you’d like to see, it’s a good idea to avoid over planning. Mexico is a relatively relaxed country, so being able to simply “go with the flow” is a great way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your trip. 

What to Pack for Mexico: Things People Forget

While we can certainly discuss the importance of packing enough clothes for the entire trip, we would rather focus on the specifics of a packing list for Mexico and what people often forget. Leaving behind essentials when traveling to any foreign country is a dangerous proposition. Not only do you run the risk of not being able to get something that you really need, there’s also the chance of local stores preying on forgetful tourists by charging outrageous prices for things that you could easily pack for your trip. 

Unbreakable Waterproof Pouch

There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re planning a vacation to Mexico, you’re doing so to go to the beach. It is something you have to prioritize when deciding what to pack for Mexico. While you may visit some of the historic sights and trails, most of your time will probably be spent near the water. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to get an unbreakable, waterproof pouch. These pouches are ideal for keeping your phone safe, while also giving you a secure place to keep a credit card and other important items. 

Filtration Water Bottle

We’ve already established that you really don’t want to drink the water in Mexico. Unfortunately, local shopkeepers around most of the resort areas know this and charge exorbitant prices for bottled water. While a good filtration water bottle can cost around $100, it’s a worthwhile investment. If you plan on buying bottled water to combat the heat on Mexico’s beaches, you will end up spending considerably more than that during your trip. Not only do these filtration bottles help you protect your health and save money, but you will also be doing your part to protect the environment from the danger of plastic bottles.

This is also good idea if you go in excursion and this kind of bottle can be use for any other adventure!

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter and Purifier Bottle

This is an awesome 24-ounce bottle that can purify water. One of the most important aspects of enjoying the outdoors safely is staying hydrated. Not only do plastic water bottles damage the environment, but having to pack too many of them can lead to excessive weight in a backpack and doesn’t leave room to pack other necessities. However, drinking water that is found in nature can also be dangerous.

Portable Phone Charger

It’s never a good idea to be away from home without access to a cellphone. This is even more true if you’re in a foreign country, where there will undoubtedly be a language barrier. You obviously don’t’ want to have to schedule your days around going back to your room to charge your phone, so a portable phone charger is a worthwhile investment. While these used to be considered a “luxury,” you can now pick one up for around $30. Knowing that you can get in touch with others will give you great peace of mind while you’re visiting a foreign country.

In the woods, having a cellphone isn’t just a convenience; it’s a requirement for safely enjoying a hike or camping trip. It’s simply not a good idea to be in the woods, even with a group of other people, without a way to contact someone in an emergency.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Iwalk-Portable-Charger-958x1024.jpg

Mini Portable Charger

Here is another option, not as small as the I-walk but powerful and still convenient.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Portable-Charger-982x1024.jpg

Portable Door Lock

We should probably clear something up: Mexico is much safer than the news media would have you believe. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to try to break into your room at your resort. However, there’s no reason to ignore the fact that resort towns in every country are often the focus of petty thieves. While Mexico isn’t “dangerous” for tourists, investing in a portable door lock does allow you to have an added layer of security in your room, which is a great idea whether you’re traveling internationally or domestically. It’s also worth noting that these portable door locks are cheap, so having one in your luggage is a great idea at all times.

Travel First Aid Kit

This is another item that needs to be in your luggage, not only for your convenience, but also for your health, and your budget. In your list of what to pack for Mexico, Travel first aid kits like this one have plenty of bandages and ointments, which is a must, especially if you’re going to be walking around barefoot like you will be on the beach. Something as simple as a cut on your heel can quickly turn into an infection if left untreated and exposed to sand and saltwater. You definitely don’t want to go buy medicine that you’re not familiar with in Mexico, and even if you are sure of what you’re buying, you probably won’t like the cost. Tourist areas are ripe with business owners who know they can charge more for routine items, so antibiotic ointments, bandages, and other items are ideal for markups. On

Insect Repellant

While it won’t be highlighted in any travel brochures, Mexico has a lot of bugs. This host of insects is even more common around coastal areas. OXXO is one of the most popular convenience store chains around resort areas, and they do stock insect repellant. Unfortunately, the cost is absolutely ridiculous! You’re much better served by throwing some quality insect repellant in your luggage and bringing your own. Non-DEET repellant like Ranger Ready is made of non-toxic substances, meaning that it won’t harm your skin. Also, it won’t damage your belongings if there is a leak in your suitcase.

Universal International Travel Power Adapter

 I had one for our teenagers’ room, and one for myself and my husband. The bright colors helped us remember to bring them home! There were 4 USB ports in each one, which was plenty to charge 2 phones, a tablet, and an Apple Watch in each room. There was also space to plug something in which was also very helpful. We brought a hair straightener from home and I was a little nervous, but it worked perfectly with this adapter! We will definitely be using these on future travels!

This worked great while traveling in UK. Perfect for airports, hotel, and restaurants to plug in and get some juice for your devices. It charged 4 items without any problem at the same time. I also did not fray or overcharge any devices with it which is a win!

Did what it should. Very helpful on the road and when traveling between countries and cuts down on the number of pieces you need to carry for charging devices or plugging whatever else needs plugging in on the road.

Quality Face Masks

The inclusion of masks on our list of items you need to pack for Mexico certainly isn’t meant to spark another round of the “mask vs. no mask” debate. Most areas around the world no longer require masks to be worn, but there’s still nothing wrong with having some quality face masks in your luggage. Unfortunately, you never know when you’re going to get sick, and there’s no denying that we are still dealing with the ongoing effects of an airborne virus. Masks are affordable and take up very little space, so having a few in your luggage is simply a responsible choice. Additionally, you never know if a privately-owned business that you visit is going to require them.

Packing for Mexico Trip : For the Airplane

Day Pack from Gregory:

Travel Backpack


My favorite from Gregory sure is durable and easy to carry!

Compression Packing Cubes for Travel

Toiletry Bag 

Choose from this option. Click on the picture for details.

Travel bottles for toiletries

Packing for Your Fly to Mexico

Airplane Footrest

Soft Travel Blanket and Pillow for Airplane

 Eye Mask

 Travel Neck Pillow

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Standard-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle with Flex Cap – 24 fl. oz.

wale bottle Gifts for outdoorsy women

Apple AirTag

Card Case for Apple Airtag

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring – Saddle Brown

Etekcity Luggage Scale

Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Wrap Sweater – Lightweight Summer Dress


Packing for Mexico Beach Day Must Have

Quality Sunscreen All Good Sport Sun Butter Stick EDIT!!

Because it is clean, I use it for myself and my family. Any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy it as well. All Good Sport Sun Stick SPF 50 is easy to apply and ideal for sun protection on your face, nose, and ears.

It’s clear and light, with certified organic oils like jojoba, coconut, and avocado. It lasts 80 minutes and is both coral reef-friendly and biodegradable.

deodorant  gifts for outdoorsy women

Cover Up for beach

Coverup for beach days

Cover Up Dress

Seafolly Women’s Kaftan Tassel Trim

Beach Hat – Sun Protective

Coolibar has this great hat for women that also offers UPF 50.

Straw Hat

Roxy Women’s Tomboy


There are many to choose from, but I love those with good quality and polarization that also look good, like these:

sunglasses for active women for trips


Beach Bag

Short Day dress

For lunch in town or evening dinners dyring summer days

Sun Butter Stick

All Good Sport has one of the best sticks; it is clean, and I use it for myself and my family. Any outdoor enthusiast will enjoy it as well. It is simple to use and ideal for applying to the face, nose, and ears.

It’s clear and light, with certified organic oils like jojoba, coconut, and avocado. It lasts 80 minutes and is both coral reef-friendly and biodegradable.

deodorant  gifts for outdoorsy women

Packing for a Day of Exploration in Town:

A nice comfortable dress. I always prefer cotton to stay fhesh

Dress for exploring

Cross-Body Sling Bag

This purse from HAIBOLAN is a women’s cross-body leather bag with adjustable straps. Perfect for looking good in town while also being hands-free and having everything at your fingertips.

Dayly backpack

Here is another idea when exploring town is always good to have a backpack to put all the souvenirs we would like to bring home.

Waist Bag or Hip Pack

There are different option but this is great anti-theft. Perfect for travel and Hiking?

One Piece Swimsuit

The basic and more comfortable swimming suit La Blanca Women’s Standard Island Goddess Ruffle flatters any figure!

Tummy Control Swimwear Halter One Piece 

and here another beautiful one Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control 

Packing for Beach Relax Look

Relax Stripe Pant

Billabong Women’s New Waves pant are fabulous and comfortable !

Roxy Women’s Tomboy Straw Hat

Pull-On Short

Billabong Women’s Road Rider Woven

Roxy Women’s Oceanside Pant

Packing for a Resort in Mexico

Resort Dress for a Mexico Trip

Kimono for Resort

The ANRABESS loose Kimono Maxi Dress Wrap is perfect for resorts days

Summer Maxi Dress

This other Loose Long Beach Dress is great for a day at the resort in Mexico as well

Long Maxi Dress with Pockets

Here is a more casual bohemian style but still looking chic while chasing the kids at the resort.

Resort Short Dress Click in Your Favorite One

You can always show a great look at resorts with short dresses. Click on your favorite!

Beauty Routine

Mad Hippie Face Cream

Great to bring moisturize, soothenes and rejuvenate the skin. With clean ingredients

What to Pack to Mexico to Keep the Best Memories

Go Pro

These days, a go pro is a must-have for capturing those amazing outdoor adventures in a unique way. The Go Pro HERO11 Black – Waterproof Action Camera is the best if you have the money.

It has a 5.3K60 Ultra HD video resolution, 27MP photos, a 1/1.9″ image sensor, live streaming, a webcam, and image stabilization. Everything you need to create the ideal video!

Go Pro Gift for the outdoorsy women

Gimbal Stabilizer

Surprise your adventurer with this. Taking videos on her phone will undoubtedly be her favorite gift. Why? because the DJI OM 4 SE – 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers is designed like a tripod, with a magnetic design that allows you to carry your phone while stabilizing and shaking it

Sony Camera

If you want to get a good camera this is the one you are looking for!

Tripod for phone60″

This tripod has remote shutter and universal clip. It is compatible with iPhone, android, sport camera.

What to Pack for Mexico Excursions

Dry Towel

A Microfiber towels are a great idea when you’re going anywhere near a beach. Since you will be looking for a way to save space in your luggage, having a microfiber towel on hand is a great option. No one wants to try to pack multiple beach towels, and if you only pack one, you run the risk of having to put a soggy towel in your bag. Investing in a microfiber, water-proof towel helps you save space and keeps all of your other belongings safe.

dry towel  gifts for outdoorsy women

Waterproof Dry Bag

This is another one of those items that you need anytime you’re going to be near the water. Having a waterproof dry bag can help you protect your belongings from water damage while also keeping all your stuff neatly packed together. Investing in a waterproof bag that has drawstrings on it can make carrying your stuff around even easier. These bags are strong enough to support everything you need for a day at the beach, or for a long day of sightseeing. 

Underwater Camera

Ideally, you’re going to spend some time snorkeling on your trip to Mexico. With some of the most beautiful blue waters anywhere in the world, along with some breathtaking creatures, having an underwater digital camera can help you capture the memories that will last a lifetime. Even if you don’t plan on getting up close and personal with any fish, the coral reef around Yucatan is some of the most beautiful in the world. You’ll definitely want to be able to snap some pictures while you’re checking out the scenery below the surface. 


The best way to keep you dry during tropical weather, you never know when can rain and this one doesn’t take much space.

Quality Sunscreen

You’re probably already aware of this, but it gets really, really hot in Mexico. If your travel plans include spending hours on the beach, it’s important that you invest in a quality sunscreen. Not only can a subpar sunscreen lead to you losing time lying in the room, nursing your sunburn, but severe sunburn is also a major health hazard. You don’t want to pay market prices for sunscreen in Mexico, so make sure that you bring some quality sunscreen with you on the trip. Additionally, make sure that your sunscreen is waterproof so you don’t wash it all of every time you step into the water.

Water Shoes

Finally, you should plan on packing some water shoes for your trip. It’s easy to assume that you’re going to Mexico, and therefore, you plan on walking barefoot on the beach or wearing flip-flops to dinner. However, having some water shoes in your luggage can help you safely enjoy some of the most beautiful sights that Mexico has to offer. It’s not uncommon for tourists to want to visit some of the gorgeous cave systems that are prevalent in certain parts of Mexico, and you should certainly add them to your itinerary. A good pair of water shoes is a must if you want to protect your feet from jagged rocks or other hazards that can ruin your day. 

Water Shoes Quick Dry Beach Swim

Some beaches can have rocky bottoms so it is always a good idea to bring these. A rocky bottom should not stop the fun!

Active Dress

For almost all Exploring

Hiking Dress

Universal Waterproof Case

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Trail Running Shoe

In addition to the friendlier price tag, ALTRA Women’s AL0A7R75 Olympus 5 Hike Mid GTX are around 0.9 ounces lighter than the other boots on our list. The only knock on these boots is that they don’t have the durability that some other options on the market have. You can still expect to get multiple years of use out of these quality boots.

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

This in case you want to go in a real adventure in Mexico. It is always to be safe right?!

handheld GPS Gifts for the outdoorsy women

Personal Locator Beacon

Personal locator beacon Gifts for the outdoorsy women

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

This is a two-way global SMS text messenger and email for emergency SOS alerting. Also, check-in and GPS location.

Oleo Satellite communicator Gifts for the outdoorsy women

More for Your Trip to Mexico

Kindle Paprerwhite 8GB

There are few things more relaxing than setting around the pool after a long day reading a good book. Just because the outdoorsy woman that you’re shopping for likes being outside doesn’t mean that she wants the entire trip to be about survival.

Your trip to Mexico can be one of the most memorable vacations of your life. However, if you’re going to get the most out of your trip, it’s a good idea that you have all the items you need on hand.

I hope this is all useful for your next trip!

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