Welcome to Real World Mami!

Hi there,

I’m Rocio,  I’m glad you stopped by and welcome to my life!

I’m the mother of two precious little rambunctious boys and  I’m originally from Peru now living in beautiful California. I enjoy beach life and I’m so excited to share my journey with you.

I spend my days managing house chores, drinking coffee, arranging my boys’ activities and taking them to different after school activities.  Did I mention drinking coffee? Love the beach and enjoy dragging my kids there. Also, I love to run and dance until I broke my ankle in the summer of 2018, my goal is to get back where I was and better. Breaking my ankle was a life-changing experience for sure. I would love to inspire people to go outside enjoy the moment with your family.

I will share how I navigate motherhood with my kids, what I learn and my struggles. I’m passionate about exploring, and obsess with showing my kids the world and nature and raised unplug kids. I do struggle with their willingness of screen time, but I know there are out there more parents like me that are trying to create channels for their creativeness.

After I realized I have so many cool memories and tips of my trips around the world, I decided to share them. Because what’s a treasure if you won’t share it….well, that is how I think anyway. Especially all those tips about traveling with kids to different places, in California, and around the world.

I’m very outspoken about my experiences, so I will share the behind the scenes of the perfect picture, to talk about the off-camera wrinkles.

As a mother, I know that traveling with kids can try your sanity. Don’t worry, I got you covered.  I will share what I’ve learned to stay sane, and I hope you find it useful.  Welcome to my past and my future, I just want to share it all with you. Live, love and learn.

Now please follow me on my journey 🙂


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