There are so many occasions to show our love ones we care and think about. You are wonder what is the best and unique gift for travelers in your life that you can find. Here is a great list because I sharing my favorites, and it is full of thoughtful and unique gift for travel lover. Always my favorite presents are the eco friendly choices, but the unique ones too. There is always so much pleasure to see how our love ones see how much we think about them. I hope this guide is useful to show your love to someone.

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Airplane Footrest:

Long travels can be so uncomfortable. This is a great Gift for Travel Lovers and bring a little big of comfort during international business travel or a family vacation to Hawaii. Help with lower back support and stiffness, has a super soft memory foam. People swear it helps to prevent swelling and soreness. This is such a thoughtful idea! Get it here

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Whether it is a short trip or a long one it is great to have the best pillow you can. Once we were on a short trip to Hawaii and was enough to have some long time nerve damage for having a bad position. thinking about the comfort during traveling for your love ones is the best. This pillow produce custom support for your neck or back. I like to give my back a break during long flights and convertible for this purpose. Not too big and can be attached to any carry on luggage or backpack. Get it here.

Travel Pillow with Contoured Design for Neck Support

This neck pillow wrap around neck like a scarf, 4 SIDES FULL SUPPORT, which keeps you away from neck pain when sleeping. Also this model comes with with Earplugs and Sleep Mask. Check here

Scented Travel Essentials

Love these. perfect for frequent travelers who want to sleep on the flight and feel more focused when they land. The scent It helps with jet lag, night anxiety, night restlessness. Find it here

Travel kit for drinks on the go – Cocktail Moscow Mule

This is just a fun idea. Why not? And it is TSA approved. I recently gave this to my brother in law and he used it during his flight to India he thought it was so thoughtful and I agree! It is a must have specially for parents with little kids (just joking) get it here


Travel Shoe Bags:

You may thing who needs this right? Believe me when I travel I always need this to separate dirty shoes from clothes instead of using plastic bags. This is made by YAMIU and comes in a set of 4 with zippers. It is a great gift for travel lovers if they don’t have this already. Get it here.

Lightweight Carry-on Under Seat Tote Travel

Another great Gift for Travel Lovers is a practical tote travel. This is a beautiful and practical one, because it is ultra lightweight and compact. I really like this color but there are other ones. Sometimes light colors can be inconvenient on trips. I usually get neutral color but the material is easy to clean and stain resistant. While top carry handle and removable padded shoulder strap offer carrying options. Check it in Here

Travel Backpack Anti-theft

The worst thing that can happen when you travel is getting target by a theft. This backpack is perfect to avoid this. It has double locking zippered main compartment and a blocking card slot. It is large enough to carry an iPad. Also comes with slash and cut-resistant shoulder straps can be attached to a stationary object to prevent a grab-n-go. Get it here

Passport Wallet and Travel Document Holder .

This is a Zero grid wallet with RFID blocking. So you keep all your documents organized. It can hold up to 10 credit card. The best has blocking. This is a great gift for Travel Lovers. Find it Here

Vacuum Storage Bags with Electric Pump

Any traveler will be happy with this to make the luggage smaller also it is helpful at home. Check here

Hanging Toiletry Bag

It is always helpful to have a good travel Organizer Bag for Makeup and Toiletries, is a must have. This make trip easier and keep my kids organized. We use it even in camping trips. Find it in different colors here

Gift for travel lover – For the Tech Lover:

Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

This is so useful for any trip. It is perfect for those airplane rides that you don’t have a screen on the seat and you can be hand free during the ride or even in a road trip when ever you need a stand for your device. Get it from Here

Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router

A must have device that quickly create a secure Wi Fi hotspot to share with family and friends. Find it Here

Ultra-Compact Portable Charger

This Anker PowerCore 10000, One of The Smallest and Lightest external Batteries. Get it here

Hard Pencil Holder Case

This can be useful to carry all the phone accessories! Check it here

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Ultra High

This is another portable battery and powerCore 20100mAh and it is ultra light. Check it Here

Portable Charger Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh

If you need more Power this is a great one. Click here to get it

Gift for travel Lover: Campers and adventure Seeker

Solar Lanterns:

I love this lantern from LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1. Good for for camping and outdoor adventures and great to have in case of emergency in kits. Choose from 5 brightness settings. Here

Portable Utensils

For the campers that care about keeping our planet free of plastic. This set of 8-Piece stainless steel including Knife Fork Spoon Chopsticks Cleaning Brush Straws Portable Case is perfect for any adventure. Check here

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid

I love YETI products and the rambler is a 14 oz Double-wall vacuum mug that keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot . A comfortable handler, to fit your mitts fully around. Click here

Headlamp Ultra Bright

This I a great gift for travel lover and adventurous ones. For those dark nights camping with 7 LED Headlight Flashlight with White Red Lights. Find more here

Outdoor Beach Blanket

This waterproof picnic or beach blanket is multipurpose and perfect for any ocassion. The Bearz outdoor beach blanket is great for either the beach or a day at the park is light and it can be carrier on a small bag. its practicality is great.

Water Purification System

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and purification system is unique because it purify water in 60 seconds – Works at the touch of a button and self-cleans by intelligently activating every 2 hours to keep your bottle fresh and stink-free.

Also, in addition to that it keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours!Check it here

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This is a water filter and a must-carry tool for hiking, camping, and travel, and emergencies; no disaster kit is complete without it. Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals; does not require batteries and has no moving parts! L O V E it.

Found it here

Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press

This is a 15 Ounce, .45 Liter coffee press. It is great to brew Coffee or tea on the go and drink from same container when ready. Find it here

Solar Charger

Hiluckey has this 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Waterproof Battery charger . Click here for more information.

Foldable Camping Travel Charger

This is another portable solar Charger. It is lightly and portable. Find more information here


This Fitbit is to keep track of your heart Rate for people love to keep track of their heart rates while exploring adventures to understand their fitness level. Also can track how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent vibrating alarm. Find more Here

Gift for the Travel Lover – Eco Friendly adventurer:

Eco Friendly Travel Set

Contain everything that the eco friendly adventures needs from a bamboo Toothbrush and biodegradable, collapsible water bottle! A collapsible coffee cup and cutlery set. All come in cotton canvas tote bag. Find it here

Reusable Metal Straws Collapsible

I love that now there are so many more choices to replace disposable straw and plastic straw to reduce environmental pollution and Marine pollution. This is Stainless Steel metals straw are Portable Telescopic and retractable, so won’t take much spaceStraw.

The pack includes Reusable straws, cleaning brush, Keychain an a sweet Case. Find it Here

Teabloom All-Beverage Travel Tumbler

This is a cool Insulated Thermos Mug made out of bamboo! It is perfect for Hot and Cold drinks. You can get it here

Gift For the Travel lover Personal Care

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

Made out of Bamboo and comes with Dental Floss biodegradable! It is a complete oral hygiene kit. Find it here

Eco-Friendly Hair Shampoo and conditionar

This is a set of 5 Bar (3 Shampoos + 2 Conditioners) Ethique is one of the first brands bringing this hair sampler options. Great as stocking stuffer and in a Perfect size for travelers. Find it here

Lulux 2 Shampoo Plus 2 Conditioner Bar Set

Another great option is this natural Organic Set. For normal, Dry and Damaged Hair. This is a set of 2 shampoo bar (CHAMOMILE and ROSE) and 2 conditioner bars (LAVENDER and TEA TREE). With no paraben, silicone or sulfate. Your eco friendly traveler friend will thank you. Find it here

Gift for the travel lover fashionista

Comfortable Pants for Women

This KUHL Travrse Skinny Pants for look good and are so comfortable. You bet this is a good present. KUHL just makes such a great quality pants.

Women Joggers

This pants are made to be comfortable and ready for anything. The women’s Vuori Wayfarer pants are good for yoga and hiking pants. The best part they’re made with eco-conscious recycled fabric that can stretch as far as you can!

Comfortable dress

Who doesn’t like a comfortable dress. This doesn’t only looks comfortable it is made out of Wool and has pockets ! Because every active person needs pockets right? For every day exploration with quality Merino dress, an easy-wearing go-to built for all-day wandering.

Spotless traveler Dress:

Another good choice is this dress. It comes in great colors and it is perfect for summer travels, it has a stain release treatment so if spill a little wine -it’ll wash right out, how cool is that? Find it here

Travel Dress

Since choosing dresses as a present requires a bit more detail. Here is another great choice. Here is one made out of organic cotton. I love Prana and her design anyone would love have this dress in their wardrobe!

Patagonia Vest

Oh how I love this vest. The colors and the material are the best also that is made from soft; deep-pile polyester fleece and 30 % recycled. What a present!


I great pair of sunglasses is a very good present and this  COSTA Bimini polarized sunglasses have so much style.

Gift for travel lover stay warm

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

It is always good when a present is not only cute but also practical. Patagonia knows how to make quality products. The Nano Puff Jacket traps heat and block the wind. My favorite fits feature of this jackets it is that fits effortlessly with any other layer.

Patagonia Vest:

If a jacket is too much a cute and small vest is great for the days when the weather doesn’t define not to hot and not to cold. Trap the hit with this quality vest from Patagonia.

Patagonia Thermal Zip Neck

I know! you can tell I like Patagonia product but they are great. This is a micro-grid fleece interior and it doesn’t look heavy.

Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Vest

Ok this is my last recommendation as for Vest as present because there are not enough cute vest. This one again form Patagonia will keep any women warm and looking good.

Gift Ideas for The Travel Lover that appreciate Practicality


This is an awesome backpack custom tailored in both size and fit for a woman’s torso. It has the space and organizational features for commute and travel. Fits a computer and if you have someone that loves outdoors and quality this is a good choice. Check more here 

Duffle Bag

A good gift if someone needs more space that a backpack but less than a luggage. Update your love one gear adventure with this practical gift. It has removable padded shoulder strap, internal tarp-lined and zipper organization pocket.

Shoulder Bag

This one has accommodate a 10 in. tablet and it is functionality is great for airports and any type of adventure even for daily use.

Gift for travel lover that appreciate Good Footwear

KEEN Newport H2 sandals

For outdoor adventure but in comfort , the all-terrain are perfect. It provide protection and function.

Teva Tirra sandals

mesh fun, feminine style and multisport performance for everyday, go-anywhere use. If you have someone who like daily comfort on their feet this is a great option

KEEN Rose sandals

This can be use in the city to in trails. are for the adventure-ready. Check it here

Chaco Sandals

Adjustable double straps custom-fit to your feet, with toe-loops for additional forefoot control

The women’s Chaco Z/1 Classic sandals

have only 8 component parts, making for the simple, timeless sandal.

Gift for the Travel Lover – Experiences and Memories:

Fantastic experiences is what they love right? Here are few ideas to help them

  • Movie Passes
  • Escape Room
  • Restaurant gift card
  • National Parks Passes
  • Sport tickets
  • Airbnb gift cards

If you are looking for more sustainable presents Click here

Or If you are looking for kids presents click here and here

If you are looking for books for kids click here

I hope this ideas can help you to give a great gift for your love ones!

Best Gift ideas for travelers in your life

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