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Traveling with kids to Lima: 6 fun local parks for kids in Lima

Fun Local Parks for kids in Lima

If you are traveling with kids to Lima here are the 6 best local parks to visit. Kids need to run and enjoy themselves so if you are in Lima and your kids are ready for that. Here is the list of best places to take them

1. San Miguel Park – The legends Park:

This is the oldest zoo in Lima. The legends park is located in the Av. Parque de las Leyendas 580, San Miguel Lima. The entrance costs $2.3 per kids and $4

You can find a variety of Peruvian and around the world animal’s species

Parque de las Leyendas Lima Peru
Making bubbles by the Huaca
Parque de las leyendas
You can take a mini car to get faster to places. We did it for my dad
Lima Peru parque de la leyendas
lots of space for running
Peruvian Bear

A huge park with a labyrinth

2. The Friendship Park – Parque de la Amistad:

This park is located in Av. Caminos del Inca Cuadra 21 s/n Surco. Its main attraction is a little locomotive from 1928 with three wagons. Also, famous because of the beautiful “Arco Morisco”.

The little train station is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. The ride takes you around all the 30,000 m2 you cross the artificial lagoon, the copy of the Spanish arch “Arco de la Amistad” or “Arco Morisco”. You can sit and relax and watch the beautiful surroundings.

Also, on the artificial lagoon, you can rent little paddle boats for less than $2 and feed the birds that hang out around the lagoon.

Travel with kids: Lima Parque de la Amistad
Arco Morisco or Arco de la Amistad. the original one was located at Arequipa Av. After it was destroyed it was rebuild here

Lima Peru parque de la amistad

Travel with kids: parque de la amistad

Artificial Lagoon
hanging bridge
Little locomotive. Seat and relax

3. Miraflores’s Park – Principito Park

What not to love about Miraflores’s Malecon. It has a path for walking and bikes that goes along the whole Malecon. Walking through it you can find different parks for your little ones: Maria Reiche, The love Park, the Skate Park and a lot of open green spaces to run. However, the favorite of my littles is the little prince or the boat. It used to had an old boat one that has been changed by a modern boat playground.

The scene is wonderful, you can watch your kids playing by the ocean. is the sport for many local people. My kids always had a great time here. Last time we got a bubble maker and they run happily chasing them.

The park is located on Malecón Cisneros Cuadra 10 s/n (by the Yitzhak Rabin’s Park) It has a beautiful little Prince’statue.

This is the new boat play structure
this new structure was a hit for the boys
Little prince statue

The view from the park
The path you can walk along
These are the types of structure you can find along Malecon Cisneros. Kids love to move!
Nonstop bubbles times

4. San Isidro Park – La Pera Park

This is a quiet park with a great playground for little ones and sand. Located by in Av. Salaverry Cuadra 35 and Av. El Ejercito (San Isidro).

It also has space for running. It starts by the Malecon in San Isidro you can walk along with it and find mini gyms along the road.

5. Jesus Maria Park – Mars Camp (Campo de Marte)

This is one of the oldest great green areas in Lima. It still has lots of green area for kids to play soccer and run around. There is no playground but there are fair with games and rides that kids can get for less than $2.

I love to let my kid just play with the ball around. around the corner, you find also local food fair where you can grab lunch or dinner.

The Mars Camp is located on the intersection of  Av. Salaverry and  Av. 28 de Julio. Government Paredes are held here during the month of July. This is a great place for a long walk, ride bikes, skate, play and have picnics.


Inflatable hamster wheel ride from less than $2
My kid trying to get some candy from a local vendor

6. Magic Water Circuit

Paseo de Aguas is called Magic Water Circuit, it is basically a park full of fountains amazingly lighted. They have a main show on the evenings every day but Monday where make the fountains shoot water following the rhythm of the music and projecting great images. This show is high quality as many in Las Vegas the cost a bit more than $1.




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