Hello There! I’m Rocio Are you ready to travel with your kids?

Thanks for stopping here. We are not a full time traveller family, but we look all the time for family friendly trips every time we can!

We hope to inspire and help other busy parents with their desire to build amazing memories with their families. To help with that in this page you will find itineraries, budgets and tips on wherever we go.

Why do we travel with kids?

Our passion is to show the beauty of the world to our kids exploring California and beyond. We have traveled with our kids since an early age and believe local or international travel with kids can be easier than you think planning it right.

In these times when it feels that technology is taking over, we look for untethered times, exploring the great outdoors, and finding so much at home that connects all of us. That is why I love exploring nature, hiking and spending time at the beach and surrounded areas with my family to unplug.

Travel with kids and exploring the world, near or far, doesn’t need to be stressful. As a family, we love to travel internationally and we want to share what we’ve learned through the years, from how to protect your baby’s ear on an airplane flight to what are the best times to go with your kids to hike Machu Picchu, and everything in between.

Explore this page and have fun traveling and exploring with your family! I hope you find inspiring stories on this website. Feel free to look through all of them, find more about our story and contact me for more information.


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