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Machu Picchu Peru

Peru with Kids

Peru with Kids

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu (Peru)

South America, Peru

If you are wondering if visiting Sudamerica, Peru with kids is the right idea. Here is the information you need to take this decision. South America is located mostly in the Southeast hemisphere and Is the Spanish and Portuguese speaking area of the Americas. I am going to focus mainly on Peru on this blog.

The Spanish invasion to Peru in latest 1500, brings a strong influence of Spanish culture in Peru and in most South  Americas countries. There is so much to see in South America and Peru is the gem of Southamerica.

South America geography helps to created amazing cities and places to visit. It is surrounded by Ocean Pacific and Atlantic, and on the Western are dominated by the Andes;  while in the eastern side present a tropical area with lowland surrounded by major rivers. Peru is one of the few countries that geographically posses part of the coast, Andean and tropical area. Peru is a must visit Country due to their diversity, there is more than just amazing Machu Picchu is a country that will awe you.

Does Peru Have One of The  New 7 Wonders of The World?

Machu Picchu in Peru is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, together with:

The Great Wall of China

Christ the Redeem statue in Brasil

Chichen Itza in Mexico

Roman Coliseum in Rome

Taj Mahal in India

Petra in Jordan

What Should I know before Traveling to Peru with kids?

  • Weather in Peru varies according to the City. This is happening due to its geography. Peru has a coastal city like Lima and Nazca. Andean Cities as Arequipa and Cusco, as well as tropical cities as Loreto and Madre de Dios, this last two located on the Peruvian Amazonian Jungle.
  • Cusco is in high altitude, you need to take actions to prevent it.
  • Cusco is located on the Andean while Machu Picchu is located in the tropical and warmer area.
  • You would need to drink water from a bottle.
  • Eat only cooked vegetables.
  • Spend time in Lima. Lima has so many great places to visit
  • If you take a picture you will be charged, especially in the tourist areas. don’t be surprised if you take a picture and then the peso ask you is “5 soles” please. Also, if you take pictures with them usually they charge you. Keep in mind is their main income and your sweet souvenir.
  • If you are doing the Inca hike book your slot as earliest is possible months in advance.
  • If you doing the Inca trail make sure you are in shape.
  • There are two shifts to enter to Machu Picchu and a limited of 200 people per day to enter Huayna Picchu
  • People start getting in Machu Picchu at 6:00 am you will need to be up sometimes from 4:00 am to get in there.
  • You don’t need a VISA if you coming from the USA.
  • Be ready for the unexpected

Is It  Safe to Travel To Peru with kids?

Thousands of people visit Peru each year and return home from a trouble-free trip. By taking the same basic precautions as you would traveling anywhere is safe for you and your family.

the official US Travel Advisory page says the following about Peru:

With my help, your Peruvian trip will be a safe and fun one 😉

  • Safety precautions :
    1. Take precautions when withdrawing money
    2. Use licensed taxis remember while is not an issue in Peru. Use reputable transport services.
    3. If you are going to bring cash along with you just do your homework before you get here. Research the best exchange rates before you leave to avoid being ripped off.
    4. Use common sense on street safety: as be aware of your surroundings (something that I always ask my kids to do) and keep your valuables out of sight.

    5. When using cash machines use cash machines located at the bank, supermarket, or in your hotel to be extra safe.

Essential Things to Travel to Peru

  1. Get a travel Credit Car.
  2. Inform your bank you will be traveling.
  3. Travel insurance is always a good idea.
  4. Bring the money exchange.
  5. Don’t forget your vaccination or medication for altitude sickness.
  6. Pack light and bring good shoes. If you need clothes ypoi have plenty of choices there.

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What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Peru?

If you want to avoid the crowd you can travel from April to May or September to October that is considered the low season. Although there are chances for rain May and October are generally great months to see everything greener and less crowded. I have been there on those months and once in heal, so an umbrella or poncho will be great to add to your packing list.


Peru with kids
Lima – Larcomar

Is Visiting Lima a Good Idea?

Actually, there is so much to see for families in Lima, that is always a good idea to visit. Lima is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean is a Coastal City with good weather and many attractions.

Every time we visit Lima there is something new to see and I made a list of Everything You Need to Know about Lima.

Among Lima’s main attractions are: Plaza de Armas, Lima Catacombs, Paseo de Aguas, and explore the district of  Miraflores, Barranco, Ancon and Callao just to mention some. Also, here is the list of parks I recommend to visit if you travel with kids. Lima has a zoo and different theme parks for kids.

Lima Peru with kids
Plaza de Armas – Lima


Is Cusco, Peru a Safe Place to Visit?

Cusco is a definitely safe place to travel if you want ideas of what to do in Cusco check this blogs

Why is Machu Picchu Considered one of the Wonders of the World?

Machu Picchu is a citadel build in the 15th century on the top of a mountain located 7 970 feet. Above the Sacred Valley through where the Urubamba rivers run. This was the citadel where the Incas and his royalty family lived. Its impressive location and construction in classic Inca style well preserved despite earthquakes and harsh climate made it famous around the world.

It was built with big boulders and there are many theories on how they did that. No one has a final answer. Machu Picchu was voted in 2007 as one of the new Wonder of the world. After getting international attention in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, in an effort to help its preservation the Citadel was declared a sanctuary in 1981. Later in 1983, it was declared a World Heritage by the UNESCO before becoming a World Wonder of the World

How Easy is it to Visit Machu Picchu with Young children?


Traveling with kids has their own challenges, like anything with family, so in order to make the trip a briss, plan in advance. the experience is priceless and to me definitely worth it.

if you are nursing a baby be sure of their routine and bring wherever is need to keep the routine going. I traveled while nursing my kids, not to Machu Picchu but to Lima. keep hydrated is the clue so you can keep baby happy, I nursed my kids during take off to easy their ear pressure, or gave them a pinkie to suck on.

To get to Machu Picchu you need to take an airplane or bus, a train, and another bus. My kids appreciate all the rides. To travel with kids you need to be ready for the unexpected and have the best attitude. Machu Picchu with older kids is easier, but you need to expect them to wake up earlier to go to the ruins. One of us went to nake the bus line earlier and the other one stays, but your kids have to be ready at the bus station by 5:30. There is the option of the second shift later during the day, which is good for kids. We just didn’t want to miss the amazing show of the fog breaking through the sun.  We had great time kids were faster than us and they love exploring the Inca ruins.

Machu Picchu with kids

High Altitude sickness?

Cusco is located at an Altitude of 3,400 meters (11,200ft) above sea level, everyone reacts to attitude different. I always get a slight headache, my older son got one too, on the other hand, my husband and the youngest kid didn’t feel discomfort. For attitude I always tend to have an easy first day in Cusco, arrive and don’t walk around too much. I take into consideration that some streets are on hills and it doesn’t help for your body to acclimate.

There is always mate de coca available in local restaurants and at hotels. Usually, hotels give you that as soon as you arrived. I recommend you to drink it. water is boiled so you won’t get sick for that. then, rest for a few hours before exploring the city, a good nap will help your body to the different amount of oxygen is getting.

What is The Weather Like in Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru?

Peru weather varies according to the area.

Lima weather:

Lima weather is average during the year not too hot or too cold, with temperatures ranging from 12 C or 54 F to 18C or 64 F in Winter. On the hot season temperature range from 24C or 75F to 28C or 82 F.

Winter is during the month of July and September and Summer from January to March.

Cusco Weather:

Cusco weather is different than Lima due to its geography, the Andeans have a great influence on it. It has two very mark seasons from November to April is the wet season or winter and May to October the dry season or summer. February is wettest. The dry season is partly cloudy and is cold year around. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from 32F to 66F. the temperature varies so little then we can’t cold or hot season. when sunny during the day is pretty warm. Cusco is usually warm and sunny during the day and very cold at night.

Machu Picchu Weather:

The rainy season is from November to March and April to November is dry season. weather is part of the jungle so it can feel very tropical. The hottest temperature in 26C (79 ) and reaching temperatures of -2C (-36) in the coldest months. it always warm during the day and cold evenings, so bring layers.

What is the nearest airport to Machu Picchu?

The closest airport to Machu Picchu is Alejandro Velasco Astete located on Cusco. It is an international airport that received domestic flights as well as some international flights. Is located close to City Center. Machu Picchu is located 3 hours on the train from Cusco. You may want to know how we made it to Machu Picchu, route and costs.

Named after the first airplane Pilot that cross the Andean. Taxis are located just outside the landing area. Plan in advance your pick up. Although Cusco is pretty safe if not plan in advance taxis can be pretty expensive.

What Should I Prepare for a Trip to Machu Picchu?

Peru is one of the best places in the world to travel make the most of it planning it correctly.

  • Make arrangements for you pick up from airport to hotel in Lima or Cusco
  • Get your train to Machu Picchu ahead of time
  • Stay in Cusco and acclimate



What Are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca lines are amazing geoglyphs draw in a huge scaled by the Nazca people. A civilization which began around 100 B.C. and flourished from A.D. 1 to 70. These geoglyphs are drawn on the desert dirt and can be seen from high. They were drawn along 30 miles or 48 kilometers ( and around 170 Miles Square and 450 Kilometers Square) and represent animals and plants. The Nasca Lines were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. You can see pictures of them here.

There are many theories but they still a mystery. In 1994 the Nazca lines were declared  UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What are the Nazca Lines Drawn?


Peru with kids: What to See in Miraflores

What to see in Miraflores

1. Walk or bike along Malecon de Miraflores

Last time we visit we stayed in Miraflores and visit the Malecon de Miraflores, Lima scenic cliff top pathway almost six miles long and it is line with gardens along the way and the views are amazing.  Along with this, you find different parks, restaurants, mini gyms, skateparks among other things. This is divided as Malecón Cisneros, Malecón de la Reserva, and  Malecón 28 de Julio. The views from it are just amazing!

All the way in Malecon de Miraflores you can find great parks: Maria Reiche, Antonio Raimondi, Parque Grau, and Centro America Park, IIZHAN Rabik Park and Parque del Amor.


Peru with kids: what to see in Miraflores


2. Stop at El Parque del Amor

Love’s Park is one iconic park in Miraflores. The giant sculpture of two lovers kissing is in the middle of this park overlooking the Ocean.  It is surrounded by mosaic walls on the benches. Is located in Malecon Cisneros a short walk from Larcomar. When in Lima make sure you visit this gem.

Peru with kids: el parque del Amor

3. Shop in Larcomar

Miraflores is a popular touristic area and Larcomar is a beautiful shopping center located by the Cliff of the beach. Its construction in 1998 caused controversy among neighbors because it was built on what it was a public park: Parque Salazar. Now is the favorite of locals and tourists, it has brought more people to already popular neighboorhood.

The park where was build it had a Cliff view and now this beautiful shopping mall posses those view. People local and tourist can enjoy a lunch, dinner or any meal with a stunning Ocean View. Besides restaurants, Larcomar has bowling alleys, clothes stores, ice cream shops, coffee shops, kids games areas. Is a great place to spend time.

Peru with kids: Miraflores

4. East around Parque Kenedy

El Parque Kenedy is located on the heart of Miraflores at the end of Avenida Arequipa. is the little main square with the little the Virgen Milagrosa’s Church and County building.

There are traditional restaurants as well as fast food restaurants. Around the Parque Kenedy, you find la Calle de las Pizzas, it is basically a street full of pizzerias, bar, and pubs. It is loud and they work on making you get inside their place. Sometimes it can be too much with family.

The Parque Kenedy usually has art exhibitions of local artists that are selling their work. Also, you can find souvenirs fairs. There you can find also the stop for the City Sieghsight panoramic Bus Tour, Mirabus.



Lima: Imagination Park

The Imagination park

El Parque de la imaginacion is a playful science and technology park and museum for children age 5 to 12. It is set up in a warehouse type of building where you can find different activities for kids.

A mini fire station, where kids can ride the fire engine and put the fire down. You can get to experience an earthquake, make giant bubbles. Learn about the human body and walk through some organs. It has a  robot dinosaurs exhibition and jungle animals. Create energy riding a bike.

There is also an aquarium with sea animals from local areas in Peru. fun for little and older. For Spanish speaker or non-Spanish speakers.

The park opens from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Entrance Cost $5. This Park and Museum is located on Av. José de la Riva Agüero Cdra. 8 s/n – San Miguel.

Here the gallery:

Visit Lima with kids
Check the human body
Lima with kids
Little and older can create energy pedaling a bike and see the space
Lima with kids
Peddaling to create energy
Lima with kids
Explore around dinosaurs exhibit
Visit Lima with kids
Kids can visit a mini fire station
what to do in Lima with kids
make a giant bubble
Lima with kids
Lots of hands-on activities
visit Lima with kids
Sea Horse
Lima with kids
Travel with family
little turtle from the jungle called “charapas”

Peru with kids

Lima’s Horse Race Track

Hipodromo de Monterrico

Lima’s Horse Race Track is a choice If you want to do something different with your family while in Lima.  Lima’s only Horse Race Track called Monterrico hipodromo. This is Horse Race Track was built in 1959 and open to the public in 1960. It is at a great distance from Lima Center. Located in Derbi Avenue s/n door 3 in the District of Surco.

The Monterrico Hipodromo’s entrance is free for the public but there is a for members only, with a bar and restaurant. The public entrance is not luxury, it is a local area and free of charge. There,  you can see people really passionate about horse races. The public area has a great view of the Horse race Track wherever you are. Plus it has a huge screen. You won’t miss a bit.

Inside the track, you can buy the race info horse as time and horse numbers. We watch a couple of races before betting on it.  There are lots of local folks betting. My dad is a huge horse race track and this was kinda a family thing to do.

My kids really enjoy watching the races, eating popcorn and playing on the little play area. It was the first time they saw a horse race as well as mine. Crazy right? but growing up I just saw this on TV. I hope you enjoy this gallery and learn what to expect there.


Top things to do in lima with kids

Lima: The legends Park – Zoo

Peru with kids Lima zoo
Kids ready to explore the Legend Park a local favorite zoo

This is the oldest zoo in Lima.  The legends park is an extended park where you can appreciate not only the zoo, also a botanical garden, archeological sites, butterfly rides, playground amusement, restaurants and more. For these reasons is a local favorite spot.

The park is located in the Av. Parque de las Leyendas 580, San Miguel Lima. The unique thing about this zoo is that you can find many birds and animals from South America and Central America.  The entrance costs $2.3 per kids and $4 per adults and It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lima with kids
There is a Huaca (pre-Inca building) archeological area inside The Legends Park
Lima with kids in the legends park
More views of the Huaca

One of the highlights of this zoo is that houses lots of animals from Peru. The zoo is divided into geographical regions Cost, Jungle and Andes showing typical animals from those areas and the world.

Remember, It is always better to arrive when they open (9 am) if you want to avoid the crowds, especially on weekends and holidays. You can see llamas, jaguar, cougar, Amazonian monkeys, elephants, zebras, lion, tiger. You can easily spend a half day here looking at the animals and visiting all the areas.

This park is very big and open, so during summer time, it can get very hot. So, you can buy an umbrella at the kiosks by the entrance or wear protection (hat, sunblock). If you have little kids bring a stroller if you can.


Peru with kids
Amzonian birds
Peru with kids watching the monkeys
Trying to find the mokeys
A close view of monkeys
Visiting Peru with kids zoo
The fences made hard to see the african penguins
Lima with kids
kids admired the penguins anyway
We took the zoo ride and saved time. The zoo is bigger than you think. These are the beautiful dolphins made out of grass in this artificial lake. You can rent paddle boats here.
Entrance to the botanical garden
Paddington Bear Lima Peru
The Peruvian bear
Peru paddington bear
We spend lots of time looking at this beauty
He was very friendly
Peru visiting with kids
Kids really appreciate these open spaces
Peru in family
A great Maze

Peru for family

As you explore the park you will notice there is one court food area but many kiosks. On the court food, you can find the famous Peruvian roasted chicken, yummy but not many vegetarians options. There is plenty of candy and snacks on the kiosks.

I hope this will be helpful on your trip!

Lima with kids



Ancon is one of Lima’s Beach Resort located in the North part of Lima. An hour by car (about 43 km) from Lima and very popular for local people because of its calm water.

This area was an important pre-colonial town. It was a fishing town and a burying area on the pre-Inca era. Ancon has an archeological museum with an exhibition of all the rest founds in this area. Later in 1930, it was transformed into an upscaled Beach resort.

On these times, it is not a very touristic place but if you like some real experience visiting a foreign country, this can be a great experience for the whole family. We do recommend if you do this trip to hire professional transportation or doing through an official local tourist agency.

Ancon has a beautiful path walk build among the building and the beach.  At the beach, there are row boats, paddle boat, and kayaks that you can rent or you can pay to be ride per around $2.5 per person. The rides can take you to the cave house of many birds, sea lions, and even penguin if you lucky enough.


Ancon Lima
Kids Playing at the beach path
Visiting Ancon with kids
The kids decided to play soccer while walking at the path
Visiting Lima with family
Buildings built by the beach path


Ancon beach is a calm beach and full of seaweed and it makes a great house for beautiful sea creatures. It has abundant sardines and our kids were fascinating watching them, swimming with them and trying to catch them.


Lima with kids Ancon
The fishes are by the shore. A great amount of phytoplankton makes this happen
Lima with kids
The kids were very entertained with the fishes on the water and trying to catch them
We got lucky. The day was perfect

The good news is you can rent there chairs and umbrellas, boat, paddle boats or kayak. Its peaceful water will let you enjoy these type of rides.

Lima for family
Pedal boat for rent


Lima with kids
The only restaurant located at the end of the path had one of the best Ceviches in Lima
This restaurant has an amazing view

I hope you enjoy your visit to Ancon.


Lima with kids


Lima Peru – Callao

The Port City of El Callao is a great place to visit and relax. El Callao is an upcoming area like many in Lima. It used to be a dangerous area and now you can enjoy its beauty in a safe way.

First, a little bit of history, during the Viceroyalty of Peru, Callao was one of the main Port of the Americas. Callao it is a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with three main beaches Cantolao, Malecon, and Arenilla. Where you can find great Cevicherias (restaurants specialized on Ceviches), Naval Museum and the Real Felipe fortress, Peruvian Naval Academy, Real Felipe Fort.

Peruvian Naval Academy


Peru with kids: Callao

Beach Resort La Punta

Cantolao is a great beach located by Peruvian Academy Naval. On the 19th Century, one of the top beach Resort.

It is well known by locals for its cold water and rocky ground. You can get a boat ride per $3 – $10  per person upon how far you want to go. You have the options to go Island San Lorenzo or Island Palomino.

It has green areas and a little playground, very well maintained. Real Felipe is a walking distance of this beach.

Lima with kids: Callao


Real Felipe Fortress

The Fortress Real Felipe was built to defend the Peruvian Port and the city of Lima from pirates and corsairs during colonial times. In 1886 the fortress was used as a naval defense point between a Spanish fleet sent to South America to reclaim its colonies and the land batteries in the cost of Peru.

The fortress is currently the Peruvian Army Museum. Cost $5 per person.

So much to see. I hope you enjoy it!

Traveling with kids to Lima: 6 fun local parks for kids in Lima

Fun Local Parks for kids in Lima

If you are traveling with kids to Lima here are the 6 best local parks to visit. Kids need to run and enjoy themselves so if you are in Lima and your kids are ready for that. Here is the list of best places to take them

1. San Miguel Park – The legends Park:

This is the oldest zoo in Lima. The legends park is located in the Av. Parque de las Leyendas 580, San Miguel Lima. The entrance costs $2.3 per kids and $4

You can find a variety of Peruvian and around the world animal’s species

Parque de las Leyendas Lima Peru
Making bubbles by the Huaca

Parque de las leyendas

You can take a mini car to get faster to places. We did it for my dad

Lima Peru parque de la leyendas
lots of space for running

Peruvian Bear



A huge park with a labyrinth

2. The Friendship Park – Parque de la Amistad:

This park is located in Av. Caminos del Inca Cuadra 21 s/n Surco. Its main attraction is a little locomotive from 1928 with three wagons. Also, famous because of the beautiful “Arco Morisco”.

The little train station is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. The ride takes you around all the 30,000 m2 you cross the artificial lagoon, the copy of the Spanish arch “Arco de la Amistad” or “Arco Morisco”. You can sit and relax and watch the beautiful surroundings.

Also, on the artificial lagoon, you can rent little paddle boats for less than $2 and feed the birds that hang out around the lagoon.

Travel with kids: Lima Parque de la Amistad
Arco Morisco or Arco de la Amistad. the original one was located at Arequipa Av. After it was destroyed it was rebuild here

Lima Peru parque de la amistad

Travel with kids: parque de la amistad

Artificial Lagoon

hanging bridge

Little locomotive. Seat and relax

3. Miraflores’s Park – Principito Park

What not to love about Miraflores’s Malecon. It has a path for walking and bikes that goes along the whole Malecon. Walking through it you can find different parks for your little ones: Maria Reiche, The love Park, the Skate Park and a lot of open green spaces to run. However, the favorite of my littles is the little prince or the boat. It used to had an old boat one that has been changed by a modern boat playground.

The scene is wonderful, you can watch your kids playing by the ocean. is the sport for many local people. My kids always had a great time here. Last time we got a bubble maker and they run happily chasing them.

The park is located on Malecón Cisneros Cuadra 10 s/n (by the Yitzhak Rabin’s Park) It has a beautiful little Prince’statue.

This is the new boat play structure

this new structure was a hit for the boys

Little prince statue


The view from the park

The path you can walk along

These are the types of structure you can find along Malecon Cisneros. Kids love to move!

Nonstop bubbles times

4. San Isidro Park – La Pera Park

This is a quiet park with a great playground for little ones and sand. Located by in Av. Salaverry Cuadra 35 and Av. El Ejercito (San Isidro).

It also has space for running. It starts by the Malecon in San Isidro you can walk along with it and find mini gyms along the road.

5. Jesus Maria Park – Mars Camp (Campo de Marte)

This is one of the oldest great green areas in Lima. It still has lots of green area for kids to play soccer and run around. There is no playground but there are fair with games and rides that kids can get for less than $2.

I love to let my kid just play with the ball around. around the corner, you find also local food fair where you can grab lunch or dinner.

The Mars Camp is located on the intersection of  Av. Salaverry and  Av. 28 de Julio. Government Paredes are held here during the month of July. This is a great place for a long walk, ride bikes, skate, play and have picnics.


Inflatable hamster wheel ride from less than $2

My kid trying to get some candy from a local vendor

6. Magic Water Circuit

Paseo de Aguas is called Magic Water Circuit, it is basically a park full of fountains amazingly lighted. They have a main show on the evenings every day but Monday where make the fountains shoot water following the rhythm of the music and projecting great images. This show is high quality as many in Las Vegas the cost a bit more than $1.




Lima – Magic Water Circuit

Lima Peru: Magic Water Circuit

The Magic Water Circuit is a huge park filled with interactive laser water fountains and sophisticated modern light sets. Magic Water Circuit, or Paseo de las Aguas it located in El Parque de la Reserva.

El Parque de la Reserva was built in 1929 and to honor the defends of Lima in 1881 on the Pacific War and in 2007 this park was transformed on Magic Water Circuit.

Located on Jr. Madre de Dios | Parque de la Reserva, Lima 15046, Peru. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. It is one of the favorite places for local families and foreigners. 

This amazing park was inaugurated in 2007 and it has 13 water fountains is a great place to spend with family. This show is high quality as many in Las Vegas the cost a bit more than $2! 


Lima with kids Lima Peru Magic Circuit Park
One of the main fountains

All of the fountains are illuminated at night, many with continuously changing color schemes. The ground and landscaping are well maintained and beautiful.

Lima with Kids: Magic Circuit Park
The main entrance
Travel with Kids: fun things to do in Lima water park
This fountains had nothing to envy the ones in Las Vegas
Visit Lima with kids: Magic water circuit
Beautiful main fountain

Magic water park

Lima Peru Water Magic Circuit
A colorful show everywhere you look at

Kids fountains

Also, make sure to bring extra clothes in case you get wet.  My kids play for a long time in this water fountains. also, there is water lighted up. Is great in summer days, however, local enjoy getting wet even in winter days.

Visit with kids: kids enjoying the fountains in magic water circuit

Main Light show

It is an amazing show and it can get crowded with local people especially on the weekends. he main laser light show happens every evening except Mondays. It lasts about 15 minutes. Shows are 7:15, 8:15, and 9:30.

The fountains shoot water following the rhythm of the music and projecting great images. A colorful laser light program synchronized with classical and Peruvian music makes the fountains sparkle and shine as the water flows in unique patterns and shapes.

magic water Circuit in Lima Peru
El condor pasa at Magic Water circuit

Magic Water Circuit Magic Water Circuit

It is really a great show for everyone! Enjoy!

Lima with kids: walk in Barranco and Bridge of sight

Barranco Lima Peru

Barranco is a little district, well known for its bohemian history. It was home of inspiration of very well know Peruvian musicians, artists, designers, and photographer. The bridge of sight or Puente de Los Suspiros is one its main attraction for local and foreigners. It is a that inspire compositor  Chabuca Grande and photographer Mario Testino. 

I love to show this area to my family we had a great afternoon walking by the Bridge of Sight, looking at the Colonial architecture and admiring the street art, and of course, enjoying the Ocean View and even playing soccer at the little main square.

Bridge of Sight or Puente de Los Suspiros

This district used to be the area of Beach Resort for aristocracy locals. Currently, is very popular among the locals that love to walk to the sea that runs through Barranco.

This is a beautiful Colonial bridge with a bohemian style and it was inaugurated 1876. According to the tradition when you cross the Bridge you are supposed to hold your breath and make a wish. Under the bridge, you can find a path that leads you to a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean where usually street artists sell jewelry and play music.


Peru with kids Barranco Lime Bridge of sights
Beautiful view of Bridge of Sights

Lima Barranco Bridge of sightAnother side of Bridge of Sight

Family fun in BarrancoLa Bajada del Puente de Los Suspiros

Lima fun with kids
Kids really enjoyed exploring and touching
Family fun Barranco Lima
Climbing the Chalan statue

Pacific Ocean

In Barranco, you can find art galleries, Contemporary Museums, boutique hotels, Coffe shops, and bars. Its little main square is a good place for kids to run around. After crossing the Bridge of Sight you go to la bajada. My kids really enjoyed walking down the path the leads us to the Pacific Ocean view. Here is the Gallery:

Ocean Path in Lima BarrancoThe way to the Ocean Path

Fun with family in Barranco

Colonial Art and Modern Art

This District is known for its romantic and bohemian feeling with his Colonial Mansions from the 19th Century. It is a mix of modern and Art and Colonial Art. Although is the home of modern art Galleries just walking on its street let you see the work of many modern street artists and their designs. In recent years the graphitic art has increased so much and making Barranco a colorful place.

In Barranco, you can find amazing art street, as well as contemporary art galleries or art gallery as Museum Pedro de Osma.  Colonial style is found also on its streets and if you go to the Museo of Ofma, you will appreciate a great Colonial Art collection.


Peruvian Food

This district is popular among locals for its many bars, restaurants, and clubs. At night it can get very crowded with people looking for parties. During the day is easy to find inexpensive restaurants and expensive ones depending on your budget. Don’t miss to enjoy the traditional “anticuchos” and other Peruvian food.