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Moray Inca ruins with kids

Cusco – Sacred Valley with kids and visiting Moray Inca Ruins

Sacred Valley with Kids: Moray Inca ruins

The Moray Inca ruins with kids was a great warm-up for our next day tour. After visiting Chincheros, we head to Moray Inca Ruins called Quantus Raquay, it was right before Salt Maras Moray Pond.

Also, Moray was a great warm-up for Ollantaytambo which we visited the following day.  Usually, you can get this tour together because their proximity is convenient. I strongly recommend you to do your research to customized your tour if possible.

Peru- Cusco our way to Moray Inca Ruins. Our kids were excited
Our view from the road
Adventure in Sacred Valley with our kids start
Great a view of the Sacred Valley. The view of the farmland that is planned to be the home of the new airport

Quantus Raquay

Basically, in Moray,  Quantus Raquayis is an Inca ruin that contains circular terrace used for an irrigation system. The Incas build this system to grow crops in different microclimates. Every level has different temperatures.  It was sort of Inca agriculture laboratory used to grow resistant plans high in the Andes.

Seems that they were build to use the different microclimates that the Peruvian Andean terrain provided and experiment growing of different types of plants. A true statement of the genius of human archeology and hydraulic.

To get in here you need to buy tickets on the entrance, get the partial tourist ticket III (Sacred Valley) for $25 or the full ticket for $47. Get your tourist ticket at the office or DICERTUR Main square at Calle Mantas from Monday to Sunday or on site.

Entrance of Moray Inca ruins with kids
The entrance of Quantus Raqay
Moray Inca ruins with kids
The amazing view

Once there we were lucky to witnesses a ceremony where they recreate the ceremonies that use to happen here.

Moray Inca ruins with kids
Hundreds of people carrying Incas flags and dancing
Going down all the different terrace levels
Moray Inca ruins with kids
They were coming to the center from every angle
Moray Inca ruins with kids
It was amazing to see them getting together and dancing

We climb up and down and admired and learn about this amazing place!

Moray Inca ruins with kids
A really impressive view for this little
Moray Inca ruins with kids
Can you see the people?
Moray Inca ruins with kids
This caught the people dressed on Inca Attired with the Inca flag

I hope you find this helpful t travel here with your kids. good luck!

Moray -Sacred Valley - Cusco - Peru
Urubamba with kids

Peru with kids: What there is in Urubamba for kids – the little gem of Sacred Valley for kids

Exploring Urubamba with family

Our Cuzco adventure with kids couldn’t be complete without visiting Sacred Valley. On our visit, we stayed in Urubamba, the little gem of Sacred Valley.

Sacred Valley is fertile farmland on the heart of the Inca Empire located in Ollantaytambo and Urubamba Districts. It was Inca’s properties and Inca’s people settle up there because of their very important maze production.

We stayed in Urubamba for a day before taking our train to Machu Picchu.  This little town is less “touristy” than Ollantaytambo but still close by to the train station.

Our itinerary with kids in Urubamba:

a super cute hotel that inspires the boys to play with the little flutes that they got at Cuzco

We arrived in a small town in the evening. It was fascinating to me, the streets were so small for the cars that it made hard to manipulate to get in. The reason is that the size of the street reminded the same size since the Colonization. Our car was too big for them and it almost got stuck. Exciting!

Our little hotel was located on this little Urubamba streets
visiting Cusco - Urubamba
The little town surrounded by mountains

Next morning, after a good breakfast provided by the hotel, we have so much fun exploring Urubamba’s local market with the kids. During our visit to the market, they got to make new friends and played with local kids and dogs. At the market, boys found a toy store, and you know how boys are when they see a ball, right? They beg us for a ball and we got one with they played around until we left and donated it to the local kids.

I found good spices and local tea

At the market, we were able to find great tea and Maca. After a nice stroll back to the hotel we left to Ollantaytambo.  

I feel that visiting Urubamba was a real Andean’s experience for the kids, it was a  town very laid back. You don’t find a bunch of tourist walking around, just working on trading or selling agriculture products. We love this!


Peru - Cusco - Urubamba
Cusco Urubamba
Machu Picchu Peru

Peru with Kids

Peru with Kids

Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu (Peru)

South America, Peru

If you are wondering if visiting Sudamerica, Peru with kids is the right idea. Here is the information you need to take this decision. South America is located mostly in the Southeast hemisphere and Is the Spanish and Portuguese speaking area of the Americas. I am going to focus mainly on Peru on this blog.

The Spanish invasion to Peru in latest 1500, brings a strong influence of Spanish culture in Peru and in most South  Americas countries. There is so much to see in South America and Peru is the gem of Southamerica.

South America geography helps to created amazing cities and places to visit. It is surrounded by Ocean Pacific and Atlantic, and on the Western are dominated by the Andes;  while in the eastern side present a tropical area with lowland surrounded by major rivers. Peru is one of the few countries that geographically posses part of the coast, Andean and tropical area. Peru is a must visit Country due to their diversity, there is more than just amazing Machu Picchu is a country that will awe you.

Does Peru Have One of The  New 7 Wonders of The World?

Machu Picchu in Peru is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, together with:

The Great Wall of China

Christ the Redeem statue in Brasil

Chichen Itza in Mexico

Roman Coliseum in Rome

Taj Mahal in India

Petra in Jordan

What Should I know before Traveling to Peru with kids?

  • Weather in Peru varies according to the City. This is happening due to its geography. Peru has a coastal city like Lima and Nazca. Andean Cities as Arequipa and Cusco, as well as tropical cities as Loreto and Madre de Dios, this last two located on the Peruvian Amazonian Jungle.
  • Cusco is in high altitude, you need to take actions to prevent it.
  • Cusco is located on the Andean while Machu Picchu is located in the tropical and warmer area.
  • You would need to drink water from a bottle.
  • Eat only cooked vegetables.
  • Spend time in Lima. Lima has so many great places to visit
  • If you take a picture you will be charged, especially in the tourist areas. don’t be surprised if you take a picture and then the peso ask you is “5 soles” please. Also, if you take pictures with them usually they charge you. Keep in mind is their main income and your sweet souvenir.
  • If you are doing the Inca hike book your slot as earliest is possible months in advance.
  • If you doing the Inca trail make sure you are in shape.
  • There are two shifts to enter to Machu Picchu and a limited of 200 people per day to enter Huayna Picchu
  • People start getting in Machu Picchu at 6:00 am you will need to be up sometimes from 4:00 am to get in there.
  • You don’t need a VISA if you coming from the USA.
  • Be ready for the unexpected

Is It  Safe to Travel To Peru with kids?

Thousands of people visit Peru each year and return home from a trouble-free trip. By taking the same basic precautions as you would traveling anywhere is safe for you and your family.

the official US Travel Advisory page says the following about Peru:

With my help, your Peruvian trip will be a safe and fun one 😉

  • Safety precautions :
    1. Take precautions when withdrawing money
    2. Use licensed taxis remember while is not an issue in Peru. Use reputable transport services.
    3. If you are going to bring cash along with you just do your homework before you get here. Research the best exchange rates before you leave to avoid being ripped off.
    4. Use common sense on street safety: as be aware of your surroundings (something that I always ask my kids to do) and keep your valuables out of sight.

    5. When using cash machines use cash machines located at the bank, supermarket, or in your hotel to be extra safe.

Essential Things to Travel to Peru

  1. Get a travel Credit Car.
  2. Inform your bank you will be traveling.
  3. Travel insurance is always a good idea.
  4. Bring the money exchange.
  5. Don’t forget your vaccination or medication for altitude sickness.
  6. Pack light and bring good shoes. If you need clothes ypoi have plenty of choices there.

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What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Peru?

If you want to avoid the crowd you can travel from April to May or September to October that is considered the low season. Although there are chances for rain May and October are generally great months to see everything greener and less crowded. I have been there on those months and once in heal, so an umbrella or poncho will be great to add to your packing list.


Peru with kids
Lima – Larcomar

Is Visiting Lima a Good Idea?

Actually, there is so much to see for families in Lima, that is always a good idea to visit. Lima is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean is a Coastal City with good weather and many attractions.

Every time we visit Lima there is something new to see and I made a list of Everything You Need to Know about Lima.

Among Lima’s main attractions are: Plaza de Armas, Lima Catacombs, Paseo de Aguas, and explore the district of  Miraflores, Barranco, Ancon and Callao just to mention some. Also, here is the list of parks I recommend to visit if you travel with kids. Lima has a zoo and different theme parks for kids.

Lima Peru with kids
Plaza de Armas – Lima


Is Cusco, Peru a Safe Place to Visit?

Cusco is a definitely safe place to travel if you want ideas of what to do in Cusco check this blogs

Why is Machu Picchu Considered one of the Wonders of the World?

Machu Picchu is a citadel build in the 15th century on the top of a mountain located 7 970 feet. Above the Sacred Valley through where the Urubamba rivers run. This was the citadel where the Incas and his royalty family lived. Its impressive location and construction in classic Inca style well preserved despite earthquakes and harsh climate made it famous around the world.

It was built with big boulders and there are many theories on how they did that. No one has a final answer. Machu Picchu was voted in 2007 as one of the new Wonder of the world. After getting international attention in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, in an effort to help its preservation the Citadel was declared a sanctuary in 1981. Later in 1983, it was declared a World Heritage by the UNESCO before becoming a World Wonder of the World

How Easy is it to Visit Machu Picchu with Young children?


Traveling with kids has their own challenges, like anything with family, so in order to make the trip a briss, plan in advance. the experience is priceless and to me definitely worth it.

if you are nursing a baby be sure of their routine and bring wherever is need to keep the routine going. I traveled while nursing my kids, not to Machu Picchu but to Lima. keep hydrated is the clue so you can keep baby happy, I nursed my kids during take off to easy their ear pressure, or gave them a pinkie to suck on.

To get to Machu Picchu you need to take an airplane or bus, a train, and another bus. My kids appreciate all the rides. To travel with kids you need to be ready for the unexpected and have the best attitude. Machu Picchu with older kids is easier, but you need to expect them to wake up earlier to go to the ruins. One of us went to nake the bus line earlier and the other one stays, but your kids have to be ready at the bus station by 5:30. There is the option of the second shift later during the day, which is good for kids. We just didn’t want to miss the amazing show of the fog breaking through the sun.  We had great time kids were faster than us and they love exploring the Inca ruins.

Machu Picchu with kids

High Altitude sickness?

Cusco is located at an Altitude of 3,400 meters (11,200ft) above sea level, everyone reacts to attitude different. I always get a slight headache, my older son got one too, on the other hand, my husband and the youngest kid didn’t feel discomfort. For attitude I always tend to have an easy first day in Cusco, arrive and don’t walk around too much. I take into consideration that some streets are on hills and it doesn’t help for your body to acclimate.

There is always mate de coca available in local restaurants and at hotels. Usually, hotels give you that as soon as you arrived. I recommend you to drink it. water is boiled so you won’t get sick for that. then, rest for a few hours before exploring the city, a good nap will help your body to the different amount of oxygen is getting.

What is The Weather Like in Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru?

Peru weather varies according to the area.

Lima weather:

Lima weather is average during the year not too hot or too cold, with temperatures ranging from 12 C or 54 F to 18C or 64 F in Winter. On the hot season temperature range from 24C or 75F to 28C or 82 F.

Winter is during the month of July and September and Summer from January to March.

Cusco Weather:

Cusco weather is different than Lima due to its geography, the Andeans have a great influence on it. It has two very mark seasons from November to April is the wet season or winter and May to October the dry season or summer. February is wettest. The dry season is partly cloudy and is cold year around. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from 32F to 66F. the temperature varies so little then we can’t cold or hot season. when sunny during the day is pretty warm. Cusco is usually warm and sunny during the day and very cold at night.

Machu Picchu Weather:

The rainy season is from November to March and April to November is dry season. weather is part of the jungle so it can feel very tropical. The hottest temperature in 26C (79 ) and reaching temperatures of -2C (-36) in the coldest months. it always warm during the day and cold evenings, so bring layers.

What is the nearest airport to Machu Picchu?

The closest airport to Machu Picchu is Alejandro Velasco Astete located on Cusco. It is an international airport that received domestic flights as well as some international flights. Is located close to City Center. Machu Picchu is located 3 hours on the train from Cusco. You may want to know how we made it to Machu Picchu, route and costs.

Named after the first airplane Pilot that cross the Andean. Taxis are located just outside the landing area. Plan in advance your pick up. Although Cusco is pretty safe if not plan in advance taxis can be pretty expensive.

What Should I Prepare for a Trip to Machu Picchu?

Peru is one of the best places in the world to travel make the most of it planning it correctly.

  • Make arrangements for you pick up from airport to hotel in Lima or Cusco
  • Get your train to Machu Picchu ahead of time
  • Stay in Cusco and acclimate



What Are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca lines are amazing geoglyphs draw in a huge scaled by the Nazca people. A civilization which began around 100 B.C. and flourished from A.D. 1 to 70. These geoglyphs are drawn on the desert dirt and can be seen from high. They were drawn along 30 miles or 48 kilometers ( and around 170 Miles Square and 450 Kilometers Square) and represent animals and plants. The Nasca Lines were created between 500 BCE and 500 CE. You can see pictures of them here.

There are many theories but they still a mystery. In 1994 the Nazca lines were declared  UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What are the Nazca Lines Drawn?


Cusco with Kids: an Amazing Visit to Sacred Valley – Chincheros with kids

Cusco – Peru with kids – Chincheros

Our first stop exploring the Sacred Valley was an amazing visit to Chincheros with the kids. Chincheros is well known for its great artisans. It is located in Urubamba before Moray and Mara’s Salt Pond’s

The first thing you want to know about Chincheros it is that is a small town close to Cuzco. It has great artisans that have created beautiful textiles since the Inca’s time.

Second, I highly recommend it for kids. They are great weaving centers and local women gave us a great educational show. They explained the Inca’s process of getting colors from plants in English and Spanish in a very entertained way. You can watch the video here. scroll down

Cusco with kids
Just leaving Cusco you started getting the beautiful view of Sacred Valley

peru with kids: our way to chicheros
There was still some snow on the mountains

Peru with kids: Chincheros' view

Cusco with kids
Leaving Cusco

Leaving the city behind

Cusco with kids
Kantu the artesian place we visit

Once there you get inside and find this little ginny pig house where they raised them. The kids were able to see them, they are kind of cute.

Chincheros with kids
they have ginny pigs

Peru for kids
They are adorable

My kids love them

Next, we are greeting by the artesian and proceed to seat down.

Artisans ladies are so friendly and entertaining!

They provide us with some coca tea

We can find on the display what plant belongs to a specific color. It was wonderful and educational to see where they come from. I feel this visit was very educational for the kids.

Basically, they ground in a mortar the desired color. Once they get the sheep wool they watched and make it boiled together with the desired color.

love the colors

The kids were able to see all the process while the artesian explained

After they get the colors. They show us the waiving process


amazing artisans

Have fun!




Putucusi the hidden hike in Machu Picchu

I was lucky to have hiked to Putucusi the hidden hike in Machu Picchu. Putucusi is not a super well know hike although is located across from Machu Picchu. It is a hike that not many people do because everyone focuses on the hike to Mach Picchu. However, if you have a few hours to spend, it totally worth it. Once on the pick, you can get an amazing view of Machu Picchu. However, getting it is not easy.

Unfortunately, after a massive flood has kept it close and still need to be repaired. Honestly, I didn’t have expectations when I hike it for the first and only time, because I never hear of it before. It was tough for my fear of heights but totally worth it.

I remember we hiked it on a rainy day without researching about it or asking locals how difficult it was. I honestly thought it is dangerous people won’t go and it will be close,  I was wrong!

The entrance of Putucusi on 2005

First view after stairs

Honestly, who hike this stair on the rain. right? On my defense, it wasn’t raining when we start the hike. we were lucky to have brought ponchos that help us once we were there.

Crazy stair. Seems like a bad idea

No many people agree

the view right away

Getting higher

Right after crazy stair we head to this little path. Where we saw a lady carrying her baby on the back wearing flip flops

Just need to cross this bridge

And climb these stairs

When we started the hike it wasn’t the stiff until this latter came. I really didn’t want to climb but my then boyfriend and his brother put some pressure on me. How can as local couldn’t climb. So, I did it.

Once on the top, the ground started getting flag again, and then stiff and I told the guys. We shouldn’t keep hiking since we didn’t know the way and have no plan or a guide of the area, we could get lost.  Suddenly a lady shows up carrying her baby on her back show up. She was wearing just flip flops and was coming down the path. I didn’t have another option than keep walking following the signs and praying we will find the promised view.

view once on the top

The view kept getting better

One more turn!

It was a crazy hike!

This view absolutely worth the insane hike. Here some pictures!

Then this. Yes, we could see Machu Picchu!





We came back after 11 years with our kids and it was close. This is how gar we could go.


Peru with: how to get to Machu Picchu from Lima

How to Get from Lima to Machu Picchu

Peru with Kids: How to Get from Lima to Machu Picchu

If you’re one of the many people thinking about visiting Machu Picchu and wonder how to get to the hidden Inca Citadel with your family; I will breakdown how to we got from Lima to Machu Picchu with our family.  How I planned, how much I spent. I am sharing all that I learn by visiting Machu Picchu more than seven times, and once with my kids (5 and 8 yo).

Getting To Lima

Since there is not yet any direct International flight to Cusco form where I lived, we stop in Lima. Upon where you are located you will need to get a flight that stops in Lima and stay there or keeps flying to Cusco. You can either choose to spend a few days and explore Lima or keep traveling to Cusco. If you staying in Lima check this to find out what do when visiting Lima. We always have a great time there, not only visiting family also there is always something new to see.

 Going from Lima To Cusco

Peru with kids: from Lima to Cusco

A Beautiful view of Cusco sky before we landed to our adventure

Peru with kids landing in Cusco

How to travel to Peru with kids, arriving to airport

Coca leaf after arriving at the airport. you can chew them or take it to make tea for the altitude


The Option of Flying:

This is the most common method to get to Cusco, and most people fly. you save time, but not money. If your ticket is not direct to Cusco, you will need to find a flight to get there probably from Lima.

We got tickets online before getting to Cusco and flew from Lima to Cusco.  Tickets to fly to Cusco were approx. $130 per person.

Alternative Way- a Bus:

A bus ride from Lima to Cusco could take from 24 to 26 hours, besides be a less expensive way to travel, it could be an unforgettable experience because there are many amazing places to see in the way from Lima to Cusco (Nazca lines, Arequipa and other towns).

Depends on the time you have available to travel. There are two main routes: One via Abancay and the second goes from Nazca to Arequipa and then Cusco which is longer but is known as the safer.

Getting to Machu Picchu from Cusco:

Peru with kids: itinerary
The view of Cusco Plaza de Armas.

Once in Cusco, you need to take the train to Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes train station). The buses to go to Machu Picchu citadel only depart from the town called Aguas Calientes.

We spent some time with the family in Cusco before we head to Machu Picchu, so we could acclimate and be on our best shape avoiding sick altitude.

To get to Machu Picchu you can purchase in advance your train tickets at www.perurail.com. Where you will find different departure station. Find the station for the train you are going to take. There are different prices upon the style of trip you want to take. Read on how we did it and how much we spend here. You can read about our adventure in Machu Picchu here

You will find a variety of trains departure and return schedules according to the availability of trains on the dates you have chosen.  The train has two different stations:  Poroy (Cusco),  and Ollantaytambo.

Poroy train station:

The route from Poroy (Cusco) to Machu Picchu the train takes approx. 3 hours and 50 minutes. Poroy is located 25 to 30 minutes in a taxi from Cusco center. The taxi is approximately   s/.36 soles ($11) or a bus s/.5 or 7  ($2) per person. The train only stops once at Ollantaytambo station.

Ollantaytambo train station:

To go from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, and the train operates every day except for the last Sunday of each month.  Ollantaytambo is located 2 hours in a car from Cusco Center. A bus from Cusco to Ollantaytambo that cost s/. 10 soles ($4) per person or a taxi that costs around s/. 149 soles ($45).


This is another option, despite the train stops only in Ollantaytambo, we took a private tour and decided to stay in Urubamba.  Urubamba is a less crowded town and I do recommend it if you want to enjoy the most “real” Peruvian town. The ride from Cusco to Urumbamba took approximately 45 minutes and it was included in our package. A private van from Cusco to Urubamba cost s/. 133  ($40).  The next day our private transportation took us to Ollantaytambo train station. A private van from Urumbaba to Ollantaytambo cost s/.99 soles ($30) and a bus cost  s/.5 or 7 soles ($2) per person.

Getting to Machu Picchu Citadel from Aguas Calientes Town:

Stores by the train rails

Bus to Machu Picchu Citadel:

After you arrived at Aguas Calientes,  Machu Picchu Station (located at the town of Machu Picchu and not at the citadel), you can take a bus that takes you to Machu Picchu site. This is the only official public transport to the site.  It is a 25 minutes ride and buses come every 5 minutes. The bus first comes first serve bases and bus shift start running at 5:30 a.m.

When you get there, most of the people stay in Aguas Calientes to take a bus the next morning,  it’s always better to have extra time before taking the bus. Take into consideration that the line for the bus starts at 3 a.m. and you arrived at the Citadel at 6:00 a.m. When Machu Picchu site opens its doors.

You can buy your bus tickets online or get them when you arrive in Aguas Calientes.  If you need more information about tickets you can find it here http://consettur.com.

  • Cusco Offices: Av. Infancia 433 – Wanchaq, phone numbers are 084 – 222125, 084 – 252959, opens Lunes – sábado    08:00  a 12:45 – 15:00 an 18:00 Sundays and Holidays: 08:00 a 12:45 and email  info@consettur.com,
  • Aguas Calientes Office: in Avenida Hermanos Ayar S/N (where the buses depart), opens at 5:00 am until 21:30 hrs.Tel: 084 211 134.

We decided to take the first bus at 5:30 am and pay for the round trip $24 per adult and $12 per kid.

TIP: If you buy the tickets in the town they only accept MasterCard or immaculate dollars ( no marks, ticks or anything), no euro, no visa, no regular dollars.


Some most adventures people start hiking around 4 am or 5 am to get to Machu Picchu first. The hike last hour an half, and yes they hike in the dark if they want to be first in line.

Machu Picchu Citadel:

Travel with kids: How to get to Machu Picchu Citadel

Due to a new regulation for the entrance to the citadel of Machu Picchu, since July 1, 2017, there are two turns to enter to Machu Picchu:

  1. From 06:00 am to 12:00 pm.
  2. From 12:00 pm until 05:30 pm.

Also, there are specific routes you need to follow. Keep in mind that you need to get your admission tickets to enter Machu Picchu.

We as a family had a great time exploring if you want to know what to expect there check our adventure in Machu Picchu

Ticket to enter Machu Picchu:

There is a limitation of 2500 tickets/visitors per day. You can get them:

1) Online at http://www.machupicchu.gob.pe this page is in Spanish but basically says

  • Entrance for Peruvian people cost s/.64 soles ($19-$20)
  • Foreigner s/.152 soles ($46-$47)
  • Students pay  s/.77 soles ($23-$24) but can’t get tickets online they need to get it in person on any office since there are many cases of falsification.
  • School students pay s/.70 soles ($21-22) up until 12
  • There is a 50% discount to 60 years and older and people with discapacity on the regular ticket (152 soles) approx. $23-$24

2) In person you can get your ticket at the tourism office in the main square of Aguas Calientes located in Calle Garcilaso s/n – Museo Histórico Regional y Calle Maruri 340 from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 19:30 hrs (no holidays), in Aguas Calientes on the Cultural Center, every day from 05:30 a 20 hrs

3) Any tour company can get it for you.

To get into Machu Picchu Citadel we pay s/.152 soles ($46) and kids ($23)

Tips: The Citadel of Machu Picchu is located in a region bordering the jungle. In that case, we recommend the use of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats or caps and repellent both during the trip and while at the Citadel.

Getting To Huayna Picchu:


Peru with kids: WaynaPicchu

We didn’t go to Huayna Picchu this time, but If you want to do it,  you need to book it weeks in advance–these tickets sell out fast because of the limitation of 200 per day. However,  I don’t recommend this hike for young little kids since have very steep cliff you need to be very careful.

Entrance to Huayna Picchu cost s/48 soles ($15) for adults, kids, and students, s in general. There is a 50% discount to 60 years and older and people with discapacity on the regular ticket.

I hope this helps you. Have a blast!

You may be interested in our Machu Picchu and Cusco adventure and costs.



Family Trip to Peru: Cusco with kids

After a great time in Lima visiting family, we started our way to Cusco and Machu Picchu. I was super excited for the kids to have this experience. The first time I was in Machu Picchu I was 15 years old and it was an amazing experience.

Cusco is located in the South of Peru, so from Lima we needed to catch a plane for the hour-plus long flight.  However, Some people travel from Lima to Cusco on the bus, and that takes about 24 hours. It depends on your sense of adventure – if you like driving on a bumpy road along cliffs that plunge down hundreds of feet, the bus is your ticket!.  Since we travel with kids, so comfort and faster travel time is important. So, we took a flight to Cusco from Jorge Chavez Airport, the only civilian airport in Lima.

Altitud first

We all were afraid and excited about the high altitude of Cusco.  Getting out of the airplane, we were welcomed with a basket full of coca leaves. You can chew it or not, or take it to later for a coca tea. Don’t worry, coca tea is the same as a strong cup of coffee, and how you react to it will depend on your sensitivities. It is legal, and optional, but imbibing it one way or another helps with the altitude. Pretty much every hotel provides coca tea. So, don’t worry about drinking coca tea, it is just an experience to have if you decide to go for it.



We stayed at  Kamila lodge  – a little hotel in town. A pretty decent hotel but a little difficult to access since it is in the heart of the commercial district in Cusco.  Since I know Cusco very well, we felt comfortable staying there despite its economical price. Also, I think it’s good to expose your kids to crowded, hectic places where they can meet real, local people and eat authentic cuisine instead of tourist fare. This little hotel was located in a walkable area relatively close to the main square.  Cusco has a lot of narrow streets and it’s hard to see landmarks, but if you have a good sense of direction you’ll be fine. We were able to walk around and find this bakery that makes local bunuelos. We all loved them!

The flight from Lima to Cusco takes only an hour, but you do need to be at airport early because it gets busy.  Kids were easy and happy to get on the airplane…I’m so glad they are old enough that they can play card games like Uno and  entertain themselves. iPads or movies are a great help as well.


Once we’d put our bags down at the hotel, the kids were excited to get out and explore. We let them do that but kept it to the minimum since we didn’t want the altitude to affect them. Actually, my younger son was okay with it as well as my husband. However, my older son and I got a headache. So, the two of us rested and then we went for a walk to the main square. We found a restaurant that has beautiful balconies and we enjoyed another coca tea. My son got a soup (sopa Criolla) that was called “levanta muertos” (raise the dead), it’s a soup that I love and my grandmother (she was from Cusco) used to make.

After feeling better, that night we went to visit the twelve-angle stone located by the Archbishop’s Palace.  The next day we took a tour to amazing Chincheros, Salineras Maras and Moray, check my blog about it. The second day we visited a rescue zoo, Aras Rapay and  Ollantaytambo…there’s so much to tell you about each one that is why I wrote up separate articles for each of them. On our 4th day we stayed in and explored the town of Urumbamba before taking the train to Aguas Clients where we stayed till next day when we visited Machu Picchu.