Our Story

I started this blog after I broke my ankle. I had enough time to look throw my pictures and memories why don’t share to other parents that need help and motivation to travel with kids and inspiring the everyday fun. Breaking my ankle was a life-changing experience for sure. 

Growing up in Peru my family couldn’t afford traveling, I grew up during the terrorism (the shining path) time and economy collapsed. My family couldn’t afford traveling, even few hours in a bus was a luxury. I barely knew a park and going to the countryside (1 hour from home) was a huge deal and the best time ever – we did it once a year. There I could see green areas, where I live was a dessert green area was hard to see.

After becoming a lawyer, and the Peruvian economy getting better I was able to afford traveling and felt in love with it. I had the great opportunity to travel a lot around Peru and the world. I always have the travel bug, I couldn’t stay in one place I need to see more, I started with Peru Coast, Jungle and Highlands. Peru is such a culturally diverse country. It is fascinating and since I know its history visiting places made it so much fun. After I visited 80% of Peru, I visit Europe and love it.

Later in life, I meet Sebastian an expert world traveler – he is better and I we got our traveling and exploring together until we got a family. However, I didn’t want my kids grow up without family travel memories and there is so much to see in the world in a lifetime. Why not start since young?

Traveling with family, especially with little kids is challenging but is possible. Ironically, I have anxiety about traveling with kids and somehow, I found out traveling with kids less stressful overtime. I felt more confident even travel with just two of them under the age of eight by myself. I would like to share what I learn doing it to inspired other families. My kids now love traveling and look forward to it.

We are not full travel family, but we share the full-time family fun of traveling as well as the ugly part, but also helpful tips and itinerary.

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