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We met in Peru and we build a family with a travel bug. Our professions made us spent a great deal of time in our desk. However, we both did our solo travels before we met and fall for each other, we were really travelers at heart and lucky to meet each other.

Then, when in the United State came: the kids, the house, the suburban life and school. However, we did not stop having local adventures and traveling with kids.

Our travel bug never went away. First, I travelled by myself with my 4 month old to Peru. I was extremely home sick. One of the hardest trip with an overstimulating kid and I hormonal mom!, but it went well. After that, we travelled locally on the United Stated: Hawaii, Idaho, California among other. It gave me so much knowledge about traveling with kids, that it was getting easier and enjoyable.

As a family of 4 living in California, I did learn how to handle packing for camping, packing for international travels. There are so many things to keep in mind that I learn to remember the hard way. I found a need to make traveling or exploring with kids easy for others, and that is the reason I started this blog.

We like outdoors and camping, but if we can take our family to other country we just prefer it over camping. I wish I started this blog early, but is okay because many of the information and adventures stay on my mind. Sharing all them with you.

I believe on this times, traveling is more that just a luxury it is a need. Kids need to learn about different cultures and lifestyle at early age. Hopefully it will lead to be more compassionate, and appreciate what they have, as well as inspire them to give their best to the world. It is a dream and the world is moved by dreams right?

Buckled your seat belt and lets try together to unplug and enlighten our kids future.

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The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

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Ability to Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone 98%
Overcoming Your Own Fears 92%
Flexibility and Adaptability 96%
Ability to Notice New Opportunities 90%
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