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Lima Peru – Plaza de Armas

Lima Peru – Plaza de Armas is the home of the Government Palace, Lima Catedral, and other important Government buildings. It is one of the most beautiful Plaza de Armas build by Spain in Latin America.

Its beautiful well maintains garden and streets make Lima such vibrant and historical City.  And it is a safe place for adults and kids. Lima Center has changed from being one of the most dangerous places in Lima 30 years ago, to be one of the safest.


Lima Peru Government Palace

Plaza de Armas


Build in 1535 in a baroque style with Carve wooden balconies. The Plaza de Armas was created following the Procedures of the New Cities in the world back in 1535 when the Spains arrived on Peru.

With the new Procedure of New cities after outlining a city’s plan, the growth followed a grid centered on the square shape of the plaza. For this reason, the Plaza de Armas is surrounded by Jiron Junin, Jiron de la Union,  Jiron Huallaga, and the Jiron Carabaya Avenues.

Lima Peru Plaza de armas. Traveling with kids
Wooden Carved balconies

What To See in Plaza de Armas:

Government Palace

The Government Palace is where the Peruvian President lives. It has been rebuilt several times, and the French-inspired Palace was built in 1930.

The Government Palace and Lima Cathedral are located here. If you have time to visit, try to get to the Government Palace around noon to see the changing of the palace guard. You don’t need tickets for this just be on time to be on the front line!

Lima Peru Government Palace. Traveling with kids

Fun places to go with kids. Lima Peru View of Palace
Lima Peru with kids. View of Palace
Lima Peru with kids beautiful view of Government Palace door
Close view of Government Palace. Peru with kids
Fun with family. Lima Peru with kids. Government Palace
You can admire the French Style of Peruvian Government Palace with your family

Lima Peru Cathedral

While Lima Cathedral was built originally in 1600. The Cathedral houses a great collection of art and while the Government Palace access is restricted, the Catedral is open to the public for an admission of $2. Remember if you want to get in they restrict access to people wearing shorts and sandals.


Peru with kids, plaza de Armas Lima Cathedral
View of front of the cathedral

Peru with kids: Lima Peru Government Palace

One of the fun things to do in Peru with kids visit Lima Cathedral
My son admiring the Cathedral French doors. It is fascinating by it
Visiting Lima with family. Inside Cathedral
More amazing of the outside is inside the Lima Cathedral. A gorgeous piece of art that you and your family will appreciate.

Choco Museum or Chocolate Museum

On the North side, you find the park of the flag and the “Oidor House” converted to a  Pisco bar and the Choco Museo or Museum of chocolate. In this museum, you can get to make Cholotaes and get free testing of them as well. Kids really appreciate fun things to do. They don’t only get to learn how to make chocolate they test it!

Exploring Lima with kids. Fountains by the Odor House
The Oidor House

Lima with kids. CathedralLima with kids. Chocolate Museum

Lima with kids. Fun activities: Chocolate museum

San Francisco Chruch and Monastery

This Monastery and Church is located on the North Side of the Plaza de Armas. A block from Government Palace and is the house of the Lima Catacombs. You can access to direct guide tour every hour. Check details of this impressive place here.

Honestly, my kids were not ready to visit the Catacombs but we did it. They did enjoy feeding the bird by the front door I think is upon personalities, some kids are fearless!

Lima with kids. San Francisco Church
Located on the right side behind Government Palace
One fun thing to do with kids is show architectural art in Lima Peru: San Francisco Church
I love to show my kids this architectual beauty


Lima with kids. San Francisco Monastery
You can get a ride around Plaza de Armas in a carriage in Lima Peru
Places for kids. Lima Peru San Francisco Monastery
Kids really enjoyed feeding the bird
Lima with kids indoor view of San Francisco Monastery
A beautiful and peaceful view of the indoor of the Monastery




This is an amazing place for kids. Catacombs Peru
View of one of many catacombs inside the Monastery

Municipal Palace (City Hall)

Another building located on Main Square is the Municipal Palace (City Hall). While in the South part, you find the magazine Caretas headquarters. Also, Pasaje Olaya where you can stop in one of its many restaurants to enjoy some Peruvian cuisine.

Travel with kids. View of plaza de Armas Lima

Lima with kids. View of beautiful fountain

View of balconies and Plaza de Areas Lima


Jiron de la Union

Starting on the south part of Plaza de Armas is Jiron de la Union. Favorite things to do by locals since it has a  public Pathwalk that goes many blocks and ends in  Plaza San Martin.  It has some of the most important post-colonial architecture. It was some of Lima most elegant shopping centers on the lattes 19th century and the beginning of 20th.   At the end of  Plaza San Martin, you can find the Hotel Bolivar, where the famous Peruvian Drink – Pisco Sour was created.

Lima Peru Jiron de la Union one of favorite locals spot

Casa Aliaga is a beautiful building along Iron de la Union
Beautiful building along Jiron de la Union

Fun places for kids in Lima Peru










Hotel Bolivar

At the end of Jiron de la Union and by La Plaza San Martin is the Hotel Bolivar. This stunning hotel is where the famous Peruvian drink was created. You have to try it here!

Visit Lima with Kids and explore Gran Hotel Bolivar

Hotel Bolivar entrance
Hotel Bolivar entrance and hall

I hope this information is useful and you enjoy your travel experience!

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