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Lima: Art Museum

Lima Art Museum

The Lima Art Museum is very well known as MALI. During the year there are different amazing exhibitions. The last time we visited we found the Nazca Lines exposition which inspires us to visit them. Check our adventure there and what you need to know when traveling there with kids.

The exhibition of Nazca Lines included a Virtual Reality tour that cost around $2 where kids could fly around them. Then the museum is showing different pieces from Nazca Culture.

This museum was inaugurated in 1961 and is located in Paseo Colón 125, Parque de la Exposición. Kids up to 8 get in free. Adults pay $5 and foreigners $10. open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. You can find more about the different expositions here.  

The museum carries a collection of 1200 items from precolombian time until the middle of XX century. This museum is a place where you will learn about the different Peruvian Cultures. They don’t force kids to stay quiet. Also, the valuable pieces are well kept inside glasses cages and signs are written in English and Spanish.

On the museum second floor, there is an area for kids art activities, where volunteer help kids to create different projects.

Lima with kids: MALI
Kids running at open space at the MALI. isn’t beautiful?

The kids enjoy the open space the museum has and they don’t force you to stay quiet

Nasca Lines Exhibit

Visiting Lima with kids
Nasca Exhibition

Virtual Reality Tour of Nazca Lines

Peru with kids
Nazca Textiles
Lima with kids
More Nazca Textile

Gold Exhibit

Peru with kids
A collection of Inca Jewelry made out of gold
LIma Art Museum with kids
Gorgeous Colonial ornaments

LIma with family

Ceramic exhibit

LIma with family
Ceramic from Nazac Culture
Lima with kids
Chavin Ceramic
Lima with kids
I found fascinating to look at Ceramic from 600 DC
This show the ceramic in time frame build
Medalian miniatures from Wari culture
Ceramic representing heads
Beautiful ceramic colors still bright
A whale ceramic rebuilt

Kids Area

Tired kids chilling out in a sofa made out of an old fish boat. A big busy day

I hope you enjoy your visit!


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