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Family Travel with kids Huacachina and Sand Dunes

Family Travel to the South of Peru: Huacachina and Sand Dunes

One of the things in our bucket list was visiting with the family the south of Peru Huacachina Village and its famous sand Dunes located in Ica.

Huacahina is a Village build around a lagoon know as the desert oasis, Huacachina is a popular place to adventure on dune buggy and sandboarding. We stayed at the hotel  Las Dunas, a good fun family resort located 15 minutes from Huacachina in Ica. After we visit Paracas and fly the Nazca Lines with the kids we decided to take them to have fun at Huacachina Village and do some sanboarding and dune buggy.

First,  I have to tell you I have been to Huacachina before and now it is busier than ever. The sad part is that there is so much plastic on the sand Dunes.  There are lot of dune buggies and they transport you deep into the desert to see the huge sand dunes on the coast. These ancient mountains of sand are beautiful and surreal. And adventurous travelers are welcome to try sandboarding down the dunes!

For these reason, we hired a van from the hotel to transport the 8 of us, but only 6 of us went in the adventure. My parents wouldn’t go it was so much. We found Huacachina full of visitors, you can see the pictures. We stop at the entrance and got our tickets per 7 soles, after that our guide introduce us to our driver and we got in our dune buggy.

walking to the dune buggy

Our guide and driver greet us – Note there are so many companies and type of cars. Usually, people book in advance their drivers. Ours dune buggie and driver wasn’t like I expected. He seems that enjoy what he does but didn’t seem to worry about security. However, he was very lay back for this mama bear.

some of us excited other worrier, can you see?

Our car wasn’t as I expected. The seat belts were in bad shape and didn’t hold tight. However, no one seems to worry about it.  The kids were super excited d to be in a boogie car. The dunes were the beautiful infinite view of sand and we keep going in deeper dunes and I started to feel uncomfortable for the kids safety althioygh i knew they were doing this for long time. The first  one  deep drop, second deeper so fun and my  kid – the most reluctant to speak Spanish said  “Mami me gusta mucho” then I relaxed! After that, we stop and got ready to slide on the sand.

Tips: Things to not forget: Googles or glasses per sand. I brought googles because easy to carry and we used at the pool. Maskto don’t get sand in your mouth especially when you slide down. So much fun!

Look at the video the slide was easy for my 7-year-old and my 9-year-old. They really have a blast with their cousins in this unique place. So glad for this amazing experience.

After so much fun we stop to enjoy the view of Huacachina Village, some food, and festivities this little charming town has.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos we took of our adventure.


Huacachina Peru

Huacachina Sand Dunes Peru
A must visit when in Peru. Fun for the whole family. Huacachina and San Dunes in Ica Peru
Huacachina and Ica Peru
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  1. First time hearing about this place. Huacachina ‘s Desert Oasis and sand dunes look just like seen in famous movie scenes. The place is looking amazingly beautiful. Seems you guys and kids had lot of fun in sun and sand. I love to travel with my family exploring new places. Adding this to my travel list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun trip for your family! We love to travel with our 7 year old as well, she’s been to 23 countries so far. We have sand dunes near our home but these look so much better!

  3. It looks like your boys had a blast! It must have been really fun for them to slide down the dunes! Did you give it a try too?

    It is a huge shame about all the plastic though. 🙁

  4. This looks like so much fun, if not a little scary at first, I can see why some of you were nervous. Great post though, I’d love to do this if I ever made it there

  5. Andrea Peacock

    The dune buggies do sound scary, but also fun! Great idea to bring some goggles or something to protect from the sand.

    Andrea |

  6. Huacachina is so much fun! I spent around 3 days there, enjoying the sand dunes and just chilling by the hotel’s pool. I even climbed the dunes at night, that was pretty special. 🙂

  7. I showed my 14 year old the pics of the sand buggies and he was so jealous. Looked like great fun.

  8. Cyndi Buchanan

    Sand dunes are so fascinating to me! What looks like a short walk to can forever while exploring sand dunes.

  9. Looks like you had the most amazing time! I would love to see the sand dunes as your photos look super impressive 🙂

  10. It looks like you guys had a great time!

  11. great pics! looks like everyone had fun!

  12. Although my youngest is 14, my kids would enjoy this trip. I wish I knew about blogging when they were little, so much good information.

  13. I’ve never hesrd of this area but it looks intriguing.

  14. Hehe well safety is definitely not number one in all countries! But it still looks hella fun 🙂

  15. Brittany Sneller

    Holy moly! Huacachina looks surreal. I’d definitely take up the sandboarding. How shameful to see plastic all over the dunes though… I hate that for these places. Hope we can clean up our act one day. xx

  16. Peru is on my bucket list and I’d love to visit Huacachina and the sand dunes! It looks like you had a great time there 🙂

  17. This looks like a great place to take kids! I can see being worried about the seat belts though. I didn’ t know until this year that Peru even has sand dunes but they look so huge towering over the desert oasis. Huacachina is definitely on my wishlist.

  18. What a great trip with your kids and the place looks really wonderful I would love to go to Huacachina someday if I have a chance. Awesome photos

  19. itsasweetsweetworld

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Would love to visit someday!

  20. Peru is on my list and I will love to explore this gorgeous locations.

  21. This post brings back memories of being lost on a sand dune once as a kid. . .walking and walking and couldn’t find my friends. Loved hearing your experience.

  22. Huacahina seems like a wonderful adventure for the family, Glad your kids enjoyed their adventure!

  23. I’d love to go on a cool adventure like this with my family! You’ve inspired me!

  24. Looks great! Glad you had a great time with your family.

  25. Oh wow! I didn’t realize sand can go in your mouth. That’s a good tip! Thanks for sharing.

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