Christmas Tree hunting – Our Northern California Family Tradition

Christmas Tree hunting

How can I say no to the beautiful smell of pine trees and seeing this kid running around on this beautiful 54-acre tree farm?

So we braved the rain and went to find our perfect Christmas tree. On the way up, we were welcomed by a beautiful double rainbow.

We visit the Crest Ranch Christmas tree farm every year right after Thanksgiving, but this year the rain held us back a few days. I realized there’s some controversy about using a real Christmas tree or not, but we choose to support local agriculture and not fill up the landfill with more plastic.

Crest Ranch was established 71 years ago, and it is actually the oldest “choose and cut Christmas tree farm” in the Western United States. It has an amazing view of the Santa Cruz Mountains and 15 varieties of trees!

When you arrive, they give you a long-handled wood saw and a steel cart and send you on your way, traipsing over dozens of acres of land, and looking for the just-right tree for you.

Our favorite variety is the Douglas Fir for its beautiful look with soft needles and it smells so good. Of course, it makes our house smell great as well!

I have some skills too. I love wearing my Uggs rain boots on this kind of day. I really didn’t need rain boots or RainCoat but it was raining when we left!

This is our favorite place not just because of the trees, but also because the setting is so great – from the viewpoint, you can see seven counties! Usually, after we get our tree the kids play on the see-saw, and we have a picnic or get hot chocolate. Plus there is an area for kids to play in tree houses.

This place has an amazing Ocean view and we love to sit and enjoy some snacks. It just lets us feel the joy of being together in such a gorgeous place. Yes, even dogs are welcome!

And look at the results. Happy holidays everyone!

If you need ideas of what to put under the Christmas Tree for 8 years old and 10 years old here are my favorites:

1.Calvin and Hobbes

2.STEM Solar Robot

3.STEM Explosive Science Lab

4.Bey Blade

5.Safe Video Games

6.Marble Maze

7.Invention Science Kits for kids

Family fun outing clothes:

Uggs Women Rainboot

Rain Coat

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