Nisene Mark State Park

Nisene Mark Park: Back in the Redwoods – My first hike after breaking my ankle

Last week I was back in the redwoods, on my first hike after breaking my ankle in the summer of 2018. However, I didn’t realize how much I missed the forest until I was there. Nisene Marks Park, is a great place to visit and explore for hikes and I will explain to you why.

During the summer I broke my ankle I didn’t want to go into many details and make it a big negative thing. Although there are many things I learned from the experience, I wanted to focus on recovering and being positive. You can easily fall into depression if you just focus on the negative part of the injury. Being dependent sucks.

Talk about a Surf Break

I broke my ankle learning to surf.  To make a long story short, after two hours of catching waves on the cold Monterey water and numb feet, I rolled my ankle on the sand. Although for the two hours before that I was having the time of my life. I couldn’t believe it was broken and it took a while to swallow the bad news and get used to my new temporary living arrangement.

Anyway, after 6 months (ten weeks in a cast, four in a boot and four in an ankle brace and lots of physical rehabilitation) I finally feel strong enough to hike again. My hike started after a rainy day and I promised myself I wouldn’t go near the water, but I couldn’t help it.

Nisene Marks State Park

If you ever come to Santa Cruz, go explore the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, you can see the redwoods without going too far into the mountains. The park charges $10 per car for parking. If you want privacy and a beautiful jog or hike, this is your place. Many people go on bikes although the trails are closed to bikes (they can go on the main fire road though). You can still drive for a portion of it, which is nice for people who can’t go on their own to far. I’m know how it is when you are mobility challenged. The trails are easy to follow and while trees are not as tall as they are in, say, Big Sur – it is still a gem in the wilderness.

Before I came here to Santa Cruz California, I had never hiked in a forest with redwood trees. I lived in Lima and to visit a forest I needed to travel by airplane or on a bus for 8 or 12 hours. The forests in Peru are located in the jungle. Forest in Peru’s jungles is beautiful but humid and scary! It’s more like a Hawaii feeling were creatures can be anywhere. Also bugs..many bugs in the Peruvian jungle.

I remember going into a Santa Cruz forest for the first time, I wasn’t too excited. I was skeptical when I was told there were no bugs. But I kept adventuring and going deeper on hikes and seeing more and more colors, the smell and something about redwood trees and their height that captivated me. I bet I will captivate you too!

Later on, seeing my kids exploring it just makes my heart dance and now, I can’t get enough adventures when we visit. If you are ever close to the Santa Cruz mountains it is a must-visit. Enjoy my gallery ūüėČ

Anniversary Ideas – Carmel by the Sea


When you’re looking for anniversary ideas or valentines getaway, Carmel by the Sea on the central coast of California is a wonderful option. ¬†If you have a November anniversary like I do, you know that in most of North America, November can sometimes be rainy, chilly, or even snowing – so your options may be limited for domestic trips that time of year. ¬†Therefore, this year we wanted to do something mellow and fun, so we took a drive down to Carmel by the Sea for the weekend. ¬†It did not disappoint!

Why Carmel by the sea

Carmel by the Sea is a small, charming town with a mind-blowing signature Carmel Style, reminiscent of European villages of old. ¬†If you’re running out of ideas of good places to go for an anniversary or special occasion, I strongly recommend you check it out. We are lucky to have Carmel very close by – and grandparents available to baby-sit. Carmel by the Sea is a town that has so much for all your senses. ¬†Yes, the beautiful artwork, clothing, and baubles in the shops are expensive but you don’t need to buy anything – just enjoy window shopping!





What to visit

Our first memorable stop was for lunch at Hog’s Breath Inn, a bar/restaurant that used to be owned by the legendary Client Eastwood. Its atmosphere and food is good, and it isn’t a tourist trap. ¬†Most importantly, the drinks didn’t disappoint us. ūüôā

Carmel by the Sea is a seaside jewel and is close to a lot of other great things to see. ¬†One of the famous sights in the immediate vicinity is the beautiful Carmel Mission. ¬†You can also get to Big Sur in few hours. Actually we ran into many many people who wanted to run the Big Sur Marathon 2018, but couldn’t because it was canceled due to the air quality, due to all the wild fires that affecting California that month.

Our next stop, was the Cheese Shop¬†located in Carmel Plaza (lower level).¬†They are savvy merchants, offering free tastings of a wide variety of cheeses they have from around the world. They also have wine tasting there too to go with the cheese, but the wine isn’t free alas. It is a heavenly experience, so long as you are not a vegan or lactose intolerant!


A great selection of cheese to choose from


Their employer were super helpful


We stayed at the La Playa Hotel. Just standing outside, I was sold on the place even before we walked in the door. ¬†Being in the heart of Carmel’s shopping district, we visited tons of different shops, and we found this great little sea glass jewelry shop,¬†Robin’s Jewelry, located inside the “Doud Craft Studios” on Ocean and San Carlos. Her pieces are stunning and since¬†I’m a big fan of sea glass I was excited to find out that Robin does custom jewelry. With her little workshop upstairs from her shop, she let me design the dolphin for my necklace and pick the sea glass. The final piece was beautiful and it’s a great memory of the trip.

Robi’s pieces


Robi’s pieces
We got magic wands as an extra present from Robin’s

Where to stay

After that, we left our stuff at the La Playa Hotel. I was so impressed with the mediterranean style of the hotel and gorgeous ocean views, located few blocks from Carmel beach. We dropped our bags and went to Carmel beach and enjoyed the amazing sunset on its pristine white sand. The sunset was enhance due to the smoke from all the wildfires and it was dramatic.

Happy Campers





Carmel Beach



Where to eat

We had dinner at Seventh and Dolores – what amazing food, everything there was good! ¬†Our ¬†favorite was beef tartar with foie gras – such a delicacy! We ate so fast sorry pic is not pic but we highly recommend it.¬†ūüôā

Locals recommended this restaurant and it was a totally scored
waiting area
bar area





It was a truly wonderful and memorable weekend.  I highly recommend you give Carmel by the Sea a try for your next weekend get-away!

Carmel California
What to do in a 48 visit to Carmel

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I spend my days managing house chores, drinking coffee, arranging my boys’ activities and taking them to different after school activities. ¬†Did I mention drinking coffee? Love the beach and enjoy dragging my kids there. Also, I love to run and dance until I broke my ankle in the summer of 2018, my goal is to get back where I was and better.¬†Breaking my ankle was a life-changing experience for sure. I would love to inspire people to go outside enjoy the moment with your family.

I will share how I navigate motherhood with my kids, what I learn and my struggles. I’m passionate about exploring, and obsess with showing my kids the world and nature and raised unplug kids. I do struggle with their willingness of screen time, but I know there are out there more parents like me that are trying to create channels for their creativeness.

After I realized I have so many cool memories and tips of my trips around the world, I decided to share them. Because what’s a treasure if you won’t share it….well, that is how I think anyway. Especially all those tips about traveling with kids to different places, in California, and around the world.

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As a mother, I know that traveling with kids can try your sanity. Don’t worry, I got you covered. ¬†I will share what I’ve learned to stay sane, and I hope you find it useful. ¬†Welcome to my past and my future, I just want to share it all with you. Live, love and learning.

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