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Top 32 Baseball Gifts for Boys Handpicked by My Baseball-Loving Son

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I’ve spent a decade on the baseball field with my baseball-loving kid, so I know exactly what delights young players. I have a kid that love baseball and I have been on the baseball field for ten years now. I know what a baseball player kid likes. here are the top picks that would bring a huge smile to your baseball enthusiast!

Having spent the last ten years on the baseball field with my enthusiastic kid, I’ve gained valuable insights into what young players like and useful when they get older. From the thrill of hitting a home run to the camaraderie of teamwork, I’ve witnessed firsthand the joy that baseball brings. These are carefully selected items cater to their passion for the sport, these gifts are sure to hit a home run with your young baseball enthusiast.

The best Shoes for baseball loving kids

  1. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Turf-Trainer Baseball Shoe

Upgrade the sneaker game with the 3000 V6. This offer ultimate comfort with Fresh Foam midsole cushioning, expertly crafted to provide a plush and lightweight ride with every step. The TPU heel clip adds a stylish touch and reinforces the shoe’s structure. This brand makes these sneakers not only a high-performing choice but also a bold fashion statement in the field.

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2. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Metal Baseball Shoe

Hit a home run with the ultimate gift for your kids – the 3000 V5 baseball shoe. Engineered with precision and comfort in mind, also has FRESH FOAM midsole cushioning for an ultra-soft and lightweight ride. Plus, is designed using real data for optimal baseball movements. With a combination of synthetic and TPU/Poly combo mesh materials, this shoe offers durability and breathability on the field. And with its 8-spike outsole, your little slugger will have superior traction for all their moves on the diamond. Don’t worry about untied laces getting in the way, as the lace cage on the tongue keeps them protected and secure during gameplay. Score a winning gift with this one!the perfect choice for young athletes.

Baseball gifts for boys - shoes

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Other Baseball Gifts for Boys to Use on the Field

3. EyeBlack Anti-Glare Under Eye Black Sports Grease Stick for Pro Performance

Upgrade his game with EyeBlack’s Anti-Glare Under Eye Black Sports Grease Stick. Perfect for young athletes who are passionate about baseball, this versatile stick is a must-have for players of all sports, from football to soccer and everything in between. Improve your performance with ease by reducing glare and maximizing your focus with our Pro Eye Black Sticks. And for those looking to add a little flair to their look, our grease stick doubles as a handy tool for creating bold designs that showcase your team spirit. Plus, its long-lasting formula ensures that your game-time shine will last through every intense moment.

Baseball gifts for boys - for the field

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4. BRUCE BOLT Chrome Series Short Cuff Batting Gloves 

This are the ost popular gloves right now among baseball players. Transform your child’s game with BRUCE BOLT’s Chrome Series Short Cuff Batting Gloves, available in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes. Meticulously crafted gloves, made from premium 0.9mm Cabretta leather for unbeatable softness and durability. With buttery texture, offering unmatched comfort and feel without becoming stiff or uncomfortable. Designed with enhanced wrist support and a personalized fit that hugs the natural shape of the hand, these gloves provide comfort .

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5. EvoShield Sliding Mitt

Get him ready to score a home run with the perfect gift for your little baseball fan! The EvoShield Youth Sliding Mitt, designed for ultimate protection and comfort on the field and prevent injuries during sliding and give them the confidence to slide into home base like a pro. It also has an elastic compression strap for added wrist support and easy adjustment. The thumb hole adds flexibility, and the reversible design makes it suitable for both left and right-handed players. This mitt is perfect for kids under 12 years old.

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6. EvoShield Pro-SRZ 2.0 Batter’s Elbow Guard

This sleek black guard comes in small size and offers 10% more coverage than before. Plus, its new ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit for maximum protection. Thanks to its unique Gel-to-Shell Technology, this guard molds to your child’s elbow within minutes for a personalized fit. And with Dispersion Technology, the pressure on impact is minimized, keeping your child safe while they play. Give your little slugger the gift of custom molded gear for unbeatable performance and safety.

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7. Boombah Rolling Superpack Baseball

This bag is designed by the performance sports With heavy-duty wheels and a convenient telescopic handle. It makes it easy for kids to transport their equipment wherever they go. It even has separate compartments for shoes and up to four bats, so everything can be kept organized and easily accessible. Don’t settle for a basic sports bag – give them the best looking one with a combination of convenience and durability.

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8. BRUCE BOLT Graduated Compression Arm Sleeve

Upgrade your child’s game with our graduated compression arm sleeves. These sleeves work by increasing blood flow to the arm, helping your child throw harder and longer. By dilating arteries by 40% and compressing veins, they provide a surge of oxygen and a “live” feeling that will enhance their performance. Plus, they keep their arm cool and reduce muscle and tendon vibration during throwing, reducing the risk of injuries. And after the game, the sleeves aid in faster recovery by removing lactic acid and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery. Isn’t cool? my son really love this one

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9. Rawlings Boys’ Pitch Perfect Youth Sunglasses Shield

Designed for active kids, these sport sunglasses provide UV protection and durability with scratch-resistant, polycarbonate mirrored lenses for when in the field .

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10. Oakley Men’s Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses

This one are pricier but great quality if your kid is responsable I recommend you this ones. These Oakley sunglasses feature lenses 100% UV protection and PRIZM Lens Technology for enhanced color and contrast. With patented High Definition Optics and a stress-resistant is the one every kid wants.

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Baseball gifts for boys for Pitching

11.   Bullet Ball -Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor

The SKLZ White is the pitching trainer, ideal for any age or skill level, accurately measures velocities up to 120 mph, adjusts to distances from 46′ to 60′ 6″, and comes with one replaceable LR-41 mercury battery included.

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12. Baseball Pitching Trainer Kit Bundle 

This is great to help your child improve their baseball skills. The Insider Bat Baseball Pitching Trainer Bundle! It’s the perfect gift for young baseball fans who want to take their game to the next level. It comes with detailed grip instructions, ensuring your child learns the proper technique for each pitch. The baseball even features color-coded circles for easy finger placement!

Insider Bat instructional cards. These cards provide in-depth information and photos that demonstrate the correct grip and throw for each pitch. This means your child can learn from the pros without ever leaving the driveway. Plus, our training ball is suitable for both lefties and right-handed pitchers and Great for All Levels.

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For the baseball Player kid that Has Everything

14.  Baseball Poster Baseball Art Wall Décor

Motivational Baseball Tin Sign: is the Perfect Gift for Young Baseball Fans to decorate their bedroom and Make a statement with this famous quote.

Durable and resistant to bending, rust, and fading, it will make a lasting addition to any room. With a variety of patterns to choose from, it’s the ideal gift for any occasion. The pre-drilled holes and rolled edges make it easy to hang and handle, adding a touch of nostalgia to any space.

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15.  Baseball Teenager Back View Retro Poster Metal Tin Sign

This is another great Poster Theme Aluminum tin sign/metal! This durable sign is crafted from thick aluminum and boasts resistance to bending. Each sign comes with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and curled, rolled edges for safe handling.

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16.  Retro Baseball Posters Wall Art 

This is anotehr good one with beautiful message and stetic

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17.  Franklin Sports Batting Glove Aerator Inserts 

This are great to extend the lifespan of your gloves and maintain their freshness with these convenient batting glove inserts. Simply insert the odor-eating pods into the hand forms and place them into your gloves after use to effectively dry sweat and eliminate odors. The set includes two hand form inserts, four freshness pods, and a hook-on carabiner for easy hanging.

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18.  Hand Grip Pine Tar Baseball Bat 

This is good to enhance your grip and performance designed to elevate your game. This high-quality grip provides a tacky surface without leaving any stains or unpleasant odors, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold on your equipment.

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For Training

19.  Baseball & Softball Practice Hitting & Pitching Net 

Get ready to transform your child into a baseball pro with this training aid. This tool is perfect for all skill levels, making it the ultimate training companion for batting practice, pitching, fielding, catching, and backstop use. Its foldable bow type frame can be set up in just 90 seconds, providing a spacious 7-foot x 7-foot area for all your little slugger’s training needs.

Sturdy metal stakes keep the net securely in place, ensuring stability during intense practice sessions. And when it’s time to head home, simply disassemble and store the aid in the convenient carry bag included. Also comes with a strike zone attachment for pitching drills, helping your child develop precise command on the mound. And with metal stakes included for secure placement on grass or dirt infield. Perfect for your child’s baseball journey.

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20.  Baseball Soft Toss Machine

The Furlihong 898BH Angle Adjustable tennis ball machine. This innovative machine offers a unique experience for players of all ages without the need for a power supply. With a simple step-on paddle release and a quick 6-second wait time between hits, the 898BH makes training sessions a breeze. Plus, its three angle adjustments allow for versatility and cater to different age groups with just the flip of a switch.

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21.  Pocket Pitching Net 9 

Hole Pitching Target Strike Zone for Baseball Pitchers helps Improve kids Pitching Accuracy with the Alagpro 9 Hole Pitching Net & Weighted Practice Balls. This comprehensive training set includes a pitching target, three weighted practice balls (6, 9, 12 oz), and durable ground stakes, making it perfect for backyard bullpen practice.

This net eliminates the need for a catcher with its built-in strike zone mat. Practice your aim and improve your pitching accuracy from the comfort of your own home. The inclusion of weighted balls takes training to the next level, helping increase throwing velocity and decreasing reaction time for batters.

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22.  Pitching Mound Portable Youth Baseball Pitcher

This helps young pitchers off on the right foot with a proper mound. This lightweight mound, weighing in at just 25 lbs, is the perfect platform for young baseball players aged 5-10 to develop their skills. This mound offers the same dimensions as a regulation baseball mound, complete with a 24″ x 6″ regulation pitching rubber. Its non-slip surface allows for use on a variety of settings, from backyard practice to youth league games. It helps prevent the development of bad habits and ensure they’re well-equipped for future challenges on the field.

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Baseball Gifts for boys To use

23.     Rawlings Baseball Stitch Leather Trifold Wallet Black

The wallet is a versaitle accessory for everyday use. The intricate baseball stitch detail adds a touch of sporty charm, while the logo emboss adds a subtle branding accent. With multiple credit card slots, this wallet provides ample storage for your essential cards, ensuring convenience and organization wherever you go.

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24.    Baseball Jersey Number Necklace Stainless

 Steel Charms Number Pendant for Boys

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25.     Case Compatible with iPhone 12

This phone case is made for the iPhone 12/12 Pro and measures 6.1 inches. It will keep your phone safe from scratches and bumps with its strong materials, including a tempered glass back and premium TPU. The mirror surface design adds a fancy touch to your phone and the raised edges protect the screen and camera. You can easily use all the buttons and ports on your phone with this case. It’s easy to put on your phone too!

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26.     Case for Airpods Pro

The Baseball Design AirPods Pro Case is Cute, perfect for boys and kids who love baseball. Made with strong fake leather, it gives your AirPods Pro case a cool look and keeps it safe. The package includes one Baseball AirPods Pro Case, a good box, and a black keychain for easy carrying. It’s great for trips or playing sports because it protects against scratches and falls. With its snug fit and upgraded design, your AirPods Pro will always be secure and it’s a great gift for anyone!

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27.     Baseball Blanket for Boys Men

The perfect gift for parents looking for something special for their baseball-loving kids. Crafted from super micro flannel, this blanket offers unparalleled softness, durability, warmth, and lightweight comfort. Measuring 60×50 inches, it’s the ideal size for a range of settings.

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28.     Baseball Bracelet 

A stylish bracelet featuring a baseball charm and a thoughtful message. The bracelet is made from black agate stone and tiger eye stone, known for bringing luck and positive energy to its wearer. With an adjustable rope, it can fit most boys’ wrists (5.5 to 10 inches) and is designed to withstand wear and tear. Thoughtfully packaged with a meaningful message card, a blank greeting card for personalized wishes, and a delicate gift box.

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29.     Legends: The Best Players, Games, and Teams in Baseball 

From epic World Series heroics to the greatest home run hitters, classic rivalries, and more, this book offers a unique journey through the sport’s rich history. Unlike typical books filled with mundane statistics, this one presents gripping stories that will keep young readers on the edge of their seats.

With its accessible chapters, iconic photos, and Top Ten lists, the book shines a spotlight on key moments, legendary players like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, and iconic teams. It also highlights important social milestones, including Jackie Robinson’s groundbreaking breakthrough and epic playoff rivalries like the Red Sox-Yankees clash of 2004.

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30.     The Most Amazing Baseball Stories of All Time for Kids

 20 Inspirational Tales From Baseball History for Young Readers (Young Reader’s Baseball Starter Pack)The Most Amazing Baseball Stories of All Time for Kids is the perfect gift for all young baseball players and fans. 

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Baseball gifts for boysTo play with

31.     SPARK CATCH Light Up Baseball

This one-of-a-kind ball is crafted with genuine cow leather for optimal grip and is designed to official size and weight specifications, making it the perfect accessory for baseball practice or camping adventures. But that’s not all – our glow in the dark baseball is the ultimate pick for nighttime games, offering endless fun for players of all ages.

And don’t just take our word for it – our baseball has been impact-tested for durability, so you can trust that it can handle the toughest plays. Plus, its easy-to-use on/off switch adds convenience, making it a breeze to use during games or camping trips. With a simple setup requiring only an included A23 battery, our glow in the dark baseball is ready to light up your baseball or camping nights instantly.

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32.  Decal Vinyl Skin Wrap compatible with XBOX One S/X Controller

 Baseball (CONTROLLER NOT INCLUDED) WraptorSkinz

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I hope this is helpful,and you baseball player be delightful as mine is


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